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Over the last few posts, I had decided to put some of the videos about 3D and 4D video projection mapping on buildings that I had found online because it seemed that not only had I never heard of it nor seen it, neither had many people that I would’ve certainly expected to know about it. There was complete surprise from some of the people I told about it, once they saw the complex beautiful creative projects that have been done in video projection mapping. Personally, I have been absolutely stunned by many, many of the projects in video mapping that are happening around the world and have been done over the past three years. There are amazing workshops being held in it and yet, recent US art school students were mostly told nothing about it. I don’t know why that is. I don’t know why it was never something shared on news, on the internet in design news websites and had I not stumbled on it, even to this day – I would never have seen anything about it.


That seems a bit obscene really, considering how much news I watch in a week – channel surfing through every channel and considering as well, how much time I spend wandering about online in design, architecture and new technology fields. It has been hard to explain in person to others when they don’t know these things are projected on building’s surfaces in real time, real places with vivid imagery created intricately by computer and manhours into these massively beautiful 3-D videos which make the very buildings come alive in art and displays of color and ingenuity.


Very few of the ones from the US were included in the links because as I discovered, they are different and not in such a positive way. For the most part, the ones across the world are intricate, complex and amazing where the ones in the US seem to lack color and intricacy to the same level, except for the one done to announce the movie, The Tourist. That one was amazing. I did see the one on the Guggenheim and one done for Parker in NYC which were both massive in work and low on the beauty of color and form that can be found in others from around the world. I also don’t know why that is. In fact, the comparison was so shocking to me that I decided not to put those on the group of links offered to the video mapping projects listed on my blog’s immediately earlier posts here. It seemed unkind.

My personal favorite was the one done in Madrid last Christmas – it is absolutely the best – although it is in very fine company and all of the ones included were amazing. In the last few video links offered, there is a couple with less than perfect videography of the project of the same 3D video mapping event as another in the list, and I did that because, as a creator of things, the different perspective offered held in the video gives an interesting set of facts about it visually which were not captured in the other.


One last note, I would love this 3D / 4D architectural video projection mapping to be done on the Borough President’s offices in Staten Island so that people could come off the ferry that are tourists and see it even from the ferry. It is a wonderful idea on a beautiful old building that they have been working on awhile with the work recently finished. It would be a great way to bring tourists to stay a little while and maybe wander about – but it would do not one bit of good if they never do it – which they won’t, and if none of the little cafe’s and shops are open when they do it, which unfortunately – is likely, if they did do it. But, there you go . . . .


3D / 4D Video Mapping is an amazing way to do guerrilla style marketing and advertising generally, because nearly everybody who comes to see it, grabs a camera or cellphone and uploads images of the event to the internet world and all their friends. It is hard to understand how anything could be better to do such a thing – especially if it is running longer than one night. It is an even better idea for Staten Island than the little fisherman’s wharf style village by the ferry where people could come have a cup of clam chowder, shop at little wharf sea-themed and NYC harbor themed gift shops and wander down the wharf to see the lights across the water. But, really – that is a good idea too . . .


– cricketdiane


P.S. anyway – I posted the videos to the previous few posts over the weekend so that both I and others could find them easily, see them and know what is being done around the world in this field. It is about time we all know something about it so at the very least, these new uses of art, technology, architecture, light and computer generated 3D modeling can be part of everyone’s new book of things that can be done.