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The Cherry Blossom Celebration and Japan Week kicked off in NYC yesterday, (Thursday) and despite both watching the local NYC news each night, reading twitters from the NY Times and local NYC CBS news feeds – I never saw anything about it. In fact, until today when I saw an article from the Kyodo News International out of Japan – there would’ve been no way to have known about it. That is ridiculous.

Anyway, though – the Washington Post had an article yesterday describing an expert’s opinion about when the peak bloom time would be for the Cherry Blossoms in Washington and their festival is scheduled for later this month. Apparently, the blossoms there are expected to peak sometime around the 22nd, but that is just what I noted while reading it and it would be worth going to see the written materials again to double check that. Regardless, I noted nothing at all about their being a Japan Week Cherry Blossom festival kicking off in NY or I would’ve gone to see the opening festivities. How hard is it to cover something besides potholes and rats being found in New York City? Honestly.

Japan Week kicks off in N.Y. marking cherry tree gift’s centennial

Japan Week, co-sponsored by the Japan Tourism Agency, will run through March 11, the first anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami
disaster in Japan, as one of the events commemorating the 1912 gift from Japan to Washington and New York of several thousand cherry
blossom trees.

Three-day kickoff events at Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan include performances of koto, a traditional Japanese harp, cooking demonstrations of Japanese dishes by local restaurants and tea ceremonies.
In related events, the Japan National Tourism Organization held a ”paint the town pink,” or Cherry Blossom Square event, at Times Square, including cherry blossom motif-filled images projected on large screens to promote tourism to Japan and a lighting ceremony with kimono-clad women.




Here is the Washington Post story about the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. –

D.C. cherry blossoms’ peak expected March 24-31, during 100th birthday bash

Robert DeFeo, the National Park Service’s veteran blossom forecaster, said the peak bloom was likely to occur between March 24 and March 31.

His pronouncement came at the annual unofficial kickoff of the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, which this year marks 100 years since the cherry trees were first planted on the Tidal Basin on March 27, 1912.

[ . . . ]

The festival is marking the centennial of the first planting of Japanese cherry trees on the Tidal Basin on March 27, 1912, by first lady Helen Taft. The initial 3,020 trees were a gift of friendship from Tokyo to Washington.

Within a decade, tens of thousands of visitors were flocking to the Tidal Basin to see the trees. And since then, the blossoms have become one of the city’s premier tourist attractions and an international hallmark of Washington.

This year, first lady Michelle Obama is serving as honorary chairman of the festival, which will be augmented by the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in the middle of the Tidal Basin blossom belt.

The annual blossom parade is set for April 14, and the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress and the National Gallery of Art have scheduled special exhibits marking the centennial.




And, aside from that –

I apparently have some time to make some new products on zazzle at my store because the twitter account won’t let me retweet the tornadoes on the ground right now in Chattanooga and elsewhere because I’m over the tweet limit for the day or the hour or what the hell ever.

I hate that.

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And, quickly – there are developing stories in world events which need some immediate attention and I would love to be able to retweet notes about them and information right now – but NO . . . twitter wasn’t designed for that purpose either. It seems there would be a better way for me to do that. I’m thinking on it.


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RT @washingtonian: No way you can go to every single @CherryBlossFest event. We narrowed the list down to 19 must-dos: bit.ly/yOAwzI