So far – as of 12.30 pm today (more or less)

France24 has reported two deaths in NC –

one from a man who had a heart attack boarding up his windows – and maybe he should’ve asked for help in the first place or who knows what.

And, the second – when a man ran his car into a tree because he was out in his car driving in a hurricane with water everywhere, poor visibility, high winds and a stupid, stupid decision to be out in it driving in a vehicle of any kind.

Nonsense, totally otherwise intelligent people who are gone because they made decisions about this storm that cost their lives. Senseless to have lost them.


And, then there has also been a report of (on CNN I think it was), a 22 year old otherwise healthy, athletic swimmer – probably a great person who was an asset to all those around him – who was lost because he was surfing in NJ waters knowing the Hurricane Irene impacts were causing horrific rip currents, unpredictable waves, stirred up waters, undersea bed sands and debris stirred up in the waters – and he was surfing in it anyway. That cost his life when he drowned in it.

Totally unnecessary and horrific loss. For nothing.


And then there is also a report of a man killed by a tree limb in NC when he decided to go out and feed his livestock in the middle of a hurricane instead of leaving it to do some other time – or taking care of it before the storm was raging around him. Now, he is lost to his family and community as well. (And, to the future care of that livestock.)

Totally stupid decision and unnecessary loss of life.


I have read the twitter feeds with people saying how much less this storm is than the efforts to protect life is suggesting it is. And, I’m sure it may seem that way in places at this point. However, after seeing 8 people swept off a jetty in Florida when Hurricane Irene was 240 miles away from them with one in the hospital now, and the others injured after having been pulled out of the ocean – (which I might add, probably put the lives of the rescuers at risk at the same time) – that this storm isn’t “nothing”.

I’m sorry that people’s lives are being disrupted, that they can’t go get their usual tanning bed time, their nails fixed, their usual habits fulfilled – but 90% of the time in Hurricanes, including this one – lives are saved or lost by the simplest of momentary decisions made by people in those impact zones. Walking across a flooded street whose current is running even ankle deep, can sweep a person off their feet.

Tree limbs and debris can and do take people’s lives or permanently change the rest of their lives after being hit with it. Do not go out in this storm. There is not a good reason to do so. Not to drive in it, not to run right quick up to where ever, not to walk over to somewhere or to check something once it is there, not to go see the ocean waves and try getting video or photos of it, not to play like it is nothing. Life is not nothing, therefore this storm’s ability to be life altering in negative ways to individual lives is not nothing.

– cricketdiane


Oh, yeah – and many cities, including NY and parts of NJ are on reclaimed land which can become so saturated by rain and water run-off as to become something different entirely than solid ground. Stay away from those areas where the soil looks like liquid instead of what would normally be expected.


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