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Watching the massive exodus of foreign nationals from Libya – the numbers are actually staggering. There are several things that I have noticed –

1. Passports of foreign nationals are not in the hands of those individuals – either the government takes them when they go there to work, or the employer has them or the local civic authorities had taken them as a matter of policy or something – and to leave the country an “exit stamp” had to be acquired. There are nations nearby who refused entry at their borders and the mess at the Tripoli airport certainly speaks for itself. But, these stories across the international members leaving Libya and after they have arrived elsewhere underscore several very basic ridiculous problems.

The international community could at least do some things to solve these problems either through DOHA or the UN or both, so that nations would be required to leave passports in the hands of the foreign nationals to which they belong – and in the event of a crisis would waive exit requirements of a stamp or exit visa or any other official interaction. Otherwise, foreign business interests with their employees and international citizens should not be there at all.

2. If that many people who are now needing to be evacuated from Libya that had come from nearly every nation in the world were all working in Libya – then what was the local population doing for work?

And, when foreign nationals come into Libya or any country to do work there and the wages they receive are much higher than the local population may get – then prices for basic living needs would be increased to accommodate the higher demand and scale of available income. But, the people native to the country, in many cases, have none of those increased financial means – they would simply have higher prices to pay and possibly be priced out of the market for housing, and other necessities.

3. The international leaders, business leaders and negotiators on a variety of issues have known all this time that these things were absolutely critical problems which would be massive in the midst of any crisis. They knew of the human rights violations happening in Libya every moment of every day for the last 41 years and put them on the human rights council at the United Nations, did business with them, gave money to the tyrant in power which they knew did not filter down to the people being kept impoverished and abused daily, and made military equipment available to a dictator known to be absolutely loopy and psychotic. They hosted his sons in the most obscene and perverse behaviors around the world, knowing that the money they were spending could not possibly belong to them, but rather to the people of Libya. And, these assaults on every principle of the United Nations, the international community, the business “missions” of these corporate players, and the nations involved including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, South Korea and the European Union make clear that something is very, very wrong with the ways that decisions and policies are being made and applied in the real world. Something must be done about this. It is unacceptable.

– cricketdiane


China speeds up evacuation of its citizens from Libya

Xinhua – ‎1 hour ago‎

BEIJING, Feb. 27 (Xinhuanet) — The Chinese government is stepping up efforts to evacuate its nationals from Libya and neighboring countries.


A glimpse into Gaddafi’s palace

Libyan leader’s palace outside Benghazi is not just luxurious, but a bunker designed to withstand a nuclear attack.

Last Modified: 27 Feb 2011 07:19 GMT



According to U.S. State Department reports obtained from the so-called Cablegate leaks, Petro-Canada paid the Libyan autocrats a $1-billion “signing bonus” straight off the bat, then invested $3.5-billion in the redevelopment of many of Libya’s existing oil fields. In exchange, the Canadians got a 12-per-cent share of oil revenues produced from their slice of the field, for 30 years. As the U.S. ambassador to Tripoli wrote in a 2008 cable, Petro-Canada “swallowed hard and signed up.”



UN draft sanctions names 23 Libyan officials

Ynetnews – Yitzhak Benhorin – ‎1 hour ago‎

WASHINGTON – The draft sanctions resolution on Libya presented by the United Nations includes an arms embargo, as well as travel bans and asset freezes for the country’s top 23 leaders.


Britain will seize Gaddafi’s assets, commercial properties and a 10 million pounds mansion in London soon. This move helps in pushing Gaddafi to give up the power.



Col Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam denied that his father had any assets abroad. “We are a very modest family and everybody knows that,” he told ABC News. “They are saying we have money in Europe or Switzerland . . . It’s a joke.”



We’re used to seeing the U.S. Navy pull American citizens out of warzones. Now, China’s navy is doing the same thing — sending a ship to snag its people out of Libya, as the country teeters on the brink of civil war.

China has redeployed the 4,000 ton missile frigate Xuzhou from its anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden to assist in the evacuation of its nationals from Libya. It’s the “the first ever dispatch” of a Chinese navy vessel to run a “non-combatant evacuation,” China SignPost’s Gabe Collins and Andrew Erickson note.

China has already evacuated some 12,000 of its 30,000 nationals in Libya, flying some to nearby Egypt and placing others on chartered passenger lines. Pressure for a swift exit has grown as the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) reported attacks against its oil facilities in Libya, though the company’s 391 employees are reportedly unharmed. (etc.)



S. Koreans evacuate Libya on charter plane

AsiaOne – ‎5 hours ago‎

The Seoul government agreed with Egypt Airlines to send another chartered flight Friday to Surte in central Libya where at least 68 South Koreans were staying, according to the ministry.


Priest: Stranded OFWs in Libya on verge of panic

GMANews.TV – ‎29 minutes ago‎

Several Filipinos remain stranded in strife-torn Libya and may be on the verge of panic as the situation there threatens to grow worse, a parish priest based there said Saturday.

