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Water contamination in nuclear plant likely from damaged reactor core, official says. http://on.cnn.com/emxSlt

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Well, that’s just the thing – there are nuclear isotopes that don’t occur anywhere else but inside the reactor core. In order to get out, they have to have come around the containment vessel in order to get where ever they are then found. Now, that we’ve had everyone be calm, be calm, be calm, be calm – now what?

When there is a wildfire as we’ve had in Colorado yesterday and this morning – there are people evacuated where the smoke or the fire might endanger them. Why is it that when it has to do with nuclear materials, radioactivity or some dangerous chemical like benzene that has accidentally blossomed as a cloud coming out of a nearby industrial plant – why does everyone act like, “well that won’t hurt you none – just stay calm, don’t be alarmist about it and it will go away and be okay. Don’t be so negative about things.”

And, that very attitude of downplaying the real dangers refuses to get people out of harm’s way effectively, calmly, extensively and appropriately in the time available to do it. With the resources that can be brought to bear on it even right before the danger comes unpredictably and uncontrollably over everyone – they could be all taken out of harm’s way.

So, now – they are going to evacuate everyone “voluntarily” from the 20km to 30 km zone in Fukushima and surrounding areas. They said that anyone who chooses to stay must register with the government locally to be known that they are there, in case anything more dire happens. CNN Martin Savage just reported that a minute ago during their broadcast.

Alrighty then. At least it is starting to make some better sense.

Apparently, the water that the workers stepped in had 10,000 times the normal radiation – according to CNN just now. Yes, that’s ten thousand times more than “normal” whatever normal might be in a nuclear reactor unit building. Earlier the reports said that these workers are being moved to a special medical center for radiation sickness – I didn’t catch the full name of it. But, that is good – it means they might have a chance.

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JPN_PMO PM’s Office of Japan

Video: Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary (March 25th at 16:00, English audio) http://bit.ly/fiYDoi

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NavyNews NavyNews

RT @PacificCommand Barges on the way for cooling effort in Fukushima http://ow.ly/4m8Cl #Japan

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japantimes The Japan Times

Fuel rods in reactor No. 3 feared damaged; radiation in basement water 10,000 times above normal http://ow.ly/4m8tD

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washingtonpost The Washington Post

China reports elevated radiation on 2 Japanese tourists; bans food from affected areas http://wapo.st/hdlx3W

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newscientist New Scientist

Fukushima workers stood in radioactive water without boots http://bit.ly/gnHopP

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Damn ridiculous – they’ve acted like – never mind, can’t think of two good words to put together that don’t include serious cussing . . .

China is sending this massive pump that is supposed to bring hundreds of thousands of gallons of water on the reactors at the plant and the US Navy is bringing two barges with hundreds of thousands of gallons of distilled water so the sea water which has already been put on the equipment for over 10 days – won’t damage the equipment that it has already been on for over 10 days.

Somebody has thought this crap through backwards – send the workers into a place known to be damaged and radioactive – without boots and then think – maybe they needed to have on some protective footwear?

Put days upon days worth of sea water with SALT in it on equipment and then decide that maybe putting distilled water on it now would make some significant difference? No – probably not.

Let people stay in their houses for 10 days then decide, once there is plenty of radioactive fallout whisping around the surface winds in the area that maybe they need to go find somewhere else to hang out? What is that? Is that a plan? or what is that?

Are these people educated about radioactive fallout of this particular kind of cesium and iodine and tritium and strontium and whatever else the hell there is in there now? Have they read anything about uranium and plutonium used in these things? I thought they should know more than I do and I don’t know enough as it is – but they make my level of knowledge look good. What the hell is going on over there? Are they still using the judgments and decisions of that bunch at TEPCO? Honestly, TEPCO and BP have way, way, way too much in common. I bet they both use Halliburton, too. Just one happy little party crowd making decisions that affect us all absolutely forever. Why is that?

At the very least they could do a better job of it. But, no . . .

Everybody just be calm – you don’t need no boots for this –


– crickediane


China finds radiation on 2 Japanese tourists

Updated: 2011-03-25 16:38
The announcement was made shortly after the regulator said earlier Friday that the local quality control bureau had found “abnormal” levels of radiation on a Japanese merchant vessel that berthed in east China’s Xiamen port, Fujian province, on Monday

China’s top quality watchdog said Friday that alarmingly high levels of radiation had been detected on two Japanese Wednesday upon their arrival in east China’s Wuxi city from Tokyo.

The AQSIQ said one of the two Japanese nationals came from Nagano Prefecture, about 350 km from the Fukushima Prefecture, and the other from Saitama Prefecture, about 200 km from Fukushima, where the radiation leaking Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant is located.

On Wednesday night, the two Japanese were sent to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University in Suzhou city for medical treatment. Their luggage and clothes were also detoxified, the AQSIQ said.

Now – that says one of the Japanese tourists with radioactive readings – was from 350 km away from the plant and the other was from 250 km away. Is there anything right about this picture? NO. It is absolutely not right – it is out of control because of the way it was handled and now many, many people are being endangered by it.

Is this the best that we can expect anywhere in the world where something like this happens? That the corporate cronies running the plant or corporate facility or whatever owned by their company that is creating the disaster – are going to downplay the damage, downplay the danger, downplay the difficulties that could be ahead from it fairly quickly and then pretend like if everyone will just be calm about it – everything will be okay, even while it is poisoning everybody around it and the environment where they live and breathe and eat and raise their children?

