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Pakush points to another site about 100 metres away. ”Yesterday [Thursday] we found 42 soldiers in an underground cell. Three of them were dead,” he said.

The men were Libyan soldiers who had refused orders to defend the military base against the popular uprising that has brought the regime of dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to its knees.

”Gaddafi’s men locked these soldiers up and covered the entrance to the cell,” said Pakush, who helped to free the men.”They had no food, no water, and it was very difficult for them to breathe.” (etc.)

via Libya, Gaddafi | Soldiers entombed in airless cell.

My Note –

The protesters are looking for more soldiers and citizens that could be in such cruel and dire circumstances by the pro-Gaddafi Security forces, police, mercenaries and supporters.

– cricketdiane



Didn’t Libya have a company that was building bunkers, and was famed for building bunkers for Hussein before the first Persian Gulf – Iraq war? I do need to look that up somewhere. There are probably plans in their offices and files. It would be worth finding out.