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Transparency International’s Anti-Corruption Research Network ACRN brings together researchers from around the world to address knowledge gaps and emerging issues in corruption and anti-corruption related fields. ACRN is a collaboriative, member-driven network which seeks to stimulate peer learning and innovative research. It particularly encourages the engagement of young researchers working on corruption and governance.

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My Note –

I found this through an article on the Financial Times about Gaddafi’s (Qaddafi’s) assets around the world, in the US, Canada, the UK and other European nations’ businesses, real estate holdings, banks, etc. It looks very good – apolitical, and of a specific interest to find corruption, corrupt practices, abuse of power, financial corruption and diversion of funds, brutality (maybe) and possibly, certain human rights violations that result.

Looks good – but I need to find more information about it and about how it came into existence, whether there is any use of it by those who would seek political or financial gain through their resources, and who is sitting on their board of directors. There is no real evidence on their site or in the information I’ve seen so far to indicate that they are pursuing political goals with their materials and research networks. The UN has an anti-corruption focused agency also which I might go check to see if they know of this group.

Interesting, though.

I like it.

– cricketdiane