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Note –
Yes, I know these two designs represent a range of extremes but I like them both. There were a number of versions in between these two that are on the store at zazzle – these and the other new skateboard extreme designs can be found in the new products section – but in a few days, I’ll be moving them to the skateboards section. So far, I like the top one on this post most of all because of its illusions and overall futuristic machine look . . .

Still looking for the other info on the skateboarding events though some are listed on the last two or three posts . . .

Should be a great year for skateboarding now that there are more skate parks and indoor skate facilities. It is great to see that.

I’m going back to designing a few more of these while I’m thinking about it. There were some things I wanted to try .. .. .. .

– cricketdiane