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My Note –

You just have to see this – I changed the way CricketDiane new site looks. Now, if I can get more of the information in it from this blog’s 2000 plus posts and from my computers and external drive, flash drives and backup cds – I’ll have it.

– cricketdiane



I don’t know if anyone know this but there is a new blog I started for the America the Beautiful Show project – also on wordpress.



Maybe – it would be fun to add some more to the galleries on the CricketDiane site – there are 15 separate galleries right now with images of art that I’ve done.

It isn’t obvious yet on the website that no one can actually buy the original artworks. I have to fix that. Only the rights to use the images are available for people to put on stuff like 50,000 dishtowels to resell.

We’ll see. There has to be a better way to convey that.


If you ever want to say something to me, although I’m usually asleep during the day and work at night – it is easiest to find me in real time on twitter at the America the Beautiful Show account.

The user id for it is



The listy page from CricketDiane Studios –


Sort of standing in for a partial inventory – there is a more comprehensive list or two sitting around here somewhere in a file folder. And, of course – there’s more . . .

– cricketdiane


Gotta have a real sense of humor to deal with trying to get this into the public marketplace and whatever opportunities may exist there.

It is a little daunting and a lot perplexing to say the least.

And, computer frustrationus maximus.

That is a new term. I just made it up.

I bet somebody already had occasion to consider it and use it with a string of cuss words which it seriously needs . . .


Cricket House Logos2_cr

Cricket House Logos2_cr