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Happy Valentines Day

from House Republicans intent on decimating the American economy and every single household in America.

(and from me who can do absolutely nothing about it.)


Republicans in the House are cutting Mine Safety and Health Administration from $1.5 million dollars for this year to ZERO for this year

They’ve also gutted nearly all the funding for the Bureau of Land Management which covers the inspections of oil rigs and other leases made to various mining and petroleum harvesting operations. There are multiple categories of things that cover their legal responsibilities which the Republicans have decided need ZERO for each and every category, effectively unfunding their ability to do anything.

They have planned –

$220 million for the Senate

$130.7 million for the House (increased from $80.7 in 2010)

That looks like they gave themselves a raise again.



Republicans budget cuts for 2011 US Budget –


To understand this page 17 of the pdf describes this –

Guam Construction $391 million dollars (added where there was none 2010)



State Department, Foreign Operations –

Diplomatic and Consular Programs*

from 2010 budget of $156.5 million

Republicans want $1,158.7 million (that is over a Billion dollars)

(for just this year.)


Plus under the same heading of the State Department, Foreign Operations –

Civilian Stabilization Initiative – $137 Million

Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs – $131.9 million

Contributions to International Organizations (CIO) – $79 million

Contributions for International Peacekeeping Activities (current year (CIPA)) $238.8 million

Broadcasting Board of Governors – $72.2 million

Operating Expenses of USAID – $204.6 million

Global Health and Child Survival – $1,517.5 million (that’s $1.5 billion)

Development Assistance4 (DA) – $1,207.1 million (that’s $1.2 billion)

International Disaster Assistance – $431 million

Economic Support Fund – $2105.4 million (that’s $2.1 BILLION DOLLARS)

Terminates the Complex Crises Fund – $100 million

Peace Corps – $115.4 million

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) – $489.7 million

Debt Restructuring (for other nations) – $39.9 million

International Organizations and Programs (IO&P) cut by more than half – $40.7 million


International Financial Institutions – $1,805.5 million

THAT IS almost TWO BILLION DOLLARS for just these financial institutions

(NONE of which is in the United States, nor serves the US interests.)


And, almost every one of those categories have been increase by double, treble (or more).

None of which includes the US foreign military aid and any of various other programs serving foreign national interests and foreign businesses using our money to do it.

WHILE THEY SAY that American domestic spending must be cut?


Economic Support Fund – $2105.4 million (that’s $2.1 BILLION DOLLARS)

Through the State Department and Foreign Operations.

$2.1 Billion Dollars and that jackass sits on the television right now on CNN explaining why we have to be cutting billions from domestic spending?


That isn’t US Embassies being kept open – that is literally giving  over $8 billion dollars to those excess funding programs beyond the over $1.1587 billion going to the diplomatic and consular programs.

So, why is it that the Republicans serve every other nation of the world beside America and America’s citizens?


– cricketdiane


$10 Billion Dollars for the State Department to give away . . .

plus loans and grants of our money from other agencies that they manage access to – for foreign nations, foreign businesses –


(And $500 million to Iraq Security Forces on top of everything else we are spending there.)