This is fun and time-consuming and frustrating and fun and sometimes, not fun – all at the same time, creating products at Zazzle and other online venues. The art I’m using has often taken hours upon hours, sometimes days and days of work to be done in the first place, then photographed and cataloged in the computer, titled, written descriptions made and various filing inanities – and still, now what?

I wanted to make this great business in something else which was a damn good idea and much needed, but the progress was stopped by my insufficient credit and a total lack of excitement about doing it from those who said they were interested in helping. Found myself doing most of the work as usual and then hitting nothing but brick walls at every turn. I hate that. Its enough to be said, that I decided to go back to work on the other projects which are also in need of better efforts. But, it is frustrating.

– cricketdiane

This is one of the pages with iPad and iPhone covers that I’ve created –



One of the newest ones added today –

CricketDiane Art Thing – Energy Maker iPad design

This CricketDiane Art Thing is a design for an energy making device that could change the world. It harnesses the natural energy of the sun and atomic structures in the air surrounding it, changes heat into energy and takes electrons straight from the smog and pollutants around us everyday to make electricity available. Its a scifi thing – kind of . . . made of nifty nanomaterials and electromagnetic generating new materials in its real life form whenever that gets to be a possibility. Original design by cricketdiane. Just nifty to think about. Makes a nice iPad cover, but only you and I will know the secret of what it really is . . . nifty, huh?

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Made on 2/29/2012 8:12 AM



I need a picture …..


You’ll just have to go see it, I suppose.