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2/14 | 2:14 A Moment of Solidarity:  At 2:14pm (14:14) in your time zone take a moment, join together with your colleagues, fellow students, family members, and friends, stop everything and leave your workplaces, schools, and homes to be together as one.  With the earth beneath you raise your hand in the air if you can for one minute. Stop everything, look around, and know you are a part of a worldwide movement of millions of people all standing together in solidarity to end violence against women and girls.


FIND a ONE BILLION RISING event near you: http://www.onebillionrising.org/page/event/search_simple

My note –

I wish they had added a Dance for Women and Girls Freedom from Violence – add your video here kind of thing where people could do flash mobs of Dancing Together to show their support to end the violence against women and girls. They have a lot of events though – and they were on CNN talking about it – I’m so glad because otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been something I knew about at all.

Yesterday, I was working on a project to make a compilation of Pinterest images for my granddaughter of things that are pink, which is not something I had ever though much about before doing it for her. With there always being a slight majority of women in the world because women tend to live longer – I didn’t look that up, I’m just guessing – it would seem very odd that we’ve had to wait so long to have tools and cars in pink.

Just a thought, but there are a vast number of things that have only been offered to men in ads, in catalogs, by manufacturers and retailers for years and years, despite the fact that in many families, they weren’t the ones putting a nail in the wall or mowing the grass or the only one driving a car. Even saddles didn’t come in pink until recently unless a small fortune was paid to get them made that way.

Pentax customize the color studio for the Q10 - Pink Cameras

Select from 100 different color combinations to custom create your Q10 to be as unique as you are. Pentax – amazing. One of a number of products that now come in pink and nifty color combinations like purple where the black is and pink where the pink is – etc. Perfect.


In fact, I was surprised to think about the many years of my life when none of these and many other things were available to anyone in pink. It just seems like a pervasively odd sort of thing. At the point that manufacturers might choose to offer other colors than black, their focus always seems to be the men – unless it is an apron. There have been way too many of those in pink.

A few days ago, I actually noticed a laundry soap commercial for a major brand that showed the father and child folding the clothes – much the way it would have been done in most homes throughout the last fifteen years at least. It took them this long to catch up with the fact that it isn’t Mom’s job to do the laundry and clothes folding, despite the thousands of people they use for focus groups to help do the decision-making on the ads. That seem strange too. How is that possible?

Never mind – I don’t want to know. It was more or less rhetorical.

It was great to see pink tractors and a number of pink cars and trucks – not all of which were done that way for breast cancer awareness. Some things are actually being offered in pink finally – including tools, power tools, mechanic chests for tools, sports equipment, golf clubs and bags, hard hats, tools belts (even the typical leather ones traditionally made for men) – and as well in pink –  guns, rifles, crossbows and hunting knives, safety vests and safety glasses. I didn’t see any bullet proof vests in pink, but maybe if I had kept looking.

Still, it is an improvement over what it has been forever in this country except for small periods of time here and there. Even still, those times only allowed stoves, refrigerators and maybe, bowling balls to be available in pink.

– cricketdiane


Love this – so true –

Woman - through 125 years of evolution - still the wash woman by popular demand

I always said the world needs a painting of women from here on back hanging laundry – because all things considered – even in my lifetime, mountains of time were spent by me and my grandmother hanging laundry instead of anything else. The image in my mind would have a slide rule in the pockets of some, paintbrushes in others, hammers and levels in others pockets, etc, and none of it getting done except the laundry.