Filipinos take refuge in church as firefights rage in Libyan capital The Catholic Review

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MFA on final Singaporean leaving Libya safely

Straits Times – ‎23 minutes ago‎

SINGAPORE’S Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has issued a statement on the ongoing unrest and violence in Libya. It read: ‘We have been closely monitoring the situation in Libya. From the onset, the safety and well-being of Singaporeans have been our

Singaporeans safely evacuated from Tripoli, says MFA Channel News Asia

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Hitch in evacuating Kenyans from Libya

Capital FM – Michael Karanja – ‎19 minutes ago‎

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 26 – Kenyans living in Libya are still stranded in the crisis-torn country after the Kenya Airways chartered rescue plane was delayed in neighbouring Egypt due to a logistical hitch.


Top exports to Libya include vehicles and equipment, including a major order last year for three Bombardier commercial aircraft, as well as machinery and electrical products and corn.

About 70 Canadian companies — many of them in the oil and gas sector — have operations in Libya, including Suncor, Shell, Bombardier, SNC Lavalin and Pure Technologies.

Read it on Global News: Canada will pursue sanctions against Libya: Harper



Libyan Embassy in Tehran calls on Gaddafi to step down

Tehran Times – ‎6 minutes ago‎

TEHRAN – The Libyan Embassy in Tehran issued a statement on Friday calling on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to resign. Mohammad-Reza Dahasi of the staff of the Libyan Embassy in Tehran confirmed the report late on Friday.


More Libyan ambassadors, envoy opting for defection

Times of Malta – ‎4 minutes ago‎

Photo: Mario Tama/AFP Libya’s ambassador to Lisbon yesterday defected, denouncing Muammar Gaddafi’s regime as “fascist, tyrannical and unjust” and calling on him to quit, according to a statement received by AFP.


Libya: AI begins evacuation of nationals

Zee News – ‎2 minutes ago‎

Libya has been hit by a wave of anti-government protests seeking the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi, the country’s ruler for over four decades.


India starts evacuation flights from Libya

Huffington Post – ‎2 minutes ago‎

NEW DELHI – Air India is sending two aircraft to evacuate some of the 18000 Indian citizens from violence-stricken Libya. The Press Trust of India news agency says the Libyan government has given clearance for the Boeing 747 and Airbus 330 to operate

According to international organizations, at least 2,000 people have been killed and thousands wounded in clashes with government forces since protests against Gaddafi’s regime began on February 15.

“Additionally, the Secretary of State is suspending all existing licenses and other approvals for the export of defense articles and services to Libya,” Obama’s letter to Congress reads.

In line with the order, all property and bank accounts of Gaddafi, his government and four relatives are blocked, and a ban is introduced on all banking operations with the Libyan government.


Even though the council has not directly named Gaddafi in its package of proposed sanctions, an annex to it listed Libyan leader along with his children, cronies and top security and military officials as those who are widely expected to be slapped with sanctions.

In addition, the draft calls on the Libyan authorities to desist from violence immediately, and further stipulates that those responsible for crimes in the country would face prosecution by the International Criminal Court in the Hague.



From Time article –

For Colonel Hussein, who sits in a stark office within a darkened base equipped with anti-aircraft guns, Libya’s revolution is still very much a people’s revolution. But the military that has defected to the opposition — more than 10,000 troops from Benghazi to the Egyptian border, he says — now have an important task at hand. “We are trying to collect as many as we can from Benghazi and other towns in order to prepare a force to march on Tripoli,” he says.

Hussein is coordinating with other military officers, tribal sheikhs, and volunteers across the region, he says, to launch the final battle that many believe may be necessary to topple the 41-year-old dictatorship. Already, Hussein says 2,000 armed volunteers, soldiers and reservists have reached the capital in small groups, the last group arriving on Friday night. Soon, he says, there will be more.

And Gaddafi’s once fearsome stock of chemical weapons? “All that stuff was handed over during the Lockerbie deal,” says Hussein, referring to the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 over the Scottish town and the controversial 2009 decision to repatriate a Libyan sentenced for the crime from a prison in Scotland. “He thought that by buying American support at the time, they would let him stay in power forever.”

Hussein chuckles. “He forgot about the Libyan people.”



UK to Libyan officials: Defect or face war crimes charges

Jerusalem Post – ‎16 minutes ago‎

By JPOST.COM STAFF London’s threats come as Libyan diplomats, including those at the UN in New York and Geneva, plea for international action against Gaddafi.

Video: Libya’s Deputy UN Amb: Gadhafi Is ‘A Mad Man’ The Associated Press Video:  Libya’s Deputy UN Amb: Gadhafi Is ‘A Mad Man’ The Associated Press

World powers struggle to find way to stop Gaddafi | Reuters

Seattle TimesBBC NewsNew York TimesAljazeera.net


From Reuters –

Libya supplies 2 percent of the world’s oil, the bulk of it from wells and supply terminals in the east. The opposition says it controls nearly all oilfields east of Ras Lanuf.

Industry sources told Reuters that crude oil shipments from Libya, the world’s 12th-largest exporter, had all but stopped because of reduced production, a lack of staff at ports and security concerns.

