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cricketdiane 02-17-12 - Star 7

cricketdiane 02-17-12 - Star 7


I found out there have been some sales of products I created on zazzle that I didn’t know happened and had an absolute panix attack when I discovered there were none of my images on the site. After waiting awhile on the phone, it turns out they are already working to fix that. And I emailed the folks over at Pokono 3D about missing their webinar on Wednesday after crashing my laptop several times trying to attend it – and, that after waiting nearly all day for it.

Very annoying. Looks like I’m going to have to find some money to get a new laptop – mine is apparently buggared with some stupid something despite McAfee, and my best efforts. Maybe there is just too much in it to do anything or my computer skills need upgrading – or possibly both.

Aside from working with making some new zazzle products, I have the other half of the business plan to write and format for The Mad Scientist Group. Finally gave up running around trying to find support for it through the small business startup services and economic development groups here. It is a waste of time. If I hear one more thing about a required boot camp for starting a business that I would have to attend in order to learn how to do a business plan, do cost and sales projections, etc. – I’ll just scream although – I’m not turning down any help. Besides which – around New York City’s five boroughs, including this one – those classes don’t start again until April. So as far as they are concerned, everything I’m doing or might do – must come to a complete halt until APRIL plus however many weeks the course runs – or maybe its a one night thing, that wasn’t clear about it. Regardless, how could a city of 12 million people have so few of these resources available and in such spotty measure? Why is that?

And, on top of that – they are nothing but clearinghouses for loans AT 12% INTEREST. That is so disgusting I can’t even imagine that they are intended for small businesses and startups in particular – especially those run by women, minorities and those economically disadvantaged in the first place that are trying to start a business in order to help themselves up the economic ladder. What kind of damn nonsense is that?

It is absolutely without merit. While the banks are borrowing at 0% interest – they are charging everyone else through the economic development (CDFIs) groups at an interest rate which is nothing but highway robbery and sure to eat any and all profits that might ever be available from any business they are “helping”. Anyway – its a waste of time going that direction. It will either have to be bootstrapped, crowdsourced or sold out in some measure to some partners or investors or something. Or maybe, forget it and not bother with any of it at all. Building a business based on innovation and invention, inventiveness and creating new products and new sustainable businesses seems like a far-fetched idea to any of the people I’ve spoken to so far in the business startup groups. They must have been sticking people in businesses around here in hair salons ad nauseum for a long, long time as THE answer because there are nearly enough to have one for every two people living in Staten Island. Maybe that is their idea of starting a business rather than something technology oriented or innovation oriented. I don’t know. But I do know this – how many hair salons, barber shops, nail fixing places and pizza places does a small community really need? I mean, honestly.

– cricketdiane


I will say one more thing, until Americans locally everywhere realize that it is going to be required of each of us individually and collectively to help resolve this economic mess through innovation, invention, inventiveness, resourcefulness, building new products and building new businesses for the short and long term that expand beyond the local community – there is nothing great that is going to happen. And that is a real shame.

And, a tragedy in the making.