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Nighttime Sunrise self portrait photograph by Eiese Jorge

Nighttime Sunrise self portrait photograph by Eiese Jorge. This is a photograph by an awesome new dramatic sequence photographer. She needs votes on your facebook or twitter for talenthouse to honor her talent.


This photographer has captured a dramatic moment in time. She has a sense of style that in rarely natural in occurrence. I would love to see her have all of our encouragement to keep going with her talent. I really feel that this is a profession that truly needs her talent. I haven’t found many other places to see her work YET! But I do really look forward to it! Please vote for her. She needs all of your votes!! Thanks!

Her photography, especially in this piece, reminds me of Vermeer and Van Eyck brothers from Holland. She is really amazing and I want to see lots more from her in the future.

The page to vote for this photographer is: