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**February 27, 2011

Clinton: U.S. ready to help Libyan opposition

Also warns other nations not to allow mercenaries to come to aid of Qaddafi


Addressing the rulers of unnamed neighboring countries, she said, “You must stop mercenaries and those going to Libya to commit violence and other criminal acts.”

The African fighters that Qaddafi is allegedly using against protesters come from several nations.

My Note –

Well, somebody needs to get on the African news sites and start telling them that there is a good chance that since Qaddafi’s assets and family assets are frozen around the world and since banks are being told not to allow access to those funds – that there is a good chance the mercenaries will not get paid.

It would be better if they find that out before going to Libya than after they’ve run around the place shooting people, because once they are there and they realize they won’t get paid – there will be a massacre of the most horrific proportions in their anger, their sense of shame and betrayal and in their desire to get even, rob, pillage and plunder to get the money they came for.

– cricketdiane


From Christine Amanpour interview with Qaddafi son, Saif Gadhafi –

The president of the United States, President Obama, has called on your father to step down. What do you think of that?

SAIF GADHAFI, MOAMMAR GADHAFI’S SON: First of all, it’s not an American business. That’s number one. Second, do you think this is a solution? Of course not.


AMANPOUR: Says if a person can only keep control by using force, then legitimacy is gone.

SAIF GADHAFI: Right. But what happened? We didn’t use force. Second, we still have people around us. So we are in Tripoli. In Tripoli, we have here half of the population of Libya — half. That’s more than 2 million, 2.5 million people living in the city. Do you think because of 10,000 or 5,000 people, even if you have the demands against my father or whatever, it means that the whole Libyan population is against Mr. Gadhafi?

AMANPOUR: You said you’re not using violence. But there are many reports of helicopter gunships, of people being killed, and also air force pilots defecting, jettisoning their planes rather than carry out orders to bomb citizens?

SAIF GADHAFI: Show me a single attack. Show me a single bomb. Show me a single casualty. The Libyan air force destroyed just the ammunition sites.



My Note –

I thought the population of Libyan nationals was listed at 6.5 million – not 4 million as Qaddafi’s son Saif claims. And, he seems pretty secure in the fact that he, his father Qaddafi, other family members and regime heads are sitting in a place protected by 2 and half million people. Maybe someone needs to evacuate those people and leave them unprotected except by their military secret police and mercenaries – then they can sort it out themselves.

– cricketdiane

Note that the above site has Christine Amanpour’s interview video clip plus the full transcript from it.


The U.N. resolution, obtained by the Los Angeles Times, lists the names, dates and places of birth of dozens of Kadafi’s closest associates and relatives, lending some insight into who is controlling the foundering regime.

Aside from condemning the violence in Libya and referring actions of the Kadafi regime to the International Criminal Court, the resolution “decides that all Member States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals listed in Annex I of this resolution.”

Kadafi said Sunday that the Libyan people supported him and that the sanctions were “null and void,”  even as rebels closed in on Tripoli.

“The U.N. is not allowed to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries, unless a country is attacking another state,” Kadafi said in an interview with a Serbian news station.



My Note –

You know, the IDEX and other arms bazaars could be contacted to bar any future entrance by the Qaddafi regime members, their representatives and illegitimate “ruling” Qaddafi family members. They only sell and allow entry to those legal representatives of governments whose goals are not to use those arms and equipment in brutality of their unarmed citizens – right?

Yeah, right. However – they don’t want the liability either. So, they could be very helpful.

Here is one other note of importance probably –

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi used Monitor Group to carry out a survey and interviews with the leaders of non-governmental organisations to provide the empirical data for his thesis at the London School of Economics.

Senior advisers at Monitor Group include Sir Richard Dearlove, who was recruited in 2005, the year after he retired as head of MI6. Sir Richard was well known to the Libyans because Colonel Gaddafi had chosen British intelligence as the go-between when he decided to surrender his country’s nuclear programme.

The company also employs Sir Mark Allen, another former MI6 agent and a senior adviser to BP. Sir Mark lobbied Jack Straw just before the Justice Secretary abandoned efforts to exclude the Lockerbie bomber from a prisoner transfer deal. (etc.)



Another Qaddafi Son Arrested –

(my note – I don’t know if this post is from 2001, but it sure does shed light on the way the Qaddafi son, Saif has spoken on this lately, including in Amanpour’s interview today)

The August 23, 2001, issues of the Italian newspapers Corriere Della Sera, Libero, and Republica, reported that Qaddafi’s son Hanibal was party hopping from nightclub to nightclub near Via Venito in Rome. He was exhibiting vile and very inhuman behavior, so three Italian security guards stopped him to alleviate any threat he might pose. He threw a bottle and a fire extinguisher at them, causing them injury. As a result, they arrested him and took him to a police station in the Monte Mario area.This is not the only incident involving Qaddafi’s family that has occurred recently. Two weeks ago, Hanibal’s brother Sa’adi was forcibly removed from The Billionaire, a nightclub in Porto Cervo. Many other such incidents similar to these two have occurred in countries all over Europe. In addition, Qaddafi’s relative Ahmed Qaddafeddem has a history of trafficking in prostitution and other shameless practices in Egypt, and several European countries.

This family and Qaddafi’s thugs are constantly in the news, but not for anything positive. Instead, they are in the news either for terrorist acts, prostitution, drinking, or incidents like those above.

By now, surely every sane person in the world understands the heinous damage that Qaddafi, his thugs, and his family are doing to Libya. When will it end? When will this malignancy be cut out of the body politic of Libya so that it can never infect and threaten humanity again?

While Qaddafi’s henchmen plant bombs, murder Libyan political opponents, and commit a whole host of other crimes against humanity, we have to sit here and watch the childish, petty crimes of his sons and other relatives. Every day they flaunt their power and disregard in our faces.(etc.- I hope the writer of this will forgive me for re-posting so much of it, but right now, this is critical information to the world community and I would want all my friends to know of it in light of the current situation in Libya.)



My Note – (posted a little while ago on facebook)

There are hundreds of thousands of foreign national citizens that remain in Libya and hundreds of thousands have had to be rescued from there – over two million Libyan citizens are at risk living in Tripoli – billions of dollars worth of regional international investment facilities are in danger, and vast portions of the Libyan 6.5 million citizens are coordinating the demands for change and to set Qaddafi’s brutal repressive regime aside –

so, if it is not the business of the rest of the world and the rest of the Arab nations and the nations whose citizens and businesses have been there or are there – then why wouldn’t it be? Libya isn’t an island unto itself and neither did it accept doing all things it needed within its own borders nor would it expect to do that in the future.
Just a thought. (my note) America and the International Community is with the people of Libya and I hope they honor the desires of the Libyan people to have security, freedom, democratic government choices, economic opportunities and better lives.

– cricketdiane


You’d just have to read this one – (there’s a lot more in it) –

“The incident is the latest violent allegation to involve Hannibal Gaddafi. In July last year, Swiss police arrested him and his wife, then heavily pregnant for apparently beating up their servants in a Geneva hotel. The couple were charged after staff at the President Wilson Hotel – where the Gaddafis were staying as Miss Skaf prepared to give birth in a Geneva hospital – claimed they were beaten with a belt and a clothes hanger.”

But the incident led to a long-running diplomatic stand-off, with Libya stopping oil exports to Switzerland, boycotting Swiss imports, cutting flights between the two countries and refusing visas to Swiss citizens. (after they couldn’t even be charged for it, my note).



Also in this article –

Hannibal was arrested in 2005 at a Paris hotel for punching Miss Skaf, then his girlfriend, who was eight months pregnant.

He allegedly beat her after she refused to let him into a room at the Grand Hotel. Police were called when he brandished a handgun.

Mr Gaddafi then moved to another hotel where he went on the rampage, smashing furniture in a £500-a-night suite.

(etc. – and then a note about Saif and the Lockerbie bomber – )

Suave and urbane, Saif, 37, was educated at the London School of Economics and counts Prince Andrew among his friends.

Although he too has attracted controversy after being heavily involved in the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al Megrahi, whom he accompanied home to a hero’s welcome in August.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1239304/Gaddafis-son-wifes-screams-coming-4-000-Claridges-suite-1-30am-Christmas-Day.html#ixzz1FCzGjeEY



Col Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam denied that his father had any assets abroad. “We are a very modest family and everybody knows that,” he told ABC News. “They are saying we have money in Europe or Switzerland… It’s a joke.”

My Note –

Do these people not know that the entire world knows better than that and there are news articles describing their $7,000 hooker parties, homes and business interests they own? Where does he think he is – what year? (my note on facebook about the above story) 2.15 pm 02-27-11


Uni chiefs’ salute for Mad Dog

The Sun – Virginia Wheeler – ‎3 minutes ago‎
ACADEMICS from the London School of Economics have been caught on video lavishing praise on Mad Dog Gaddafi after accepting £1.5million from his brutal regime.


