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First, people in America are educated. There has been over a hundred years of public schooling paid for and participated in – by the adults alive in America today.

Second, people in America can read and are able to write, to do math, and believe it or not, are good at science. There would absolutely have to be facts that support this because otherwise people wouldn’t be able to cook a meal without poisoning themselves or others. That proves they can do all of those things. It takes knowledge of science and chemistry to even cook a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese, make a couple hotdogs and do it without getting poisoned or hurt from the process. That is so commonplace that people think they aren’t good at chemistry, or at reading for that matter – when obviously they are using these skill sets every day.

Third, people in America have some common sense whether they use it or not. It isn’t rocket science to know that a car needs gas in order to go and that occasionally, water and oil have to be checked and topped off. But, no – to hear it said by some, there is nothing but rampant ignorance in America. That is bullshit.

Fourth, what people like for its entertainment value, may or may not be an indication of the level of intelligence held by the audience. Mindless duff is always more entertaining because it makes people remember our common human failings, humiliations, antagonisms, & frailties.

And, Fifth, people can not be trusted to sort out truth from fiction regardless of the level of intelligence, education, lack of education, common sense or lack thereof, reasoning, or knowledge because of the nature of intellectual constructions inherent in either one when used for the motives and agendas of those who would use truth, lies, fiction and people as well – to further their own purposes.

So, the point of this is to say – a couple things.

One, is that people are far more capable in America than they are letting on which has become so taken for granted that maybe they don’t realize it.


Two, is that people in America have lied to themselves about their abilities to perceive the truths or lies of what they are told about things in the United States – regardless of the source where they find it.

The fact is, churches have distorted some things to support political positions of party politics and political parties have sorted some things out in twisted ways, merchandisers have done the same thing in order to help people make buying decisions that favor their products and services, lobbyists have done the same thing in the name of the industries that are paying them, as have some studies also done which were otherwise made by academic and supposedly, independent knowledgeable sources.

It was just an interesting thought about it all.

When the economic gurus and financial analysts along with the multitude of Harvard economists working at the helm of analyst and consulting positions told Congress and the American people that there would not be one of those “R” word things happening in this country in 2008, and that even if there were a little downturn, it wouldn’t last but a few months (less than six maybe), they weren’t telling the truth and they had to have known it. Were they not capable of reading? Did they really think that what goes up cannot possibly go down, as they later claimed about property prices and other things like financial products and exotic types of securities products? Surely not.

So what really happened and what is happening now? Why do so many of the conservative news opinion perveyors insist that people are to believe America’s people are too stupid, too ignorant, too uneducated, too incapable of reading or understanding information, to do anything to help themselves in the midst of this economic disaster in America? Do they really believe that or are they laughing in their sleeve as they mock people’s inability to know which is the lie and which is not?

And, does it really surprise investors and financial industry members that the “R” word event – the Recession / Depression of 2007-2008 actually had happened whether the word was ever used or not – and started long before they were willing to recognize the problem that existed – and still exists in the economy? Are they really being caught by surprise today, that the Recession which has the components much closer to that of an economic Depression – is still unfolding massively, expansively across the world and in every single state and industry in the US, individually and collectively? Or do they believe that people would not know the difference as long as fancy, high-paid financial analysts paraded across the tv screens, online blogs and news outlets are saying that everything was fine and would be fine and was getting finer by the moment every day – when in fact, it was not?

How could that be?

People can look up the facts themselves. They are smart enough to read them from a multitude of sources with enough skills to compare those things with facts from the real world around them to see if those things are true or not. Why didn’t they do that? Why would anyone believe that people are not smart enough in America to do that when there has been over a hundred years of public education in this country? Amazing.

I don’t get it.

People can see the empty houses around them. They know the fifty people in their own family and circle of friends that don’t have a job, can’t find a job, need a job, or are having to work for nearly nothing with no more than twenty hours a week part-time offered them to do four people”s worth of work every hour they are at work.

People know.

They know what that means. They know people who went and tried to get a loan, or to get investors, or backing or grants to start a small business in order to support themselves and while banks took tons of our money from the US Treasury and taxpayer’s money to give grants and loans to small businesses – people can see that’s exactly where it stopped – and those loans didn’t get out to the people in their family, among their friends and in their community to start those businesses as was promised. It just didn’t.

And, they also watched businesses close because those dollars for loans were not given to them either, small businesses long established were bankrupted, and commercial properties stood empty for years while their owners were insisting that rents and purchase prices of those properties had to be the same as they were in 2006, despite years – month after month, of being empty and derelict.

People can also see as they drive through communities that were once prosperous which now stand empty like a wasteland. Occasionally, when new businesses have opened in the last few years – they quickly fail, because homeowners nearby are being thrown into the streets, their equity stolen, foreclosures encouraged, and community resources, like churches and scout troops and schools and other great things have been destroyed. Those are the customers which would have been naturally supporting those businesses with revenues and repeat sales and good word of mouth advertising to bring in other customers. Without jobs, without money and without revenues generated by some business activities, without homes nor access to the equity already paid into owning the homes they had – people aren’t going to buy things. That is a dead given.

The only people who could’ve possibly been surprised that the Recession is still tearing up the US economy and the economies in every nation in Europe would have to be those in Washington making over $300,000 a year to dick around with our lives and those in NY and London involved in the Wall Street banking / financial services industry making $3 million a year or more to dick around with our futures.

– cricketdiane


And, the time when this jackass should’ve been telling this was in 2008 January – that would’ve actually been helpful and honest.

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