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Barrick Goldstrike Mines Canada/Barrick Gold Corp $152,500 $33,000 $104,500
BASF Corp Germany/BASF SE $341,500 $96,000 $243,500


from a page about foreign-connected PACs support of US political parties –

Only American citizens (and immigrants with green cards) can contribute to federal politics, but the American divisions of foreign companies can form political action committees (PACs) and collect contributions from their American employees. Here’s an indication of the foreign-connected interests behind these PACs, based on the headquarters of their parent companies. Click on a continent to see country-by-country detail. (from this page below.)



February 19, 2011, 1:53 am

House rejects massive budget cuts for Pentagon

By Josiah Ryan

A proposal to roll back Department of Defense spending to 2008 levels, offered in an amendment to Republicans’ 2011 budget by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) failed in a bipartisan vote of 76-334 early Saturday morning.

February 19, 2011, 1:20 am

GOP wants to drain money from White House plumbing project

“I think it’s pretty petty when we don’t allow this president to allow leaks fixed in the White House,” added Serrano.

The plumbing in the White House has not been revamped, apparently, since the Truman administration.

Gutting the EPA regulations already voted for by Congress –

Following debate on defunding the IPCC the House proceeded to consider a series of amendments in which Republicans attempted to roll back the regulatory scope and power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

February 18, 2011, 8:36 pm

Ban all foreign aid to Saudi Arabia for ‘exporting terrorists,’ says Weiner

By Josiah Ryan

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) offered an amendment on Friday to ban all foreign aid to Saudi Arabia because of their “propensity for exporting terrorists.”

“Why we would be giving any aid to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at all is a bit of an eternal mystery to me given their propensity for exporting terrorists and given that they exported 15 of the 19 homicide bombers on Sept. 11,” he said.

Foreign aid to Saudi Arabia is already banned by law but the executive branch is allowed to make exceptions.

But Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas) argued that Saudi Arabia is a key ally of the U.S. and that they had helped stop a package bomb sent to the U.S. last year.

Also on the next page of this running post from the House blogsters at The Hill –

among the amendments that were tacked on by Republicans that were passed included this one –

Amendments agreed to would:

• prevent funds from being used to invalidate permits issued for outer continental shelf oil-and-gas resources;

• defund the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of pollution from stationary sources;

(among others)


Failed amendments would have:

• killed $150 million a year in cotton-related payments to Brazil;

• ended two weapons programs, the expeditionary fighting vehicle and air-to-air missile systems;

• ended the Department of Defense’s sponsorship of NASCAR teams; and

• limited spending on the Afghanistan war to $10 billion.


last note came from here -(about some amendments added) –



And, today the Tea Party has sent its Union Busters to the Wisconsin protests – Who did they think Rupert Murdoch running FoxNews Corp and these other big business interests and billionaires were serving? And, those people send their children to private schools.

Many of these state budgets being controlled by Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party professional conservative candidates have sequestered money that is actually in the budgets to arbitrarily and fraudulently create budget deficits.

The Republicans and conservatives are doing this in order to force social and domestic spending cuts that they want, to gut the programs for education, for poverty reduction, for decreasing poverty and hunger, for children’s food and nutrition, for schools generally, for ending unemployment, for providing some step-up housing to those who are homeless and other programs to help the elderly, poor, disabled and unemployed.

All of the American people have already suffered from the dramatic negative changes in the economy caused by the same conservative, big-business, Wall Street and banker serving Republican and right wing Tea Party conservative political policies. But, why would the conservatives and Republicans and Tea Party conservative elected officials do that? Because they have to serve those they are beholden to which are not the taxpayers or citizens.

Those moneys the Republicans are diverting to serve big business, their own salary increases, and their own junkets and per diems, their own health care and pensions, their own staff salaries and numbers to be increased, their own “lunch program” for themselves and their business friends who eat on our taxpayer money when entertained by these same elected officials, to increase subsidies to banks, bankers, Wall Street, big businesses, oil kingdom officials, and to serve the interests of oil companies who are harvesting in their states and on our federal lands.

And, the Republicans and conservatives are diverting that tax money through these budget cuts to swing that money into programs that are being increased to hundreds of millions for industry trade groups. The other things that money is to be doing rather than to help American citizens are to pay Wall Street brokers, financial account managers in the state, trading fees and for losses on the credit derivatives they have bought with state funds.

And, they want to buy more credit derivatives and stocks and other bond backed investments like credit default swaps and trade and gamble with them. Not only are there investment specialists working for each state that get huge salaries, but every time a trade, purchase, sale or swap is made, the brokers get a huge fee as well. They have been gambling with our state money and school budgets’ money which has resulted in losses upon losses. But, Wall Street and the banks and portfolio managers still get paid and get the fees they charge to our taxpayer funds. They don’t lose anything. That’s where the budget cuts are actually going.

