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Cricket Diane C Phillips


Marietta, Ga 30067

Work History:

1974 – 1975

Volunteer and Design Work for Fund-Raising Efforts

Organized Festivals and other Events for Variety of Projects (fund-raising & social / community organizations including international club)

1976 / 1977

Don’s & McCaskill’s Appliance Refinishing Pacific Porcelain, Calif. Office Manager/Dispatcher

  • Production backlogs at Pacific Porcelain and office manager at both
  • Organized dispatch of finalized equipment, purchase of stock inventories for paints, equipment and raw products,
  • Invoiced sales and distributed work orders to both companies as appropriate,
  • Worked up time sheets, did budgets for both offices, created work shift budgets and time tables, set up file organization and early computer system inputs for both businesses,
  • Helped on weekends on production line at Pacific Porcelain manning conveyor system for spray booths and ovens and cooling racks as needed, sprayed porcelain finish on several lines of product when necessary –
  • Weekend only, office manager for both plants simultaneously, managed supervisors and crews at both production facilities as well as delivery and pickup crews, increased profitability through timeliness of inventory purchase / supplier innovation and through charted sales / return on efforts based in demographics / mapping for Greater Los Angeles area including its suburban populations..

Quick Copy Marietta, GA Bindery Specialist –

  • Collating / Bindery Machines and early layout software on computer and print shop electronic /
  • Computer based machines for fonts, headlines, color separations, book titles, signs, worked with owner/manager and printer to create quotes on job costs and final presentation materials for customers with large scale and complex multi-stage print jobs.

Sandy Springs Gun Shop / Investigations for its sister company, Atlanta Investigators (no longer in business)security analyst and investigator

  • Participated in planning for security team needs –
  • Made arrangements with owner for security team members to be located and contracted, for equipment needs to be purchased, leased, contracted and on site,
  • Participated in investigations on specific contract jobs, participated in security analysis by location and need for specific special circumstances and clients’ needs, outcomes, complexities, and desires
  • For instance, where security personnel were to be present but not appear to be bodyguards hovering around the client in a nightclub which had to be entirely secure or where guns were to be available but not visible to the public in the environment where the client had to be secured, specialty equipment to be available on site which was not otherwise available was arranged by me – including contracting armored vehicle motorcade or limousine with specially beefed up windows and exterior – before there were companies commonly engaged in providing that.
  • Qualified on a number of fire arms, systems used in security, surveillance equipment and its installation, contracting security professionals and systems, analysis & investigation.

Cobb County Continuing Education Program Teaching

Taught concurrently with first year at newspaper as reporter/feature writer – three adult classes (realistic portraiture, wildlife/animal realistic drawing, 3-dimensional miniature sculpture of people and the human figure, clothed and fantasy / renaissance styles)

Marietta Daily Journal / Paulding Neighbor Newspaper, Marietta, GA / Dallas, GA 1990 – 1991

  • Feature Writer / News Reporter / occasionally photography – produced 11 stories a week and one large story for the front of the People section (some were picked up for National Bunko Newsletter and by National Marietta Daily Journal for syndication and by US Military for syndication for article about draft/enlistment)
  • Stories created for the Journal Neighbor News Group had to be done in AP style, using the Marietta Daily Journal template of feature writing
  • Responsible for news gathering and accuracy checks on all stories I wrote for the paper, also responsible to participate in the physical layout of the paper by wax backing and computer based typesetting method once a week
  • Worked on photographing news stories for a number of special features, responsible for the large people section story once a week and schools, sheriff’s dept, all people / human interest stories, two small town councils and local government stories, all stories that were assigned to me by editor, national and regional stories with bearing on the local community, secretary of state’s office stories as they pertained to the local economy and local area, stories about events


Apprenticed / Interned in Sculptor’s Studio, West Georgia

Did some small contract defense and security investigations work

1999 – 2001

Compiled and wrote booklet on traumatic brain injury information for survivors and caregivers distributed through the CDC in 1999

  • Created and entirely wrote a targeted content-rich website for the brain injury support group in West Georgia / Carrollton, GA
  • Presented it to audiences at the Conference for Brain Injury Survivors and Caregivers in Carrollton – a regional event, brought online in 1999 through 2003 by FASST (brain injury support group in West GA).


