1. If you can’t sleep on it and wake up human and feeling good – don’t buy it. Couch, futon, bed, comforter, sheets, bedding, blankets of any kind, sleeping bags, mattresses.


2. If you can’t zip it up yourself, don’t buy it, don’t wear it and don’t give it away to anybody else to wear. This includes dresses, boots, sleeping bags, corsets, shirts that go with office wear and anything else that is like that.


3. If you can’t walk a mile in it, don’t put it on your feet. And, damn well don’t put any shoes on your children or anyone else’s that aren’t made for walking comfortably. If that child can’t walk a mile in those shoes, they don’t have any reason to suffer them at all.


4. If you can’t put it against the skin of your face and it feel good, don’t buy it to wear nor to sleep on – nor for anybody else to sleep on – including sheets, clothing, blankets, children’s sheets and blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and pillowcases, towels, washcloths, hand towels, underwear, shirts, pants and jammies as well.


5. If you can’t be warm in it, don’t wear it out into the rain, cold or wind. Don’t buy it at all. This includes everything produced to be fashionable in the wintertime cold or rain that doesn’t actually keep your body warm or keeps out the rain.


I used to say to people, “do what works” and then I found out that people have been doing things that don’t work, didn’t work and weren’t going to work for so long that the statement had been virtually useless. And, some of that is because the attributes of what means it works or not were different for others than for me.


When I said, do what works – people believing that what is fashionable works would simply continue to wear the shoes that were never designed to carry the human body anywhere, let alone to carry the body through a modern day of many steps and required walking across city blocks.

So, finally I had written the 5 things above, posted it on a blog post, watched damn near everybody ignore it and then continue to be fashionably stupid.

But, then I have to respect the fact that our concept of what works, is different. And, as far as anyone else is concerned – I’m the one that is fashionably stupid because I’m not wearing $6,000 shoes that I can’t walk in . . .

– cricketdiane