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511px-NYC_NYSE-4 - photos of German flag and NYSE from wikipedia - Morphed by cricketdiane 2011

511px-NYC_NYSE-4 - photos of German flag and NYSE from wikipedia - Morphed by cricketdiane 2011

The New NYSE –


Deutsche Boerse AG, operator of the Eurex futures platform and Frankfurt Stock Exchange, agreed to buy New York Stock Exchange parent NYSE Euronext in a deal that creates the world’s largest owner of equities and derivatives markets. (from-)



And, the Fed is going to tell us all is well – once again? Just as they did quarter after quarter reporting to Congress during 2007 and 2008 and 2009 and 2010 – are they going to notice there is a problem after four years and over 450 Harvard degree holding Fed employees have had time to figure it out?

– cricketdiane

They are devaluing our currency in order to match the lower value of the yuan – and then what happens?

Bloomberg news just announced before the commercial that the White House is on board for the German takeover of the NYSE – and the Fox News had an article favoring it as well among the google news entries about it, as well.


It makes no sense.


RMC does not include various types of special pay, bonuses, and other allowances that service members may receive. Special and incentive pay is usually awarded for particular skills or for hazardous duty, including deployment and combat. Members may also earn bonuses when they reenlist for several more years, especially if they have occupational skills that are in short supply. There are more than 50 types of special pay and bonuses, but an individual member might receive only a few over the course of his or her career.6

6. For example, in 2010, personnel earned $150 to $225 per month for performing hazardous jobs or serving in dangerous areas; relatively few people serve on hazardous duty for 12 consecutive months.

In total, the Department of Defense expected to pay about $6 billion in special pay and bonuses in 2010— about 5 percent of DoD’s total spending on military compensation and benefits (not including accrual costs for health care and retirement benefits) of almost $120 billion for that year.



OPM provided data for 97 percent of the 1.9 million workers employed in most federal agencies. The data do not include the approximately 750,000 employees of the Postal Service or workers in the legislative and judicial branches of government. For more information on the OPM data, see Congressional Budget Office, Characteristics and Pay of Federal Civilian Employees (March 2007).

(from above)


11. The 75th percentile separates the top 25 percent of earnings from the bottom 75 percent. CBO’s analysis indicates, for example, that the median compensation for enlisted personnel with 10 years of work experience was about $64,000; the 75th percentile of earnings for federal civilian employees was $58,000. The median compensation for such federal civilian employees was $48,000.



from CNN –

In 1988, the income of an average American taxpayer was $33,400, adjusted for inflation. Fast forward 20 years, and not much had changed: The average income was still just $33,000 in 2008, according to IRS data.

Meanwhile, the richest 1% of Americans — those making $380,000 or more — have seen their incomes grow 33% over the last 20 years, leaving average Americans in the dust.



And, if you ever want to know how they are spending our money on themselves and their staff offices –


At $174,000 a year per Congress member salary each and an army of staff members at over $169,000 each with as many as 60 staff members for each Congress member plus all their trips and a full bar provided in whatever accommodations they have (all top shelf, of course) – plus all expenses paid for every damn last thing they want or need on top of it using our tax dollars – if there is any such thing as “entitlement” that is what that is – (and)

Congresspersons enjoy the privilege of being free from arrest in all cases except for treason, felony, and breach of the peace. This constitutionally-derived immunity applies to members during sessions and when traveling to and from sessions.[166] The term arrest has been interpreted broadly, and includes any detention or delay in the course of law enforcement, including court summons and subpoenas. The rules of the House strictly guard this privilege; a member may not waive the privilege on his or her own, but must seek the permission of the whole house to do so. Senate rules however are less strict and permit individual senators to waive the privilege as they choose. (from wikipedia entry – US Congress)


In 2006, congresspersons received a yearly salary of $165,200.[171]

Congressional leaders were paid $183,500 per year.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives earns $212,100 annually.

The salary of the President pro tempore for 2006 was $183,500, equal to that of the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate.[172]

Privileges include having an office and paid staff.[120]

In 2008, non-officer members of Congress earned $169,300 annually.[148]

Some critics complain congressional pay is high compared with a median American income of $45,113 for men and $35,102 for women.[173]

(which apparently wasn’t even that when currency values are included.)


Now, they make $174,000 a year plus perks.


