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Japan nuclear – – plant Daiichi explosion according to Reuters just now

Reuters Reuters Top News
FLASH: Several people appear to have been injured after reported Fukushima plant explosion – media
Reuters Reuters Top News
FLASH: Explosion heard at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi plant around 0630 GMT – media


Major Japanese news networks Asahi TV and NHK are streaming their coverage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami online, free of charge.

NHK is streaming its broadcast at its website, www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld, and Asahi TV is broadcasting over Ustream at www.ustream.tv/channel/annnews.



The Foreign Office set up a helpline — 020 70080000 — for the families of British nationals living in Japan who are unable to contact loved ones.

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The AFP agency reported that a blast was heard and white smoke seen billowing into the air at one of two power plants which the Japanese government had placed under a state of emergency. Several workers were reported to have been injured.

Prime minister Naoto Kan had warned that a radiation leak might occur at one of the reactors at the Daiichi facility at Fukushima, 150 miles north of Tokyo, after Friday’s 8.9-magnitude quake.



08:16 Japanese government officials say there was shaking at the Fukushima nuclear plant in the area devastated by a massive earthquake.

The walls and roof of the plant appear to have been destroyed in the blast:

Also has video which includes the massive tsunami waves as they headed in from the ocean – shows the across the ocean before they came into shore
And this note –

FCO Helpline 020 7008 0000 (UK), +(81)352111100 (Tokyo)


CNN weather guy just said there have been 180 aftershocks now as of 4.21 am ET – there is cold in Sendai with some snow still on the ground – in a couple days temperatures will drop further

Other interesting information from the news today –

The tsunami in Japan pushed 6 miles inland. In some areas it was over 30 foot wall of water moving at a speed of 500 miles per hour.

There were four trains unaccounted for at one point and at least one had 81 passengers. A passenger ship with 100 passengers was reported to have been swept out to sea and there has been no word on it yet, unless it simply hasn’t been noticed.

Some reports said that the earthquake lasted six minutes – and there have been 180 aftershocks – there were also earthquakes including a 7.1 earthquake in Japan in the two days prior to the 8.9 earthquake at 2.46 pm Japan time Friday (yesterday).

Some passengers may have been rescued from one of the trains – the pictures shown just now at 4.33 am ET looked like it had one of the trains wrecked laying on its side.

There are two nuclear plants damaged both of which have more than one reactor in them – several reactors in each, in fact. One of those nuclear plants has had an explosion and radioactive cesium in a small release had been noted before the explosion occurred a little while ago. The roof and walls collapsed and four workers were injured.

The International Red Cross is bringing 20,000 tents and other supplies and at least one Urban and Rescue team from the US is on the way along with relief efforts and rescue teams from other nations that are on the way to Japan now.

There are 450 volcanoes along the “ring of fire” – some of which have been very active within the last ten days – (can be found on the USGS site in the area about recent volcanic activity).

During the day of the Japan earthquake and today – there have been only five other earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 (or above) aside from the ones near Honshu, Japan. One of those was in Indonesia in the last little while and one in Fiji. The other three have been in the deep Pacific at the Southern East Pacific Rise and two in the deep Pacific at Tonga.

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A senior Analyst from the International Crisis Group, Daniel Pinkston on CNN right now says that the nuclear plant Daiichi and its explosion a little bit ago is the “worst case scenario.”

That’s about right. There is no way to contain it at a point and with the smoke pouring out of it right now seems pretty obvious to suggest it is at that point. I don’t think 10 km is far enough away from it. The Chernobyl disaster was 25 years ago on April 22, I think it was. The IAEA was just about to have a celebration of the last twenty-five years of greater safety as a result of what was learned. And, now – it is going to take everything they’ve learned to get this nuclear plant area secured. Containment may not be an option at this point.

What can they do – drop water on it? That won’t work either. They need to get people a lot farther out of the way of it now. 10 km is not enough.


When there were reports that the radiation in the control room had been measured at 1000 times normal – that was the indication that a critical event was underway. Why didn’t they bring a generator out to them from the base at Okinawa or from another place on the island with some petrol to run it. That would’ve taken about 3 hours and instead they used fifteen to not get the problem solved effectively. And they have had the IAEA involved, their National Nuclear Agency, specialists and US experts in nuclear plants, industry specialists that built the plant – and why the hell could they let this be like this?




Those four workers that were injured will likely die. It isn’t fair.

I don’t think that I was nearly as pissed off about this until watching some Georgia “expert” from one of our Universities earlier in the evening today on CNN saying that radiation isn’t really all that bad – it just has a bad reputation with the public.

But, how does that help? Every third grader, every adult and every member of the audience knew he was talking in bad faith – or to put it another way – lying his ass off. And, not rightly so either. It does not one favor to the public to say a thing is not a health risk when it is. People have reasons to be concerned. The damage in Japan is already massive. This is the last thing needed under the worst circumstances. But the smartest people telling us that radiation doesn’t pose any real risk? What kind of nonsense was that? How dare any “expert” act that way anymore – surely we learned in the worst way possible during Chernobyl and Three Mile Island what that misinformation cost people.

It is not okay for experts and authorities to downplay the risks and to say something is no big deal when it is a big deal. The Calif and Oregon deaths in the US from the tsunami that washed these people off the shore where they were taking pictures wouldn’t have happened if the dangers had not been “downplayed” by some media outlets. It is wrong.

I’ve so got to get that man’s name from whichever university in Georgia that was on CNN earlier and get the exact quote of what he said – it was such a winner for the bad character of the year award for its inane inaccuracy and absolute lie – that I’m going to have to find it and post it here. And, now the damn nuclear plant has blown the roof and walls off – with smoke billowing out of it – at a NUCLEAR plant. That isn’t something that stays where it is.

And, a little bit ago – CNN weather guy says the winds will carry that release out over the ocean so it will be okay – No it doesn’t necessarily, but even if it does – our ships with our soldiers are going to be out there where the winds will carry it because they are on the way to go help.

And, they aren’t the only ones.

CNN said the Japanese government just increased the area of evacuation around the nuclear plant at Fukushima to 20km.

That is some better. But this should’ve never gotten to this point – it was literally over ten hours ago when they knew there were high readings of radiation in that control room. Believe it – that was not “normal” and meant there was a critical event which required a three hour “get it done” timetable – not fifteen hours.

They could’ve flown in generators. This is ridiculous.

Okay – I’m letting it go now. No I’m not. But, I’m going to bed and forget about it awhile.

Manmade disasters on top of natural disasters just piss me off. There is just no sense in it.