Yes, my email is not accessible to me and neither is my twitter account. After Comcast screwed up my email account access, well – nothing can be done.

Now, when I try to see my twitter account at AmBeautifulShow – there is nothing but a white screen. And, on the Comcast.net, when I try to access my email account, it doesn’t allow me to sign in – even though they told me I would have no change in my email, as I was changing from their high speed internet service to strictly the mobile 4G.

Damn them.

– cricketdiane


Now, I’ve spent two more hours dealing with them over at comcast – after several phone calls to their service and tech support over the past week. It still isn’t resolved. Apparently they are holding my email account hostage until I sign up for their high speed internet service again – Unbelievable. Didn’t the Secretary of State’s office, or the FTC or FCC or Congress make that law about email access from internet providers that allows the client / end user rights to access, and rights to the valid email address? That is the law isn’t it?

Regardless – there are no words to describe the asinine abomination that comcast is perpetrating with this and then to not tell their employees at the service centers to let customers know that dropping the high speed internet service will destroy access to their valid email account? What kind of shit is that?

Who would have made such a decision over at comcast corporation? Do they not want customers at all? How could they get away with holding people’s valid email addresses and email accounts with all of the information contained in them as if the comcast corporation owns them and everything in it? What gives them any right to do that? Or to deny access to the email account once the customer has established it in good faith?

What kind of people would do such a thing?

And, after spending thousands of dollars with them over the last six plus years, month after month, year after year – they would treat me this way?

Yes, that is exactly what they’ve done to me in this situation. What gives them the right to do that? Why do they get to do that to anyone’s email account?

– cricketdiane