From a BBC article noted above –

Libya’s border with Tunisia is being overrun with migrants, many of them from Egypt, fleeing turmoil in Libya, aid workers say. (earlier today on CNN this was reported to be around 40,000 people with more on the way, buses, food and some water is being made available by Tunisians – but they need so much more and most people are sleeping on the ground in the cold – as also noted here in this article, my note) ( . . . )

About 100,000 people have fled anti-government unrest in Libya over the past week, the UN estimates.

The BBC’s Jim Muir at the Ras Jdir border crossing with Tunisia says the exodus of Egyptian workers from western Libya began on Wednesday, but has been intensifying daily since then.

The refugees are taken by bus to a nearby camp, but Liz Eyster of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), told the BBC that Tunisian authorities were no longer able to cope with the influx.

“They’ve been accommodating people in shelters, schools and places of their own. But we’re now aware of the fact that they’re very much stretched and they need the support of the international community.”

Monji Slim, the local representative of the Red Crescent, told AFP news agency: “It is a humanitarian crisis, our capacities to take in people are exhausted. The entire world should mobilise to help Egypt repatriate its nationals.”

Gaddafi’s sons told ABC News there were no attacks on protesters.




Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to address the media later Sunday and offer more details of Ottawa’s planned sanctions against the embattled regime of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi has cracked down heavily on protesters who have taken to the streets of the capital and elsewhere demanding his ouster, with death toll estimates in the hundreds.

World leaders have harshly condemned Gadhafi’s use of force against his own people, which has led the United Nations and countries such as the United States to impose sanctions on his regime.



The sheer numbers of foreigners leaving Libya as Moammar Gadhafi’s regime attacks anti-government protesters has been staggering.

As of Saturday, at least 16,000 Chinese, 15,000 Turks and 1,400 Italians had been evacuated, most working in the construction and oil industries.



My Note –

I was posting this and noticing that with hundreds of thousands coming from Libya with reports of the Gaddafi (Qaddafi) regime brutalizing people and killing protesters even those unarmed, and with proof that the Gaddafi forces had literally buried 42 soldiers in a small airless cell without food or water because they wouldn’t fire on the protesters as they were ordered, among other horror stories of the things they watched happen, isn’t that what has happened?

– How could it be that the Qaddafi sons and regime members in Tripoli would say to the international communities that they are not doing violence, haven’t ordered violence to be done, that none of the protesters have been killed, and that everything is the opposite of the reported and substantiated reality? They certainly seem to believe it – or is it that the Qaddafi clan look at their fellow Libyan people and the foreign nationals in Libya as “rats” and “roaches” as mentioned somewhere online?

– cricketdiane


And, aside from the 1,200 people they shot in 1996, I think it was – who were political prisoners, there are definitely reports that go back decades of the kinds of torture and brutality as a part of the everyday operations ordered by the Qaddafi ruling family – which would horrify anyone in civil society. There was a 2008 report given to President Bush outlining some of it, but there were certainly validated reports long before that – maybe many of them. So, why would they have continued doing it that way, unless the entire Qaddafi regime of family, sons and officials had never known the difference between reality and their own perceptions of it.

(my note)


Tales of the Gaddafi (Qaddafi) sons in Australia –

In February 2002, a visit by Saif al-Islam, regarded as a wild child, brought headlines after reports of a late-night sex romp in Port Douglas. A bodyguard allegedly pulled out a gun on a Barrier Reef dive boat.

His behaviour, and that of his 20-member entourage, was reported to then prime minister John Howard in a letter of complaint from the charter vessel company, Haba Dive. Queensland police took no action.

Several Cairns prostitutes also alleged there was a sex party with members of the entourage.A former NSW government staffer recalled yesterday that a consul to a Pacific nation had recounted how one of the Gaddafi sons in 2006 left the country without paying a $7000 bill at a high-class Sydney brothel.



My Note –

You might want to ignore the banner art on this site – (the one linked below)

The article found here is well worth reading –

– cricketdiane


This balancing act is likely to continue as Libyans wait to see whether Qaddafi is truly serious about reform. “We are getting more comfortable, but lots of people don’t feel confident,” says one Libyan businessman. For decades, Qaddafi confiscated businesses and homes and treated enemies with brutality. Fear still lingers in the Tripoli air, and hotel rooms and restaurant tables are said to be bugged. Moreover, Saif isn’t the only Qaddafi son with his father’s ear. Saadi, a former professional soccer player, and Mohtassem, the chief of intelligence, also vie for influence.