Note – the US Treasury Department is paying one firm $500,000 a month every month for a year to tell them when to sell the GM toxic assets that our taxpayer dollars bought, without any of us agreeing to it. And, that is just one firm contracted out for similar kinds of financial services at the same kinds of money and more from our national budget. The Republicans aren’t cutting any of those kinds of things – in fact, they are probably increasing those.

– cricketdiane


The conference was founded in 1973 by the American Conservative Union and Young Americans for Freedom as a small gathering of dedicated conservatives.[3][4] Over the years it has grown to thousands of annual attendees. Roughly half of those in attendance in the past few years have been college-aged.[5][6][7]

Speakers have included Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Pat Buchanan, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Tony Snow, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, and hundreds of other notable conservatives.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16] [17] Before, during, and after his presidency, Ronald Reagan spoke at CPAC a total of 12 times.[18]

. . . Numerous prominent organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, Family Research Council, the American Family Association, and the Media Research Council, joined a boycott organized by the American Principles Project, which said GOProud stands in “diametrical opposition” to the core principles of the conservative movement.[36][37][38][39] Senator Jim DeMint also announced he was boycotting the conference.[40]


My Note –

So, the Heritage Foundation, the Family Research Council and the American Family Association are behind the conservative Republican and conservative Tea Party backed budget cuts which undermine funding for schools, for teachers, for education, for Pell grants to make college education available to families, and are demanding the cuts to school nutrition programs, to WIC programs for pregnant women, babies, toddlers and children under five years old to have milk and cheese and eggs and fruit juices?

That is who wants to destroy people who are elderly, school-aged children, young families, people with disabilities, children with poverty in their family budget, families who have been under-employed or unemployed by the economic crisis created in the US by banks and hedge funds – these conservative groups that are collecting money based upon being all pro-family are the ones sending Tea Party people on buses out to a instigate violence against Wisconsin teachers – and are the same ones demanding that federal legislators in the House that they sponsored getting there – cut the budget of every one of these programs to help the poor, the children in America, the young families, the healthy pregnancies and the health and nutrition of children. They won’t be happy till they’ve made sure there is nothing but ignorance, poverty, destitution, homelessness, joblessness, hunger, suffering and complete destruction of America’s future.

These are the groups backing the Tea Party and the Republicans in the House of Representatives demanding all these budget cuts while increasing other things they “like”?

What kind of shit is that?


The whole damn bunch of them should be sued by class action for doing exactly the opposite of what they took people’s money in donations saying they were going to do.

– cricketdiane


About Morton Blackwell – director of the American Conservative Union and force behind the Jerry Falwell Moral Majority – still running things behind the scenes – (my note)

“Morton Blackwell works with Plinio de Correa de Olivier’s Tradition, Family & Property and endorsed Olivier’s book, Nobility & Analagous Traditional Elites, on the necessity of restoring traditional Nobility & Elites to rule the world.

In the Forward Blackwell wrote: ‘One does not have to accept Papal infallibility to appreciate a case persuasively made, using theological, moral, and prudential arguments. This book will convince many readers, whatever their faith, that good elites are legitimate, desirable and, yes, necessary.’

The Secret Story of a Cult Apologist features a picture of Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell with the American head of TFP, which is the parent organization of CESNUR, the cult apology network for cults such as Scientology.”

“With Paul M. Weyrich and Richard Viguerie, Blackwell met with Jerry Falwell to found the Moral Majority.

Morton C. Blackwell has served (circa 2000) as Treasurer of the Free Congress Foundation.

According to one biographical sketch of Blackwell,

Blackwell is “Executive director, Council for National Policy; founder and president, the Morton Blackwell Leadership Institute, a foundation which trains young people for youth leadership; founder and chairman, Conservative Leadership PAC; Republican National Committeeman from Virginia; treasurer, Reagan Mumni Association; youngest delegate to Barry Goldwater RNC in 1964; alternative delegate for Reagan in 1968 and 1976 and a delegate in 1980; former special assistant to President Ronald Reagan on the White House staff; former staff member, Senate Republican Policy Committee; serves on the Republican National Convention‘s Standing Committee on Rules; former policy director, U.S. Senator Gordon J. Humphrey; overseer, 1980 Youth for Reagan effort; former editor, The NewRight Report; former contributing editor, Conservative Digest. Formerly with The Viguerie Company. Spouse: Helen R. Blackwell, Virginia state chairman, Eagle Forum; chairman, Voting Integrity Project; former member, State Central Committee, Republican Party of Virginia.



And from Rolling Stone Today – in an article entitled –

Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?

Nobody goes to jail. This is the mantra of the financial-crisis era, one that saw virtually every major bank and financial company on Wall Street embroiled in obscene criminal scandals that impoverished millions and collectively destroyed hundreds of billions, in fact, trillions of dollars of the world’s wealth — and nobody went to jail. Nobody, that is, except Bernie Madoff, a flamboyant and pathological celebrity con artist, whose victims happened to be other rich and famous people.