And, the corporate cronies delaying real action as the situation grow massively worse exponentially because it isn’t taken as seriously as necessary. Then the government officials in deferring to the “expertise” of the industry’s corporate owners deal with the unfolding situation ineffectively while endangering many more people than would have been hurt by it? Is that the best that can be done? Is that their standard playbook for any and every disastrous event that they caused in the first place?

Is that what we can expect to happen as consistently as the mishandling of these events have shown from Katrina to the Haiti earthquake recovery debacle, to the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon BP debacle to the Chernobyl nightmare and the Exxon Valdez nightmare and the Texas City nightmare, the Bhopal nightmare and the now unfolding Fukushima Daiichi nightmare? (and there are pages upon pages of similar nightmares made worse by the mishandling of them in mining, in nuclear and radioactive materials, in and surrounding nuclear power plants, in industries, from the petroleum industry, from chemical and petrochemical industries, and in other natural and disastrous situations made worse or more lethal by the industrial wastes involved.)

Yes, it is a massive effort being made in Japan for rescue and recovery in the areas affected by the tsunami and 9.0 earthquake – those efforts are noble and tremendous, well-coordinated for the most part and amazing. But, all of that is going to pale in the history books to this – from Fukushima Daiichi’s already encompassing disaster . . .

I don’t know where the playbook has been taught that says for these industries to handle things in this way – but it has got to stop and it has got to stop right now. There need not be any more of it tolerated anywhere for any reason. They need a new playbook for handling these situations as part of humanity rather than as only profit-seeking, liability side-stepping, massively greedy, short-sided anti-humanity devils.

And, the word devils isn’t strong enough a term for it. That has got to be stopped – it would today be the same typical reaction seen in the US when something happens and it has already killed people as a result with horrible suffering inhumane deaths and human tragedies having been caused by it. No more. That way of handling it has got to stop.

They could have already shut down that plant and contained it had they treated the situation with the seriousness and immediacy it deserved. This isn’t a little bit of flour and grease coming out of that plant – it is not a little oil that caught fire in some equipment somewhere and to say something serious about it when the situation causes dire consequences isn’t just being negative and alarmist – it affects us all. It will affect us all for many generations to come as well as the days immediately ahead of us.

And, the only thing Wall Street can say to their fellow humans in the media and broadcast journalism groups is – “shhhh – ya’ll don’t say nothing and maybe nobody will think negatively about it so we can keep selling this shit in the stock market that might end up being affected by all this. But, tell everybody its all fixed, so nobody will have the facts to work with . . . ” I noticed several days ago that every financial news outlet had information saying that everything was looking good at the Fukushima plant and it would all be fixed in a few days and that nobody had been made sick by it and how everything written telling it any other way was just those anti-nuclear liberal leaning groups making it look worse than it is – well, guess what – those financial news sources were telling lies and nothing but lies – again. There had been people hurt by the radioactive fallout and they were getting exposed to it and their children were being given toys to play with that had radiation of these weird isotopes on it – even as they were putting their “views’ of it on the air and in every news outlet around the world.

Worst of all – those financial news outlets knew there were significant and dangerous problems evidenced at that nuclear power plant in Fukushima even as they were writing that it was nearly “fixed” and should be up and running again by Saturday or in whatever short order they chose to write. It is easy enough to see the way they covered it even as the disaster was unfolding there – so, my guess is that they had skin in that game and further, that they don’t give a damn about those people living there, as long as the Wall Street bunch can make their money – which is never enough anyway. I don’t even know why they bother at a point – other than it being a game to them after awhile to see if they can do it. Well, that is enough. People are getting hurt by things being done that way and it has to stop.

When I think of the millions upon millions of people who have now been exposed to those particular types of radioactive isotopes which none of them deserved to ever experience – there are no words to describe what I feel about that. The degree of wrongness that it is – so far exceeds some concepts of horror that I’ve read, that it must very well have no proper words for it.

People talk on the news about some cancer that might happen someday from these exposures as if that is nearly nothing – that is not “nothing.” And, our doctors don’t know how to fix cell damage. It causes permanent cellular damage that our doctors – even the very best of them and the best of our scientific knowledge can’t fix that. The closest thing they’ve got are destructive poisons and cutting it out – not fixing any of it.  Those secondary horrors and suffering – all of it unnecessary – that can last for years upon years of thousands of nightmarish moments of human existence rather than lives of joy and quality of life and productive living and happy families.

All because they didn’t want to have the plant covered with sand and boron and concrete since it would mean a complete loss of the assets in the plant, including the massive amounts of fuels rods there. It isn’t right.

It is just massively wrong.

BP made history in the world for the worst pollution accident and destruction of a natural environment in the entire course of human history. And, now TEPCO will likely have joined them in the history books for this one at Fukushima Daiichi.

– cricketdiane


BreakingNews (from twitter yesterday) –
Neutron beam, a kind of radioactive ray, has been observed 13 times at Fukushima plant since tsunami – Kyodo

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Bhopal Disaster – in case you didn’t know of it.


The radiation and radioactive materials coming from the Fukushima Daiichi plant are not the same as getting three chest x-rays. It is nowhere near the same thing nor the same kind of radioactive exposure and to call it the same as a few simple chest x-rays is a disservice to the reasonable medical uses of x-rays and a tremendous disservice to the public about nuclear power plants and their inherent dangers.

– cricketdiane