Also from this 2007 article –

Even if it’s not entirely open for business, Libya seems to be worth the trouble. After all, the country has oil and gas income approaching $40 billion per year, some $60 billion in the bank, and an attractive location across the Mediterranean from Sicily. So far, the biggest action is in energy. The Oasis Group—which includes ConocoPhillips, (COP )Marathon Oil (MRO ), and Hess (HES ) paid Tripoli $1.8 billion two years ago to return to the Libyan fields that the U.S. government forced them to give up in 1986.

It’s a monumental task. Libya is behind the curve in just about everything. Moreover, the country’s economy is more dependent on oil and gas than just about any other. The industry, which employs only 3% of the workforce, accounts for over 60% of gross domestic product a higher share than in either Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. Even though Qaddafi, who has ruled since 1969, is taking the chains off the private sector, unemployment is still estimated to be as high as 35%, and the streets of Tripoli are filled with loitering young men.


If anyone is interested in the Sierra Leone connection to Qaddafi training and support – (goes way back).




from Iranian Press TV – out of Tehran – this story Feb. 20, 2011, about the situation in Libya from reports a week ago –

Son of Libya’s ruler Muammar Gaddafi has been seen killing pro-democracy protesters as the explosion of anger continues to rock the country, a report says. (etc.)
In a televised address on Sunday, Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam claimed that 84 protesters died in Libya, dismissing reports that more than 250 people were killed in nearly a week-long unrest.

Seif al-Islam, however, admitted there were “mistakes” by police and military forces, who were not trained to deal with crowds.


Lavrov told Kusa that Libya must respect human rights and ensure the security of both Libyan and foreign citizens.



My Note –

I want to say about this particularly, that the world has come to the point at which none of us want to put up with  people being brutalized and killed by their governments – the Chinese didn’t have any patience with the Gaddafi regime’s security forces running around shooting Chinese citizens that were in Libya to enhance the country and work there, the Russian government as a nation with its own citizens and interests in Libya had no patience with it and to be honest, if the list of nations were posted that pulled their citizens out was made here – I would need three or four pages at least just to show their efforts.

They aren’t going to sit by and watch Qaddafi and his sons continue doing atrocities  to their own people either whose only crime was to have been born Libyan or to have become a citizen of Libya at some point. And, neither are the Western nations, regardless of what may have been overlooked in the past administrations of these governments. Life is changed, and the world has changed. It isn’t an isolated dark closet anymore where any brutality can happen in some secret and never discovered dungeon or jail or royal quarters of a nation under a sadistic regime.

There is no way to understand the pathological lies of the Qaddafi leaders and family members when all the evidence from reality proves the opposite of what they are saying is the case. Is it irrational or the demented reasoning of those who have not joined this greater world and are playing by yesterday’s rules and yesterday’s hidden corners?

Or is it sheer contempt for that greater world who can no longer afford such atrocities to be meted out nor perpetrated upon vast populations for any reason? The world will have the oil beneath Libya with or without Qaddafi and his sons signing the paperwork – they don’t own it anyway. The people of Libya own those resources and will be happy to participate with this greater world whose petroleum needs they can help to satisfy because it will do their lives good and will provide greater things for their lives than not doing it would provide. That is simple enough.

Why should the citizens of Libya have to share the spoils of those oil resources with the perversions of the Qaddafi clan who’ve already proven the manner in which they will repress, brutalize, impoverish, and exclude their own population from that prosperity?

– cricketdiane



The daughter

Gaddafi’s only daughter is Aisha, a lawyer who was part of the defence team of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. She has come out in defence of her brother Hannibal in his latest troubles.

The following February Mr Gaddafi was arrested in Paris after allegedly beating up a female companion who had resisted his advances, and damaging the door to her room. Later he changed rooms and was said to have begun destroying furniture before pulling a 9mm Walter PKK semi-automatic handgun on security guards at the Intercontinental Hotel. They succeeded in subduing him. Police questioned but did not detain him and he returned to Copenhagen soon afterwards.

France lodged an official complaint with the Libyan authorities and three months later he was convicted in absentia of “voluntary violence against a vulnerable person, namely his pregnant companion, which caused her total inability to work for at least eight days”. He was given a four-month suspended prison sentence and a €500 fine.

(etc.) Lists seven sons and one daughter with descriptions of them.



Just a note about something I found on the Catholic news site – and in total opposition to the Qaddafi claim that Osama bin Laden is behind this or other radical religious extremists (although it may be too early to know what all the influences will end up being in the long road ahead for Libya and the region) –

The two churches in Tripoli and Benghazi have not suffered any damages. The different communities of religious sisters working in hospitals in Cyrenaica [the eastern coastal region] are busy treating those wounded in clashes.”

1.8% of the nation’s 6.7 million people are Catholic, according to Vatican statistics. The nation has six parishes.