My Note – I just loved these two comments especially – but there are some others too that are great including one that says these crooks should be up on charges of racketeering under the RICO statutes which is true – they have done more damage and stolen more than others who have been tried on that –

Charles Wood

1 hour, 27 minutes agoSo these crooks get away with bankrupting the nation but republicans can save us by stealing from union workers on the bottom of the pay scale. 

Simone Carpino

3 hours, 48 minutes ago

I’m not really smart when it comes to all this complex trading and investing mumbo-jumbo, but I do see many of my friends who are unemployed. I, too, had been unemployed for over two years and currently face another downsizing. Meanwhile these pigs get away with indirect murder – murder of our economy, our right to enjoy a comfortable life in the “free” United States, murder of our livelihood, murder of our food, clothing and shelter.

Unfortunately, corruption in government and business has been around for more than a millennia (Ancient Rome, Borgias, Tudors, etc.). History has taught these criminals to modify and adapt their thievery to to modern times. Greed keeps being redefined, hidden, with more sophisticated bait and switch cons. There are no checks and balances because the executives and high level government directors and chiefs are all in bed together and they are all cronies: they belong to the same fraternities, same country clubs, same social organizations, etc. etc. We the average people need to take a stand and revolt. We peasants need to rise up against the “nouveau monarchy” in the U.S. We need to protest like an Egyptian! Our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves.

J. C. Cobb II

3 hours, 48 minutes ago

The big business fraud should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes for racketeering. Put all of the top level people in jail and seize the assets. The mafia has never done a swindle the size of Wall Street banks.

My Note –

Amen to that. Amen to all of that.

These conservatives that have run this nation for the last thirty years, and the Republicans backed by them were financed by Wall Street and other big mega-too-big-to-fail businesses and banks, oil companies, investment firms and pharmaceuticals companies, chemical companies, and foreign interests.

And nothing, absolutely nothing can be done by any American citizen nor group of citizens about it. The Republicans and conservatives and Tea Party conservatives have all the money, their political action committees have all the money, their pundits have all the power and money, their will is law, their pockets are literally stuffed with money while we pay for them to feed at the trough of overflowing trillions of dollars they are using every day. There is nothing that can be done about it.

Wall Street firms meet with our state Treasurers and tell them how to “invest” our treasury funds and every time a “trade” is made – they make a fee from our state tax moneys that exceeds the amount it would take to provide all the school lunches for one school for an entire year. It is our money they are using that way. But nobody and I do mean, nobody can stop them.

There is not one person in the United States that is not rich which will be allowed to live in America the way they are doing it. And, the Republicans and conservatives are very happy that is the case. They are ones who have trained their children to beat homeless people to death sleeping on the streets of America.

And, they are certainly the people supporting the massive drug trade in America – because nobody else has the money to support it or to be involved with it. They are the ones paying top dollar to run themselves around the world and around the country staying at five-star resorts at our taxpayers’ expense. I’m not going to be able to stop them from doing that and neither will any other American citizen nor any other group of people in America.

And, now they’ve won. Americans can’t afford to live in homes in America. The poor have no place to go. The children across America are hungry, and reasonably uneducated. The small businesses don’t exist hardly anymore. And, surprise, surprise, surprise – those Republicans, Tea Party conservatives and other right wing conservatives don’t own America, either.

Even what was to be the “Freedom Tower” at Ground Zero can’t be named that because several floors are owned by a Chinese national firm which didn’t want that name. The entire state of Texas looks like an industrial zone. Alaska has melting perma-frost and they just want more and more and more and more.

It isn’t enough to have destroyed our entire economy. They have decided to drive all of us into the ground and maybe even price us completely out of the ability to eat, have a roof over our heads, have a livelihood and to have any way to care for our own children’s needs. That is what they are proud of doing. And, they still want more, despite having very nearly accomplished all of that already using our own tax dollars from our paychecks and small businesses’ profits and all the other tax moneys to do it.

But, still they want more. There is no satisfying the perverse needs and wants that the Republicans and their business interests have – not until they have raped, pillaged and plundered every single last dollar in the pockets of every single American and they have enslaved each of us to a life of suffering. Then, I guarantee – they still won’t be happy with it and will want, hunger and thirst for even more and even more and mete out even greater cruelties upon us.

That is just the kind of people they are. They didn’t make Mubarak to brutalize his people – they trained him to do it the same way the conservatives have trained our police and used every system at their command to destroy, harm, maim, impoverish, exclude, shun, castigate, caused suffering, denied human rights to Americans and citizens around the world, brutalized people, and beat them into the ground.

And, now they want more – look what the House conservative Republicans did to cut programs for Americans and increased funding to foreign governments, to the Pentagon, to the federal judges, to themselves, to the increased subsidies to industries and businesses that paid to put them into office through financial donations, campaign financing, and PACs.

– cricketdiane