For example, the Wall Street Journal reported lawmaker trips abroad at taxpayer expense, which included spas, $300-per-night extra unused rooms, and shopping excursions.[177] Lawmakers respond that “traveling with spouses compensates for being away from them a lot in Washington” and justify the trips as a way to meet officials in other nations.[177]


759 US bases in 131 countries around the World (and)

$488 million dollars for the Department of Homeland Security – just their offices (headquarters and administration) is being placed in their funding by the Republicans who are “cutting” the budget deficit from the 2010 budget for their headquarters and administration of $30.3 million. Which surely was way more than enough for that in the first place.


diplomatic missions to every nation in the world which is one thing but, the over $10 billion dollars being sent out through the State Department to other nations does not include that or the military aid financing we’re doing for foreign nations . . .


Economic Support Fund – $2105.4 million (that’s $2.1 BILLION DOLLARS)

Through the State Department and Foreign Operations.


International Financial Institutions – $1,805.5 million

THAT IS almost TWO BILLION DOLLARS for just these financial institutions


They have planned –(Republican “budget cuts”)

$220 million for the Senate

$130.7 million for the House (increased from $80.7 in 2010)


Republicans budget cuts for 2011 US Budget –


and they want to raise the pay to Federal judges by $300 million when they already make a fortune as it is and a comprehensive set of perks and high pensions and health care and most of them hold investment portfolios on top of it.


AND for FEMA Emergency Food & Shelter programs to help in a disaster –

The Republicans have decided that there should be ZERO for that, too.

(not $100 million dollars – as the budget certainly would require – no, ZERO.)


They have declared war on America and specifically declared war on Americans citizens whose money they are using to put into their own pockets and into the pockets of industries, businesses and foreign nations – while they take our jobs, our money, our taxes, our opportunities, our educational resources, our economic development, our national resources and leave American society literally devastated. – Why?

Why would Republicans do that?

They aren’t even cutting the budget nor the deficit and written into much of what they propose are billions in loan guarantees that won’t be any good if most of America isn’t working when they come due . . .

Why would they do that?


This from grants.gov expresses some of the corporate and trade industry groups welfare that is ongoing through US taxpayers’ money – not including the State Department and Military Foreign Aid funds – (from 2008 – 2009)

Grants.gov has reached a new milestone, exceeding the number of submissions in FY 08 before the end of FY 09, as a result of the Recovery Act grant opportunities. On May 18, 2009, Grants.gov processed a total of 205,591 applications, surpassing the 202,133 applications processed in FY 08 with more than four months remaining in FY09.



The grants.gov site shows that the budget for the 26 agencies making grants (most of which go to businesses and industries, even financial firms) was

$11,317,002   in  FY2006

$13,055,970   in  FY2007

$13,447,649   in  FY 2008

$12,985,569   in  FY 2009

$12,981,742   in  FY 2010




800px-United_States_Capitol_-_west_front-2 - photo from wikipedia of US Congress building - Morphed with adobe filter by cricketdiane 2011

800px-United_States_Capitol_-_west_front-2 - photo from wikipedia of US Congress building - Morphed with adobe filter by cricketdiane 2011


I dd cover them with the visual representation of the stink bomb they are making in Congress – talk about a fart mobile. With that much hot air and farty thinking I’m surprised it doesn’t have this cloud coming out of it every day to be captured in real photographs.

– cricketdiane


So, not only are our Representatives paying themselves $174,000 a year while the average wages in America for 90% of the people are $33,000 – then another 30% of those wages for Americans are taken away so Congress can spend it to suit themselves.

I did another photo morph to describe it – Congressional Airheadius Maximus –

US Congress - Effects of Congressional Airheadius Maximus - photo from wikipedia - morphed by cricketdiane 2011

US Congress - Effects of Congressional Airheadius Maximus - photo from wikipedia - morphed by cricketdiane 2011


Why would they be making five times more than most Americans with a job?

Why do they send hundreds of billions of our taxpayer dollars out of this nation when people will literally suffer and die in America as a result?

Why do they worship businesses and corporations that can support themselves and have taken their profits out of the United States and never brought them back – and have no intention of bringing any of those profits made here back to the US?

Why are the Republicans dismantling America and programs and agencies that they will then rebuild two years from now?

Why do they hate the American people, small businesses and communities that make up America’s society and fabric of life?

Why do they worship Wall Street after what they have done to America?


Why do they have the respect and trust of anybody considering what the Republicans and Wall Street and Banks have already done?

Why would anyone have cast a vote based on what they were saying when the evidence already described what they had done and the effects of it?

They’ve worshiped Mubarak. They’ve worshiped some of the most vile dictators in history. They do worship the corporate entities that are dead, deaf, dumb and blind – and without conscience.

They do worship BP even after its complete pollution of everything they’ve touched. And, they do worship every other manufacturer and oil company that has polluted everything they’ve touched.

They do worship Goldman Sachs despite the fact that they played America into the ground.

I just don’t get it.

What purpose could it possibly serve now?

– cricketdiane