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Arms deals still made amid Middle East crackdowns.

Arms Bazaar – of course.

“This year’s arms show is 30 percent larger than the previous one.”

If our government gives another government $3.2 billion dollars to spend on “our” military equipment manufacturers’ products – how is that any different than the way Japan or China’s business consortia are owned, sponsored by the government and run?


And, our government foreign aid backs the loans for financing on top of the grants given to purchase the equipment?

And, we send Agriculture and commodities help to feed their people while their governments take the natural resources profits and spend them to enrich themselves, or go shopping at arms bazaars?

Wait, does that make sense?

And, we subsidize those manufacturers and military industries in the US through other programs too?

And, give them tax breaks and other incentives? (like paying to finance a building or manufacturing facility for them and renting them the land for it at a dollar a year, etc.)

Among other things . . .

As well as getting contracts from our own government for their products –


Then, what is capitalism and free market in that?

Talk about entitlements. That is some entitlement program.

– cricketdiane


Also a note from this article –

“The UAE alone is planning to spend $6 billion on defense over the next eight years. The United States sells more than a third of its arms to the Middle East, and increasing numbers of manufacturers want a piece of the sales.”

(same article as above)



So, is that it – these are the toys they want, so this is what we are offering? Or are we trading oil for guns? But, not exactly . . .