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Russell attacks university over ‘perverse’ plan to cut courses – Herald Scotland | News | Education.

. . . . His involvement comes amid widespread concern over proposals by the senior management group – led by Professor Anton Muscatelli, the university principal – to make savings of £3 million by cutting courses.

Last month, the institution unveiled a list of proposed cuts, including the axing of modern languages such as Czech, German, Russian and Polish.

Other courses facing cuts include nursing, anthropology and social work, as well as its provision of evening and weekend classes.

My Note –

Why is it that the conservatives, regardless of where they are – first do their best to cut the education systems already in place to decimate them? What advantage is there for conservatives in doing this? Why is it that way in every country where the conservatives get power and among the very first things that they do? How does that serve their interests?

Can they only be elected and kept in power by a stupid, ignorant and uneducated population? Is that it? Or do they not want the citizens of their own country competing with existing companies and cheaper educated labor from somewhere else? What is it?

– cricketdiane


By the way, we see that in every state of the US where the Republican and Tea Party Conservatives have any say in it as well. And, the US Congress has become the same thing with conservatives refusing to raise funds from business interests but taking away educational opportunities and every other service from the government to the  people. That seems strange to me, that it is the same for US conservatives and UK conservatives and Canadian conservatives and business coalitions of conservatives that support these candidates to get into office as well.

The first cuts they start making is upon the elderly and disabled, the young families, the children, the babies, and toddlers, the child care, the opportunities for women, and the education for all – especially the universities and the opportunities to participate in higher education.

I don’t get what good that does for the conservatives and their party and their business backers. What is it that makes them think that way?

But at the same time, they want our nations to be the best and the finest according to what they say to be elected. How does destroying our educational systems and denying educational opportunities do that?


Also My Note –

Why don’t they just put a tax of 10 cents on every dollar of stock bought, sold or traded? And, the same on every commodity deal, futures trade, speculation using financial products, on every credit default swap, on every bond, and other exotic financial instrument like the CDOs?

There wouldn’t be a debt, a deficit, budget cuts or interest on the debt to be paid by doing just that one thing. And, then in six months or less – in every one of these countries, including the US, the UK, the EU and each individual country and state in all of them – we could have healthy budgets without any cuts to services at all. We wouldn’t be paying off the debt and its high interest with a large portion of our budgets anymore. So, why can’t they just do that?

– cricketdiane


They say they want to solve the problems with these budgets – Every politician making budget cuts across this nation and the UK is saying so – why don’t they simply assess a sales tax to the stocks, bonds, credit default swaps and other financial products, including futures being traded?

That one thing would solve the problems in our deficit, debt-ridden budgets.