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I made a map of some info about the Ariel Castro kidnapping and missing persons in Cleveland, Ohio –

Just noticed that there is a missing woman from 1995 on the same street as Ariel Castro’s mother had lived before moving where she lives now –

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2317 Kinkle Ave.

Name: Christina Adkins
Female, 37
Last seen on: 1/12/1995
Last seen: 2317 Kinkle Ave.
Date of report: 1/12/1995
Height: 5 ‘ 7 “, Weight: 127 lbs
Hair: Blond, Eyes: Brown
Detective: Det. Grabski 216 623-5218
Case number: 1995-002778



Kinkel – Where Ariel Castro’s Mom Lived
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Clean was key to the Castros, she said. The inside of the house on Kinkel was always immaculate, with everything in place, even after Lillian moved to her new house on nearby Hyde Avenue. The outside is just as kept, even now. Several lounge chairs, a couple of birdfeeders, paver bricks, and a beige metal shed stand in the spacious back yard under a spreading maple tree. A shrubbery-shrouded Cyclone fence rings the property.


The other chart of missing persons I was using but it doesn’t go past 2010 nor before 2006 –



Anyway – there was a specialist on CNN today who had served as the model for Silence of the Lambs investigator based on his real experiences – he said that this man didn’t just up and do this at such a late stage in life – aside from beating his wife, there were probably things he did in sadistic, controlling, kidnapping, sexual assault kinds of things within his comfort zone areas. I mapped from a couple different sources of lists and from a news article. I’m not sure where all his band members played around the city, but it seems likely that some of the dates of significance would have something to offer if I could see how to map them too.

Anyway – here is the one


Cleveland, Ohio Missing Persons Map and Ariel Castro Kidnappings


By the way, on the map – hot pink would be women, except that the three women just found who were taken from Lorain Ave are marked with a green marker along that street where they were taken. The blue are males but there are a number of young males that have disappeared in the same area – and several of both sexes from a youth shelter where they could have been picked up after walking away from the place. It is marked with a push tack and a marker with a list of four missing people from 2010.

Yellow markers are for Ariel and his mother’s house although there are certainly other locations significant to him – like around where his ex-wife lived with her new family, the bus route and wherever he was having to go pay all those tickets which surely would have pissed him the hell off –

Here is a list of Castro’s personal driving infractions, according to city records:

* July 13, 1995: Parking near a curb/handicapped parking; pleaded guilty, assessed $55 total fine and court costs.

* September 13, 2000: Running a stop sign and displaying the wrong license plate; pleaded no contest to the stop sign. He was assessed fines and court costs of $245 and found not guilty on the license plate allegation. He was assessed two points on his driving record for the stop sign.

* January 29, 2001: Failure to obey a traffic device; found guilty, paid $95 and accrued two more points on his record.

* February 23, 2004: Suspension action taken by the state on points. Castro immediately appealed and in March was granted temporary privileges for three months, from March 11 to June 21. He paid a fine of $66.

* July 11, 2005: Cited for excess noise and emissions from his car and operating a vehicle with improper windshield glass. He was found not guilty on the emissions charge and guilty on the glass. He paid $285.

* June 20, 2008: Cited for lack of proper license and improper glass. Both charges were dismissed.

On Tuesday, police released a video that shows Castro being stopped on June 12, 2008

During his tenure as a driver, Castro was suspended three times: for making an illegal U-turn with a bus filled with kids, for using a school bus to run personal errands, and for leaving a student on a bus.

In the last case, in 2004, Castro allegedly told a lone male passenger, a student, to “lay down, bitch” while Castro went into a Wendy’s to eat, according to a Cleveland Police Department report.

(etc) – there’s more –



Somewhere I had the date of his divorce being final – but his wife had brought charges in 1993 and then left with the children to a women’s shelter in 1996, I think it was –

But, it looks like every time his band leader said something to him – he could have acted like a complete shit and hurt someone somewhere – and he likely started practicing on people long before these three girls were taken that escaped this week.


I would almost bet there is someone that went missing in 2001 – one year before the first of the three girls disappeared, Michelle Knight – and although he took younger women at that time, he may not have started with younger ones but rather could have acted more opportunistically –


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