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Totally had it with hearing Republicans rebuttle everything done in the manner it is done – they are a worthless waste of time and money.
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You know why I would never give fusion dynamics to this country? LOOK Around – and what does it tell us about America? The Republicans stand around trying to find ways to step on the little people to the best of their ability while giving it away to the industrial corporations where they own stock and the Democrats work to appease them while not protecting any of us. The EPA sits with its thumbs twiddling while the nation sinks into the quagmires left by thirty years of lacking regulations and lacking enforcement of existing regulations. People are dying more from the cancers involved in that than any one other thing – but no one wants to talk about it or do anything different including the companies who have known what it causes to the communities around them and downriver from them. They’ve known since 1930 something, in fact – it isn’t anything new whether it is the petroleum industry, the petrochemical industries or any of the others using their products in manufacturing something else. I wouldn’t let them have one thing I could ever consider, create, design or discover.

Ham radio operators concerned about losing band http://usat.ly/e4BHqQ
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So tired of the radiation stories.
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@mpoppel But could listen with endless fascination and attention ad nauseum to the politics of the moment? Hmmmm………..

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My Note –

Earlier (as in a few days ago,) I had considered posting an article with all the news stories from the financial news sources which had managed to conceal, color, warp, distort, lie and otherwise maneuver the news about the nuclear plant emergency in Japan. I was so disgusted with it. And, I collected quite a few of them together to do it. But, then I saw Candy Crowley so exasperated trying to ask a nuclear expert what is the real deal about this and I finally understood what has happened . . . .

People want to know, but they don’t.

Alrighty then.

Let’s all refocus on the important things. The US economy is blissfully fine, despite the fact that China will be number one in science by 2013 or earlier, there are 13% of the homes in the US standing empty and the vast majority of Americans are either unemployed, underemployed or not making enough to get above water. But, everything is fine. There will be spring break hoodoos and more $6,000 chairs bought for Republican governors in every state where they sit – the stock brokers will still be taking money from every trade they make without any sales taxes on any of it – and every gallon of milk or gasoline will have more taxes placed on them . . .

People in the US will focus on barbecues and NASCAR, ultimate fighting events and pay dearly to go see them . . .

There isn’t a problem.

Everything is fine.

People will be buying things around the world and Washington, D.C. will go nowhere other than the same place they are going now – regardless of the party affiliations – while most of the nation sooner or later this year will either be flooded because of ineffective dams, or given to wildfires, or watching tornadoes devastate things around them. But, that is okay – we can’t be bothered by any of that. It is time for vacations and cruises and picnics and having fun. Yes, that’s right. Can’t be bothered. Don’t want anything different.

Well, worth it or not – different is going to be required. Enough studies have already been done about everything on top of more studies of the same thing to fill many boats with money, time and efforts. Enough – and then the EPA wants more studies and public opinion research about whatever might be considered which could have already gotten done in 1975. And, the petrol industry – same thing. And, the nuclear industry – same thing. And, the government agencies of every kind and in every state – same thing. But, no changes ever get done – except maybe for the worse. Without regulations protecting our air and water, it has certainly gotten worse. Our nuclear industry relies on the same bad designs as they always have and the petrol industry is well, the petrol industry – suffice a reminder about last summer and the Fukushima of the Gulf of Mexico that BP rewarded America by mucking up.

(And – I am reminded that – )

Every state treasurer is feted at conventions with talks given by Wall Street’s biggest firms telling them how to invest our state treasury dollars into the same things which have created the deficits that are being suffered now. And, they do the same things again – and another quarter and another – even while the losses are being charged to us. And, not one time does anyone in our government or state offices – say there is something wrong with doing it that way. Nope.

And, there is more paid on the fees every time a trade, purchase or sale is made of those state treasury dollars used to buy stocks, credit default swaps, and other exotic financial instruments than any disabled or elderly person in America gets to live on for an entire year. But, no – why listen to me. What could I know about it?

The only important things are what masseuse to use, which spa to go spend $80,000 for four days of pampering, which shoes to have for $5,000 and what is the best yacht to buy . . .

– cricketdiane


I’ve seen some of those $5,000 shoes now – and you people are out of your minds. Yes, I said “you people” – are out of your minds . . .

$5,000 shoes that can’t serve the human body for walking – damn.