Volunteered as an activities director for local non-profit and clubhouse. Brought organization out of the red through fund raising activities and efforts.

2005 –

Served the national and international community as a volunteer consultant –

  • Coordinated qualified specialists as a volunteer consultant to bring specialized knowledge to bear on the levee system rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.


Store on Ebay

  • Selling hand-painted art and art products produced in my studio to customers all over the world
  • Especially popular in Europe, Greece, Sweden, South Korea, and throughout the US & NY


  • Served as specialist on the correlation of information to assess and respond to international monetary system crisis / financial system statistical analysis and correction possibilities / probabilities analysis
  • Received Juried selection of my artwork awarded for DragonCon in Science Fiction / Fantasy Art Category


  • Worked to coordinate worldwide responsiveness to natural disasters including requesting specialists in structural engineering to participate in restoration / disaster response with specialized knowledge base and helped to bring interactive response teams into connection with one another during and after events of international and national significance.


  • Continuing work on informational research, networking coordination
  • Research blog entries for the public’s betterment and knowledge with prime sources
  • Networking of resources for specific national and international crisis management / solutions and possibilities for knowledge based systems as implementable resolution and prevention for projected possible future events. For instance, after a number of slab construction style buildings built with inferior materials and inferior building/construction methods pancaked around the world killing thousands of people, trapping and maiming thousands of those surviving the collapses have occurred, by analysis and interaction with the architecture community and structural engineering community, I voluntarily participated in coordinating that information with rational planning changes to those specific areas where the buildings had been built that way – such that the existing buildings can be retrofitted with a number of existing technologies to enhance their structural integrity.

School –

James Monroe High School, Sepulveda, Calif. – (Advanced Placement Courses / College Placement Academics) – Graduated top third of class – Diploma – 1976

Pierce College, Chatsworth, Calif. (during high school)

LA Valley College, Mission Hills, Calif. (Systems Analysis, Public Speaking, Advertising Design, Business Management, Persuasive Writing / Creative Writing English Class, Marketing Business Course

Kennesaw College, Kennesaw, GA – (award for high SAT score / Leadership Conference honors) English Writing / Composition, American Literature, Music classes, Piano, Chorus, Music Theory, Core Classes, Science and Math Classes)

Shorter College, Rome, GA (Music, Theology, Fiber Art Design, Piano, Music Theory and Composition, English / Writing Courses, 3-Dimensional Art Construction Classes, Art History, Biology, Theoretical Physics, Algebra II, Calculus, World History)

Portfolio Center, Atlanta, GA – (Creative Director / Art Director / Marketing Strategies / Design)

Haywood Technical College, Waynesville, NC (Stained Glass Construction)

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC – Macroeconomics, Statistics, Statistical Analysis, Fortran Programming I, German I, French Language 3rd yr class / French Literature, Atomic and Theoretical Physics, Trigonometry II, Architectural Drafting,

Kennesaw College Continuing Education, Kennesaw, GA (Paralegal Classes – Legal Research and Writing)

Independent Study – Continuing Education (Other Classes and Online)


