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FT.com / Companies / Oil & Gas – Oil millions still flow for Gaddafi.

This report from Financial Times states that the Qaddafi regime has continued to receive money from oil exports – including $770 million in the last two weeks. It is also clear from this article that nations who signed agreement to the Security Council resolution to freeze assets have failed to hold those oil income revenues for the people of Libya after Qaddafi’s regime has ended, which is what they are supposed to do and what the companies involved are supposed to do legally.

That is one article of interest –

and this is another about the efforts to put pressure on the international community in the ways that it suits Qaddafi, his sons, his daughter and their government ministers involved in decision-making. It looks a lot like they have a lobbying firm/ pr / and some consulting firm working with them to strategically interact with their efforts to sway public opinion and international options that have been already taken.

Wouldn’t it just be easier for the Qaddafi regime to simply stop killing their own people, not hinder the exodus of international citizens who wish to leave, not brutalize any more of the people within their range and make some more reasonable choices?

If it turns out that some consulting firm from Washington or the UK is helping these bastards of the Qaddafi regime, I do hope they understand that they are breaking the international sanctions that have been brought to bear on the criminal behavior and human rights violations that are being perpetrated by the Qaddafi family. And, it will be discovered before everything is done – regardless of how much money the firm has been paid. I was thinking of some of those kinds of firms which have helped the Qaddafi regime in the past which brought us to this nightmare in the first place.


Here is one of the other articles I found in the last little bit –


Libya unrest: Eyewitness accounts

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has played down protests in the country and insisted that all his people love him.

(from March 1, 2011 – BBC)

it includes notes from each region down the page. It is three days ago. Here is an entry for today –

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A note about Egypt –

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