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Arab League calls on Libya to halt violence


On Feb. 22, the AL suspended Libya’s participation in the future meeting of (the Arab League) AL and its affiliated bodies after the bloody clashes swept the country since Feb. 16, until Libya authorities respond to people’s demands.

The Arab League (AL) on Wednesday called for an end to violence in Libya and considered further steps which included the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya.

A resolution issued after the meeting said the AL cannot stand aside while the Libyan people suffer bloodshed.



English.news.cn 2011-03-03 06:48:33


This is amazing, maybe it will explain it to the Qaddafi regime in terms he and his sons can understand.

It is certainly good to hear that the members of the Arab League don’t want people being killed by this illegitimate dictator and murderer of the Libyan people.

– cricketdiane