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It was scary to hear the GOP comments to the President’s inauguration speech. I want to believe that the GOP and right wing leadership in this country agree with most, if not all of the things our President said in it. But, no – it’s as if the GOP insists that everyone can be equal under our Constitution except for you – for whatever reason that may apply to you.

One anchor described the speech as a “battle plan” which seems very extreme to me considering the context, the message and the focus of President Obama’s speech. How can equality be so frightening and upsetting to the GOP and its right wing supporters? They enjoy the guarantees of equality under the Constitution. Their ideas enjoy the merit of being expressed and supported in the media and throughout the world. Why do they not extend that right to you or to me or to hundreds of millions of Americans who have cast their voice for equality in this country and around the world?

Is it a battle plan to say that we each deserve equality, dignity, opportunity, freedom, and respect? Really? That is a battle cry of gross threat to Republicans who would choose to have it otherwise? Really? Do they speak of supporting our Constitutional values only when it makes good sense for their political “brand” and neither believe in them nor support those tenets in reality? Who do they genuinely believe has more value than you or I in the greater schemes of things and the future of our nation? Is it corporations, special interests, other nation’s citizens, banks, or themselves and their own friends?

Does it really matter that our nation is founded on the principles of freedom, democracy, equality for all, justice, decency, tolerance, opportunity for everyone, liberty, fairness and the rights of all individuals? If, in fact – the GOP decision makers who warm seats in Washington and in every state of our union – refuse to embrace those things, refuse to believe in those things and refuse to apply those things in their decisions – then what is the reality that they are creating and causing in our country?

It looks a lot like the Republicans insist on an unfair playing field for each of us – simply based on a different set of reasons to excuse that each time. If it is a mom and pop store standing in the way of progress – then their rights must be dismissed based upon the actions of the GOP community level decision makers. If it is a person whose sexual orientation is known to be different than the GOP wants it to be – then their rights to happiness, freedom and equality must be abrogated or denied based upon the decisions and applied policies from GOP decision makers in every single state and community. If it is a woman, born female through no choice of her own rather than having a male body and male testosterone, then according to the Republican Party officials and decision-makers – her rights can be denied, her equality denied and her opportunities abolished for no other reason than her femaleness and the fact of her gender as evidenced by a continued series of decisions and public statements of policy perpetrated and supported by the GOP in every state, every community and nationally.

There is a reason to count the disabled and elderly among those with less rights and unreasonably less freedom and equality than everyone else enjoys as far as the GOP is concerned apparently and those facts are based on their actions, their statements, their decisions and the policies their party has enacted over and over again. Then, too – almost any reason is enough to disqualify someone from equality, justice, freedom and opportunity guaranteed through our Constitution based on the sorted ways the GOP has consistently built barriers to those rights through their policies, their changes to our programs and their decisions legislatively and otherwise. Apparently, even economic reasons – whether by an individual’s status of poverty or because economic profit can be derived from doing it to someone – can be enough of a reason for the right wing hijacked Republican party to select a different set of rights (or lack thereof) for any person or group of people in our country.

That means, according to the actions and decisions of GOP members enacting their policies and beliefs into legislation which we all have to follow – any group of people or individual can be legally denied their Constitutional rights based on some measure of prejudice, bias and intolerance defined by the GOP itself. It can be young mothers because they are unmarried and have children which fits into an economic definition of worthless takers in the minds of the GOP leadership, or it can be women seeking equal pay for equal work because in their definition, that right should not exist for over 50% of our population since they themselves are not women and therefore would amount to an entitlement rather than a right of fairness and equality. It can be every non-traditional marriage that the GOP defines as not deserving the same rights as everyone else – the manner in which any population engages in their most intimate moments even legally – that defines for the right wing that those individuals and groups deserve none of the same freedoms and rights as everyone else is guaranteed.

But, then too – the GOP has inherently made barriers after barriers to cause life to be harder and unnecessarily so – for many groups of people and the individuals within those groups because in our lifetimes, the Republican Party supported by its right wing ultra conservatives have quite a list of those who are “less than”, “second class citizens”, “worthless to this country”, and “part of the problem to anything our nation is trying to do”, as well as defining the rights and opportunities of those groups of people to be reasonable to deny or dismiss or to refuse to support or to refuse to protect such rights.

When the GOP was in power throughout our national halls, every single agency originally designed to support and protect the public’s interest was turned into an industry representative instead from the farm and agricultural agencies, to the FDA, to the Consumer Protection Agency to the Federal Aviation Agency – rather than protecting the public under the GOP’s leadership – these agencies have supported and represented the interests of the industries they were designed to be watchdogs over in the public’s interest. That is because apparently, the GOP defines those industrial players’ rights and corporate interests to be more important and greater in their rights to equal opportunity and freedoms than they define anyone else’s beyond perhaps, their own. That is what the GOP had as its foundation beliefs as they screamed at our President about his inaugural address being a battle cry against them in their estimation of it. Apparently, the Republicans don’t believe in the individual rights of our Constitutional guarantees to those rights.

Apparently the GOP does not value people in this nation and their individual value as our citizens is an abomination to their system of beliefs upon which they have been and intend to continue to act. That is truly a shame, too. I want to believe that the GOP leadership sitting in seats of power in our country and in every state and community at the very least, believes in the Constitutional values upon which our country is founded. It is what makes our nation strong – it is what allows the diversity which makes up our nation to be our strength and it allows us a future without parallel, of strength and merit as a nation standing shoulder to shoulder with every other nation in the world. Apparently that diversity and equality of rights across our nation, or to even speak about the high value of those rights publicly in our President’s inaugural address is considered a horrendous thing, tremendously wrong and a statement of threat as far as the Republican Party is concerned. Their statements of those views were made publicly and with strength of conviction over the last few days in the responses from the GOP leadership to our President’s speech.

Without listening to the right wing radio shows cutting our rights to our rights to shreds as I am pretty sure they have been doing over the last couple days in response to our President’s speech, I would have to say their views expressed through the Republican decision-makers, legislators, opinion leaders and public figures of the GOP (such as Karl Rove with his insistence on running an ad in rebuttal to the President’s view as stated in that speech) – are against every note to respect diversity and equality of rights in our country. So, in the Republican’s estimation – everyone is not equal and the reasons to deny the rights guaranteed in our country to you or to me or to our neighbors or to our family members or to any elderly person or to every disabled person or to every single woman in our country are numerous and varied, but in each way reasonable as far as the GOP is concerned. That these are the people who are making decisions affecting us all – really is intolerable.

– cricketdiane


Personally, I was horrified and disgusted by the GOP response to President’s inauguration speech. The beautiful speech he delivered spoke so eloquently of the values we hold dear as a nation. To hear the Republican leaders and GOP decision-makers call that speech, “a battle plan” and “a battle cry” and “a liberal agenda” – is to hear them state unequivocally whose side they are NOT on – and that would be ours – not on your side nor on mine. Obviously diversity and equality of rights to all, is NOT what the GOP wants for our citizens and to them. According to their  public Republican expression of their views and beliefs – for us to have such equality of opportunity, justice and rights as the President described in his speech to the American people – is to the GOP – a horror and threat of war to undermine their own agenda. It begins to make me wonder what their true GOP agenda is.



Note – to be honest, the Republican Party was not always like this. There was a time, perhaps before my lifetime when the GOP stood for values incorporated into our founding documents including the Constitution – and did not act on their current system of beliefs that the rights of corporations far outweigh those of the individuals that make up our nation. (among other things.)