  • Office Machines, Software, Computer Systems
  • Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Publisher, Internet,
  • Google Search, Advanced Internet Search,
  • Boolean Search, Demographics, Statistics, Statistical Analysis, Front Page,
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Bryce, Google SketchUp, 3-D Modeling Software, Poser, Spreadsheets, Google Doc,
  • Skype, AIM, IM, Google Talk, TeleConferencing, Internet TeleConferencing / Video Conferencing, FastStone ImageViewer,
  • CD Burning and Backup Software, CakeWalk Music Editing and Composition Software, Bandmix, YouTube Video Editing Software, Corel WordPerfect, Power Point, Lexis/Nexis, Precedent Judgment Researching, Blogging, VideoBlogging,
  • Website Building, Open Office, Pen Tablet, FireFox, Internet Explorer,
  • Physical Research through Library Resources and Logistical Resources Online, Journals, Academic, Publication, Public Sources and Periodicals / Books,
  • Outlook, Outlook Express,
  • Data Entry, Spreadsheets, WordPress, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, TweetDeck, IBM PCs, MAC PCs,
  • Collating and Bindery Machines, Personal Printer Machines and their software interface, Color Correcting and Color Separation Software
  • Direct Messaging, Email management, ProCaster / Livestream Production Studio online streaming broadcasting, Digital Cameras and companion software, Animoto, traditional web host tools, FTP, and new flash web host template uses, eBlogger, EBay, Print On Demand, Google Maps, Patent Searching and Patent Searching Tools, Packing Documents for Export to Printer / Printshop offsite, Corel Painter, Microsoft Paint, Corel PaintShop Pro, A
  • Digital Photography, Windows 7,
  • Chrome, Digital and Analog Scales, Enlarging and Reducing processes for printers/ xerox machines and large format printers as well as their software,
  • Lucy Projectors and Opaque Projects for enlargement or presentations, cutting and utilizing Amber Lithe and Ruby Lithe for color separation typesetting / offset lithography, post office / UPS / FedEx and DTS shipping / postal websites processes / methods for shipping and locating price efficient shipping materials suppliers,
  • Valid Drivers’ License
  • Specialized Nutrition Research and Information Science,
  • Model Building, Prototype Modeling and Scale Renderings, I
  • Mold Making Processes for Reproduction
  • Creative Writing, Non-Fiction Writing
  • Perspective Drawing, Animal and Wildlife Drawing, Portrait Painting,
  • Piano, Music Composition, Electronic Piano, Music Writing, Song Writing,
  • Using Video Equipment and Editing Software,
  • Specialized Art Skills, Art History, 3-dimensional design, Rapid Prototyping Research, Sculpting, 3-D Printing Research,
  • Packaging Design,
  • Advertising Design and Strategies, Guerrilla Marketing Strategies,
  • Public Relations, Creating Press Releases for Distribution,
  • Trompe L’Oeul Painting, Graphic Design,
  • Emergency Services Coordination and Planning, Strategic Planning for Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery, and Re-Building Infrastructure
  • Grant Writing, Proposal and Prospectus Writing and creation of presentation materials to accompany it with research to back its premises
  • Event Planning and Coordination, Strategic Marketing Planning and Strategic Materials for Presentation
  • Security Analysis and Resourcing, Dispatch Coordination for Efficient Pickup and Delivery Mapping
  • Office Management, Executive Planning Organizational Planning, Market Demographics Research
  • Networking, Resource Coordination, Investigation, Research, Academic Research, Industry-specific Research

5 years of French language (in schools incl college level courses long, long ago)

1 year German language

some ability with Italian, Latin and a little Spanish – Working to learn other languages currently / ongoing.


Website written and created by me to offer my artwork and original designs / materials / photography for small reproduction rights fee to the general public and interested businesses / non-profits & orgs


Cricket House Studios

at ProCaster, YouTube and Physical Studio producing art, writing, research and invention/innovations

CricketDiane’s Weblog –

A compendium of the last five years from art to the financial crisis and its macroeconomic impacts to geo-engineering, new electric vehicles, alternative energy research, occasional national and international crisis information as it unfolds or develops with more extensive information from around the internet collected than what may be available in a quick local news broadcast about it. Some structural engineering and earthquake resistant materials science stuff, a bit of nuclear science and nanotechnology along with resourcing the internet for learning,and teaching.

America the Beautiful Show Project Website and AmBeautifulShow on twitter –

Written by, created by and currently used as a curated news relay & comments at the twitter account


AmBeautifulShow @ twitter

And created a range of products on my zazzle store using my original designs displayed on a variety of items from iPad cases to aprons