Benchmark Brent oil futures were steady at around $112, after a Saudi assurance that it would replace any shortfall in Libyan output brought prices back from Thursday’s peak of nearly $120.


(My Note – and then yesterday the Washington Post said that Libya provides 35% of the world’s oil – that is a great disparity from 2%)

Also from the same article above –

“They just started shooting people,” Ali, a businessman who declined to give his full name, said by telephone. A female resident said her friend had seen police fire at people in another district and had told her 25 people were killed there.


At Tripoli’s international airport, thousands of desperate migrant workers besieged the main gate trying to leave the country as police used batons and whips to keep them out.


Feb. 25 – today is the 27th


But the Qaddafi son’s have laughed at the international coverage about the “alleged” violence and deaths of civilians at their hands. They’ve also insisted that they want resolutions “without violence” even as they have armed mercenaries and their own security officers with orders to beat down, whip, stomp, crush, shoot and kill the protesters accusing them of being backed by enemies.

It is obvious that the only real enemies of the people in Libya and the international citizens in Libya, the national resources of Libya and the international business resources in Libya – are the Qaddafi regime and the family members specifically whose orders are being carried out with no regard to the crimes against humanity they are perpetrating.

– cricketdiane


ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – As Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi ordered attacks on his own people this week, thousands of arms sellers from the United States and other countries hawked their aircraft, riot gear and rifles to Middle Eastern buyers at the Persian Gulf’s preeminent arms show.

Arms deals still made amid Middle East crackdowns.

Arms Bazaar – of course.

“This year’s arms show is 30 percent larger than the previous one.”

The convention drew an array of VIPs, from Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, to top generals of Persian Gulf militaries. Few, if any, representatives were to be seen from the North African nations rocked by revolution, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. But Jordan, which has had domestic disturbances, sent a huge delegation led by King Abdullah II’s brother.

Selling arms might seem inappropriate when weapons are being used to crush civilians. But major rethinking is seen as unlikely in the United States, whose strategic priority remains to help allies protect their oil and defend themselves against Iran.



From –

Gaddafi forces fire on protesters in Tripoli; defiant leader urges thousands of supporters to take up arms

After seeing ambulances ferrying gunmen around the city, residents lost trust in local medical services and took the injured into their homes for treatment, said one businessman who participated in the protests.

“Everyone is very devastated,” said another resident who lives near the square and watched from her window as men in sport-utility vehicles opened fire on protesters in the street below. She said she thought that as many as 60 people had been killed and knew of three who died when pro-Gaddafi gunmen stormed a mosque and opened fire on worshipers.



IEA Says Saudis Boosted Oil Shipments After Libyan Shut-Ins

Bloomberg – Margot Habiby, Grant Smith – ‎2 hours ago‎

The International Energy Agency said today that increased oil supplies from Saudi Arabia are heading for the Mediterranean Sea after the conflict in Libya shut in more than half of the

Oil’s next danger zones Globe and Mail

Why Oil Stocks Still Have Legs Wall Street Journal

ReutersFinancial TimesMarketWatchBusinessWeek

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Gas prices jump 6 cents in one day

Christian Science Monitor – Laurent Belsie – ‎47 minutes ago‎

Gas prices will slow the economy’s recovery, but not stop it. If gas prices rise to $4 a gallon, it could be a different story.

Customers frustrated by rising gas prices Monitor

Gas price hikes likely to continue Omaha World-Herald

CNNMoneyNorwell MarinerKPBSLouisville Courier-Journal


Gaddafi’s son Saif’s ties to LSE and Britain

Watch Matt Prodger’s Newsnight report on Gaddafi’s UK connections in full

On Sunday Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Libya’s leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, appeared on Libyan state television telling protesters to clear the streets or face rivers of blood.


Then there is former business secretary Lord Mandelson, who met Saif Gaddafi a number of times – once at the Corfu villa of British financier Nat Rothschild.

The Gaddafi family controls everything in Libya and no deals are signed either for inward or outward investment without their approval

Daniel Kawczynski MP, head of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Libya

Both Mr Rothschild and his business associate Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska were invited to Saif Gaddafi’s 37th birthday party in Montenegro.

In London, Saif Gaddafi has lived a playboy lifestyle. Two years ago he moved into a £10m house complete with suede-lined indoor cinema not far from an area of north London known as Billionaire’s Row.

The Libyan Investment Authority also owns properties in the city, on Oxford Street and at Trafalgar Square.

(has photo of one of the homes in London owned by Saif Gaddafi)





My Note –

A man with “a £10m house complete with suede-lined indoor cinema not far from an area of north London known as Billionaire’s Row” –

Col Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam denied that his father had any assets abroad. “We are a very modest family and everybody knows that,” he told ABC News. “They are saying we have money in Europe or Switzerland . . . It’s a joke.”


Does that mean only half the sons and family members are living in the luxury of palaces and world mansions in different cities that are available to them when they fly there on jets paid for by Libya’s people?

– cricketdiane