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About business in America

Well, somebody should’ve told me that when offering a business card to someone they would give it back – over twenty people have done that already. Now, either it is the worst business card design in the world – which is possible, or people want nothing to do with it and don’t even want to go look at The America the Beautiful Show websites it describes (or my blog.) Maybe it is too much trouble to take a business card and look up what is on it. Maybe people just don’t want anything to do with anything I have built regardless of what it is and are trying to tell me that. Even their curiosity isn’t awakened to go see what it might be – very bizarre.

But, at the very least – books about business should say, “oh and by the way, most people will either give back your business card after a half-assed look at it or throw it in the trash on their way out the door with it. That is to be expected.” It could say that. I would’ve read it and expected that to happen. Or, if it means something specifically – like, “this indicates you have managed to create the crappiest business card of all time,” that would be helpful. But, no.

Maybe it is too much to read – with website addresses, email address, phone number and blog address. Maybe that makes it too hard to figure out and the person handing it back is literally saying to me by that action, “look, I’m really not going to try and look this up – so give it to somebody else.” Well, isn’t that special. I’m so glad to know that my project isn’t worth the ten minutes it would take to look it up and see it right quick. Surely that isn’t right.

And, I don’t really know what business cards any of them do take and look up the info on them. Is it the one for a locksmith? For a vacation condo? For the plumber nearby? What do they think is valuable enough to keep and want to have handy? Well, okay – the truth is that more than twenty cards were given out and handed back to me with only about five of those cards given to family members – which were handed back or a few taken to give out which they then set in a cup on a desk at home or in a desk drawer with junk on top of them. Little help that was. None of them were given to anyone and strangely enough, most of my family members didn’t want to tell anybody about it either. Where they would forward emails about some of the most trivial, stupid, obnoxious or simply untrue crap to everyone they know, none of them wanted anyone to hear about The America the Beautiful Show project or other things I’ve created online. Well, there you go. Maybe it is a bad project without any real chance of doing anything significant or an embarrassment of some kind and I don’t realize it. That could be it.

My parents have told me often enough, “don’t tell anybody you know us.” And, it wasn’t because I was falling down drunk or something – they didn’t want their friends to know we are related or even that we know one another. There is something significantly wrong about that. And, business books ought to warn that family and family friends won’t want to know you when you start a business venture of any kind – and that they won’t want to be associated with it, nor put any money in it, nor hear about it, nor tell anyone else about it, nor have anything to do with it – no matter what it is.

Thank God I didn’t open a restaurant.


You can start your own business but don’t expect us to buy from you or anybody we know to buy from you –

How could a restaurant or any other business get off the ground with the people in the community, in the family, in the neighborhood, neighbors, family and friends acting that way about it? Are they kidding?

They don’t act that way at Wal-Mart or when offering $450 to buy two tickets for a single event one time that they could care less about seeing . . .

What is up with that?

Or when their kids are paying $1300 for a cabana at poolside to blow through a couple thousand dollars at the Hard Rock Cafe drinking and gambling and buying other “stuff”.