Just a quick note –

And, lest anyone think that I don’t know what information is worth –

Analyst Research

Report Title Price

Provider: Graham & Whiteside Limited



Orient Overseas (International) Ltd: Business description, financial summary, 3yr and interim financials, key statistics/ratios and historical ratio analysis. 

Provider: Reuters Investment Profile



Wright Investors Service Comprehensive Report for Orient Overseas (International) Limited 

Provider: Wright Reports



Wright Industry Averages: Shipping and Shipbuilding (Asia) 

Provider: Wright Reports



Wright Industry Averages: Shipping and Shipbuilding (Global) 

Provider: Wright Reports




UPDATE 1-Japan shipper mulls future of vessel with “abnormal” radiation


Oh but there’s more – check what the ASTM charges per year . . .

– cricketdiane

My Note – Just because I’m pissed off to have to shut down the things I’ve been doing online because I can’t afford it anymore – and I feel angry about people being more interested in crap that won’t make any difference in ten years –

I’m not going to help figure out how to deal with ships that are radioactive, water that needs the chemicals cleaned out it, the rain with radioactive isotopes in it polluting Japan, other alternatives to allowing what happened at Fukushima from happening again, other alternatives to power our civilization, the manner available for cleaning up the mess that has already been made by industries, noting to people what might be of help that could work in these things – nope, no more. Let the rich figure it out. But, wait – they don’t want to be bothered. Or maybe the big mouth conservative repertoire of bloggers, pundits and assholes can do something with it. Oh – no, they don’t have time for that either, and besides it doesn’t interest them.

No more. Never again. It is just not worth it – you better go get yourself a damn cookbook and figure out how to use it. No more physics. No more cooking. No more information. No more analysis and damn sure no more sitting here working on it as I pay out money every month and then some, just to do it to help in a country that has no use for it and no time to be bothered with it. Nope – enough is enough. I’m going to go get a job at the grocery bagging groceries where I can do something considered valuable that makes some money. That’s the only thing that is worthwhile, according to the people that I would ever know. So what if there is a little radioactive problem here and there . . . people have vacations to do – nobody wants to be bothered by all that science stuff anyway. Hmmmm…………………

Go spend that money buying the $5,000 shoes not made to walk in and spend another $10,000 for a week of going to sit in a tent with sage smoke at some goofy retreat. What the hell. Why not.

And, then pay whatever expert with some degrees behind their name who will say it is all going to be okay – that the “stuff,” whatever it may be (financial or radioactive or petroleum-based or national economics based) never hurt anybody, the economic picture is rosy and its okay to spend all the money you have and about 72 times that much on top of it. Doesn’t matter anyway, America’s taxpayers will cover it, unless you end up among the poor.

That reminds me, there are some nifty science books you might want to read . . .

I’m going to find something else to do. America doesn’t need another fuel or energy source. We apparently need several hundred thousand dollars more buying politicians, buying persuasion of public opinion, buying happiness doctrine pressure against any news sources that tell what the news actually is and forces a slant of “good news” that puts a happy light on everything. Hmmmm yep. That’s about what it looks like from here, except strangely enough that I’ve never seen more negative news and hatred in my life than I have from those same right wing groups demanding that the financial news be told in a “positive upbeat slant” and also demanding that the nuclear disaster from Japan be downplayed to appear less damaging than it is. They are also the same ones that demanded last year, that the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico say it was only a few hundred gallons an hour pouring out of the well and it would all come to a stop and be contained in just a few days . . .

That hasn’t worked for our economy, it hasn’t worked for the radiation thing happening at Fukushima and it hasn’t worked for the destruction caused by multiple disasters in the petroleum industry – but that doesn’t matter. People are getting paid to talk happy talk about those things and to undermine any other options that could ever be possible. That is what really matters. How much are they paying Rush Limbaugh to talk and talk and talk and opinionate and talk? I’m sure that will all make it just fine.


Yeah, you might want to get yourself a cookbook.

The teaspoon is the little one. The tablespoon is the fat round one about twice that size. Good luck.

Just a quick clue out of kindness – if it glows in the dark or smells like petroleum, don’t cook it and eat it.

– cricketdiane


I’m about to have to shut down the America the Beautiful Show websites – so if you want to see them now is the time.