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BBC News – Libya TV shows captured Dutch navy helicopter crew.

Libya TV shows captured Dutch navy helicopter crew

A Dutch navy helicopter crew have been shown on Libyan state TV after being captured while attempting to evacuate two foreign citizens.



My Note –

This is a situation which should have had Saudi’s attention – their planes could’ve already taken Qaddafi and his vile sons off the planet, but no – why not? Qaddafi tried to assassinate their leadership in Saudi Arabia – they have planes and well-trained military assets. It is in their best interest to protect the people of Libya – why aren’t they doing something to resolve this mess?

And, the Saudi Arabians know that Qaddafi and his sons are vile atrocities of mankind. They’ve screwed over just about the entire world. He tried to make a civil war for power between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere of the entire planet.

What kind of international leadership of any kind would leave a man and his regime that is that foul in a position to do anything else?

Surely, the oil companies know it is also in their best interest to get this corrupt, sadistic and psychotic man out of any position of power anywhere – along with the rest of his family that have ordered torture, maiming of citizens, arbitrary seizures of citizens and bribes, stolen, killed, murdered all over the world, terrorized the world’s nations, supported horrendous suffering in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone – (among other places in Africa and throughout the world) and has stolen the riches, wealth and economic opportunities from four generations of Libya’s people.

This is absolutely insane. Qaddafi’s daughter may have a law degree, but her ability to resolve this by “standing” is not going to solve the real issues of their illegitimate, brutal and vile regime. She needs to get off that boat. Right now, not only is there no exit strategy to bring the members of the internal guard away from supporting this horrific man and his sons, but there is also not a good answer for the massive military assets they control against an unequally armed population. The people of Tripoli serve as a defence for Qaddafi and his compound, but are not being served by it. There are any of a number of nations whose interests would be protected by ending this situation with Qaddafi and his regime removed from power of any kind anywhere on this earth. And every day he perpetrates new nightmares with his family and decision-makers.

It would take one single guided missile to be done with this. And, for what reason do we all stand by and let him continue to brutalize his people and keep the world at bay while he terrorizes at will?


Enough was enough in 1987.

– cricketdiane


* A nation’s leadership cannot be considered legal by international standards when it is known to have committed atrocities against innocent populations of the world community and further, when it is publicly confirmed that its regime has committed ongoing atrocities against its own citizens without cause.

Further, when a nation’s leaders have lost the legitimacy of the major stakeholders in the region including that of its own citizens, was never elected by its people in the first place, has oppressed, brutalized, committed terror, backed terrorists and terrorism, funded terrorism, supported other brutal dictatorships in brutalizing their people and supported denial of basic human rights in far-reaching perpetration of their own brutalities on humanity – then that government regime is neither legitimate nor legal in any international terms of law.

– my note


In fact, when the Qaddafi regime was given its “free pass” by the US, the UK, the UN and the international community – that, in all likelihood, given the other things that were known about it at that time – was not a legal, nor legitimate international decision. Its basis was afoul of the law at the point at which arms sales, military assets and sophisticated military training programs were made available to such a regime of known brutality against its own people and as a supporter of terrorism.