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On the playground when two children fight and one is bigger, stronger, taller and meaner, given to bullying without any interest in doing things in any other way, there is payoff that the bully gets. The bully gets the adrenaline rush, the proof to himself that he is indeed more powerful and in control of the situation, the forced fear upon all those who witness it and the feelings of superiority to all that he views. But, in real life, in a bigger world – these things are decidedly more expensive to those that are bullied. The bully has no greater power regardless of what he may feel he has. There are not winners. Everyone loses.

As Governor Walker, Speaker Boehner, and other leaders of the Republican Party bully those around them as they have done all this time and continue to do, no one wins. They have their eyes on a privilege and a prize which is not theirs to own. This nation can be run without running it into the ground and if they honestly believe America is to be second best or third for the remaining future of our nation, then they have already lost in a greater world and are literally enacting it at their discretion however inadvertently. There are business leaders that I’ve heard from Wall Street and elsewhere in corporate America that say our time has past, and that we will no longer lead the way. Then, if that is the case – they need to get out of the way and let us lead, because they have already accepted defeat.

We wouldn’t be in this situation had it not been for the Republican leadership and the enhancement of business interests at the expense of all else. It is as if they are playing the game as the schoolyard bully has done intending to get their own measure of power at once and without regard to what else it may cost to those around them. That is fine. We agree with that on the play yard. Oh wait, no we don’t. And, in fact, we don’t agree to it for the same reasons that we are facing now as a nation. The cost is too great. Everybody loses in the long run. The bully for that momentary pleasure of control and command loses their standing as a true leader and can’t be trusted by anyone after that. When asked to participate, the bully takes complete control of the situation regardless of his ability to lead, to measure, to compute, to be the best suited to the needs of the situation and whether his innate abilities will be the best to win the day or whatever is ahead for the team. That just doesn’t work as we can well see in the situation our country currently faces.

– cricketdiane


Nobody wins.

Barely 50% of the 42% that voted in the last election, (and in some states it was even less than that) – who agreed with the conservatives, the Republicans, the Tea Party or the right-wing agenda that they represent. That is not enough to have the agreement of the entire nation as they claim. And that is number one.

Number Two is that the Republicans have had the helm for the better part of thirty years and we are not better off for it. Personally I don’t think either one of those Parties should be running the nation exclusively – it doesn’t work well. Surprisingly the Independent Party and Libertarian Party as well as the Tea Party are all backed and saturated with conservatives and conservative interests. They are bullies. They are the same bullies as the business leadership have been and the Republican Party have been for thirty years. It has cost this nation dearly and there is no explaining it to them why their way and only their way is wrong. They are in a war game for control while those more tolerant and compromising simply are kept out of the game altogether.

Number Three is that 90% of the wealth in this nation is being controlled by such a small percentage of the population that it now defies the use as currency. There is no currency value in it if it isn’t available for necessities, goods, services, utilities, rent or purchase of shelter, transportation, food, clothing, starting a business, employment or meeting the needs of life as we know it. By keeping those funds secured among the very wealthiest, it counts their decisions far more importantly than those of everyone else, even in totality. And, just as the bully described above on the playground, by taking command of every situation at hand because of superior placement and power of position to control the leadership and command the situation – it doesn’t mean that will work well.

Number Four, is that each of us is uniquely suited to approach the situation differently as assets or as liabilities. Our nation doesn’t look at things quite that way and when it has been described – those bullies of the conservative perspective and mindset have believed that means something like “worker bees and worker bees can only be worker bees – queen bees can only be queen bees, drones and other such nonsense.” But, that is not what it means. There is a game to be played but it is not with ourselves as a nation. We need all our ducks in a row to do it. Or better yet, we need the kind of mentality that won the Revolutionary War as we used the best, the most creative, the most innovative approaches in order to win against an outside enemy that had forced enslavement and economic disparities upon us without our consent.


