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This was fun and the tie turned out amazing – created last night –

“I started taking the photos of NYC landmark skyscrapers and buildings to use them or part of the image for a collection of men’s ties to celebrate engineering, structural engineering, architecture, science and design. This is one of the landmark ties and although it is in the Ugly Men’s Ties Store – it turned out amazing and beautiful.” – cricketdiane
And – this one too, from the CricketDiane Zazzle Store –
Which is not a building but a cat design – only visible in the room with it . . .
It was designed a couple nights ago.
Yesterday, I took some more pictures and maybe some of them would make good ties – but I noticed that very few people are wearing ties and almost all of those are either a solid color or a diagonal stripe – so, there you go.
– cricketdiane



CricketDiane’s Men’s Ugly Designer Ties


This is what I wrote about the store last night – (to go under its banner describing it) –

When you are tired of seeing the same old thing as a necktie in your closet to express your ideas of the world – this store is for you . . .

Some of these ties are ugly, some are unusual, some are absurd as a tie and some are made from New York City Landmarks, which celebrate architecture and engineering – but since they aren’t one solid color or two diagonal stripes – they are considered ugly ties, too. (Although to be honest some of them are very nifty and almost gorgeous as ties in and of themselves.)

I don’t know why ties have to be one solid color to not be ugly. And, I don’t know why the only alternative to not be an ugly tie, is to have a diagonal stripe design. But, then – I don’t know why everyone must have white ceilings either . . .

– cricketdiane


And this one that I like a lot . . .