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Sam’s Exchange: Trading uranium | Columnists | RIA Novosti.

There are 440 nuclear reactors operating in the world, with another 70 or so scheduled for completion over the next five years. The trend for nuclear power is on the increase, not just because it is one of the cleanest forms of energy production.  Uranium is either mined underground, or in open pit form, and must undergo certain technological procedures in order to make it useable in nuclear power stations.

Australia produces roughly one-quarter of the world’s uranium, second only to Canada.  Together they produce more than half the world’s supply.  Yet, fewer than 100 companies are involved in trading uranium in the western world, with pricing formulas varying widely.




Nice article – interesting perspective. Especially more interesting before they dig up the whole place getting the uranium to export great quantities worldwide. Hmmm………..

– cricketdiane


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