Governor Walker is being a bully and what he will never understand along with his conservative Republican peers is that he will lose, even as they believe the battle has been won for ideology and chalk up the win in their own little black books. The fact is, he can’t and won’t teach the children in Wisconsin and babysit the brats. He won’t be doing it next year or the year after or keep doing it even as it gets harder and harder to do. That won’t be Newt Gingrich, or Walker or Dick Morris or the crew from FoxNews out there doing it and Rupert Murdoch wouldn’t last one day in a classroom teaching 13 year old students, six year old children or anyone else. So, to say they are adequately capable of knowing how to lead teachers to do a better job and give it their best – that would be way off. And, apparently, they don’t know how to fix an economic situation adequately either or they would be doing it to increase the revenues across these states rather than diverting the funds as they are doing, hiding them, redistributing them and decimating their states and the nation in the process.

We don’t need everyone in America fighting for the sustenance of a little bread and a roof over their heads with so much stress that they beat the hell out of each other in their own homes and have the incentive to thieve simply to live. That won’t work to help us match the competitive economic war grounds in the world with a matched competence and increased chance of winning.

And, that is what is going to be the most important for the future, both immediately and in the far-reaching distance.

– cricketdiane



We are the only nation that I know whose children are learning to speak two or three languages. We are one of the few nations that are taking our best and brightest, putting them on a football field and having them beat one another’s brains into permanent brain damage. We are the only nation that insists on taking music and art out of the schools while we pay for it to be added to every back woods, backwaters place in the world to help students learn to develop their abilities for math, science, engineering, ordered thought, creativity and innovation all at the same time.

What the Governors and Republican conservatives in particular, are doing in disrupting this opportunity for our nation is to set the future course of America on a downward trajectory rather than a higher one where we would have more security, greater prosperity and sustenance, better more extensive opportunities for all and a better world including the future living environment across America.

As an example of how people “on the ground” so to speak are affected by their decisions whether we would’ve agreed to them or not –

This is from a 2009 article that I posted on April 3, 2009 – look at the news now and see what people are suffering because of this very mess and the way it was handled – and look how our financial crisis was handled and it will be obvious we did the same thing –

RBS has posted the biggest loss in British corporate history – £24.1bn – and is now majority-owned by the taxpayer after a £20bn bail-out last October.

The Government’s 70% share will be formally confirmed at a separate meeting.

This could rise to as high as 95% after a deal to dump more than £300bn in “toxic” assets into a taxpayer-backed insurance scheme.



My Note –

We essentially bought the toxic assets that the banks and financial firms were using to play their gambling games. Their ideas about how things had to be done left us all with the bills to pay on it and then to have us blamed for it. They were running things. Their Republican buddies were decision-making. They chose to do it that way and then chose to have us all pay for it when it went horribly, horribly wrong for them. That is bullshit. They have worshiped that damn ball-less brass bull out there on Wall Street for damn far too long. And, now to use those mind-altering perspective management “frame of reference” crap games on the American people while the billionaires sponsored Republicans gut every single program that might help the American people stand on their feet again and launch an effective stand against a much greater world engaged in economic wars with us – is just wrong.

The bully does not win though he may think he does in each battle against another to set himself above everyone else. The pain and difficulties he causes are born by the whole group each and every time and over the entire course of when the bully is allowed to perpetrate his wrongs upon others. How many harms did the bully ever fix? How many of those whose suffering he caused are ever put right by the bully? And, when life finally rears its ugly head upon the bully, how can he possibly be ready or internally strong enough to know what to do or how to handle it when everything has only seemed to go his way without ever being real, character building, genuine experiences that build strength?

He always loses. History tells us that. In small ways, from the playground view of the bully to the great lessons from history of mankind, we have seen that the bully loses – Nero lost, Caligula lost, Louis the whatever that no one can even picture in their own mind to this day – definitely lost. They did not win.

And, I might add – Nixon lost. Reagan has gone to meet his maker and the ones who thought everything those around them did was the “right” thing have since suffered for it – so no, they didn’t win. All they did was left a nation weakened still needing to pick up the pieces of what they destroyed and go forward.