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Reid: Congressional Budget Increased To Pay GOP Staffers

Feb 25, 2009 A ten percent increase in the budget for Congressional operations was needed because Senate Republicans wanted to retain previous staff


When you went to the election booth and voted for a Republican – why did you agree to this?

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to be cut for this year (2011)

from $75 million dollars (across the entire food production market inspections)

to $32.3 million dollars

Do you like peanut butter with salmonella in it fed to your children at their pre-school as happened already? Or to have that peanut butter served to you in your hospital room when you are recuperating from an illness already as happened to many people?

Did you like the E. Coli tainted hamburger that killed 2-year old children because it was not properly being inspected since President Reagan’s administration (also Republican), defunded the programs which placed 1 inspector where every 27 had been before that?

I just don’t get it.

That same amount of money provides salary increases for Republican staff members in their massive Congressional offices. – But one thing does for many and the other does for a few. Is that what you voted to have?

I don’t get it.


Overall – the Republicans are cutting the food safety inspections like this –

from $88.4 million

to become (for this year’s needs) – $52.7 million

And, there has never been a renewal of the funding that was cut twenty years ago and sliced every year the Republican Party was in power. But, they want it that way.

I don’t get it.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service would change from $172.5 million to $46.2 million – by the Republicans budget cuts.

How many jobs does that tear out of our economy?

Tell me, whose nation are they serving? The Republicans have and now, again are – doing more damage than any enemy we, as a nation have ever endured.

Why did anyone vote for anything that evil and despotic in our nation?


What would possibly have made that seem like the right thing to do?

I just don’t get it.


The cuts to Rural Housing Service Loans and Grants –

instead of $208.8 million

will be $35.1 million

– whose fucking stupid idea was that?

Mr. Boehner?


There is nothing right about that – not one thing when they are willing to spend $3.5 million dollars each and every day to Egypt and $7 million dollars a day to Israel plus countless dollars going out to USAID programs that are a piece of shit and countless other dollars going to every other kind of program for foreign nationals and foreign corporations and industries that can damn well support themselves.

– cricketdiane


House Republicans’ proposed cuts — the full list of which can be found here




Oh yeah –

And after most of rural and middle America brought the Republican’s into the House of Representatives – ’cause they just had to cast their votes for them –

guess what?

Here is what they get –

Budget Cuts from the Republican Party in Washington –

Rural Utilities Loans & Grants –

Instead of $204.5 million

It will be $6.3 million dollars for the entire country this year.

WHICH MEANS – they are insuring that your light bill will go up like a rocket. (But theirs won’t.)

You voted for this. You decided you wanted those same crooks to be in Washington taking the money you sent there from your paycheck and having it spent to support Mubarak instead of your local electric utilities, natural gas, heating oil, and water system.

Now, those things will have to raise their rates to you – because after years upon years of our tax dollars building the damn things – the Republicans don’t want Rural electricity available cheaply.

That isn’t where they live.

– cricketdiane


And, it isn’t Texas around Houston where their oil and chemical industry friends do have subsidies for their electricity needs.

The Republican Party wants to thank them. They do not want to thank you. (or me, or any of the rest of the Americans who voted for them, or any of the communities in America, etither for that matter.)

Yes, the was a time when our nation faced grave enemies from outside the US. We probably still do.

But apparently – The members of the ruling Republicans who are running damn near every state where they have power, into the ground – are now in Washington with your votes and backing and money – deciding that China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even, Canada should have more of our taxpayer dollars than you do or your community does or that your local utilities can have to keep jobs there and to keep rates at some reasonable level in this damaged economy.


But, no.

The Republicans have declared war on America’s citizens – because we are a waste of their time, and don’t amount to much in their estimations – as evidenced by this –

Their idea of what to give “Foreign Agriculture Service” is not a cut – it is massively larger –

Instead of $14.9 million (most of which goes to large agri-biz anyway.)

The Republicans want $83.4 million for them.


House Republicans’ proposed cuts — the full list of which can be found here



Personal Staff Allowances enable members to hire aides for clerical, administrative, legislative and media support.  (See Congressional Deskbook, § 5.60, “Personal Staff”)

  • Representatives’ staff allowances can be used to hire up to 18 permanent and four non-permanent aides divided between the members’ Washington and district offices. Up to $75,000 of a representative’s staff funds can be transferred to his or her official expense account for use in other categories, such as computer and related services. The maximum salary allowed House personal staffers in 2005 was $156,848 (2001: $140,451)..
  • Senators’ personal staff allowances vary with the size of the members’ states. Senators may hire as many aides as they wish within their allowance; typically this ranges between 26 and 60, depending on the size of the state and the salary levels offered to the staffers.
    • The maximum salary allowed to Senate personal staffers in 2003 was $150,159 (1999: $132,159); for Senate legislative staffers the maximum salary in 2005 was $153,599.

Expense Allowances for members, kept separate from personal staff allowances, cover domestic travel, stationery, newsletters, overseas postage, telephone and telegraph service, and other expenses in Washington and in the members’ state or congressional districts.

Foreign Travel by members for the conduct of government business is financed through special allowances. These funds can come from various sources.

  • Money is appropriated by Congress through the Mutual Security Act to pay travel and other expenses of congressional committees for routine and special investigations.
  • Members traveling abroad are allowed to use American-owned counterpart funds. These are foreign currencies held by U.S. embassies and credited to the United States as part of various foreign assistance programs; they can be spent only in the country of origin.
  • American Ambassadors overseas are allocated sums for official entertaining. These funds may be used for the same purpose by members of Congress when traveling overseas.
  • Members may use the funds of various government agencies when they speak on foreign policy issues at overseas posts.
  • Members may travel on military aircraft, including cargo planes, at no charge.
  • The 1989 Ethics in Government Act set restrictions on foreign travel paid by lobbyists and other special interests.
    • For both the House and Senate, special-interest paid foreign travel is limited to seven consecutive days, excluding the days spent traveling.
    • Domestic travel funded by special-interest groups is limited to four consecutive days on the House side (including travel time), and three consecutive days on the Senate side (excluding travel time).
    • One relative per trip also may accept special interest-paid travel expenses, and the ethics committee may grant an extension in exceptional circumstances.

Domestic Travel (to and from District/State)
House:  Included in office expenses is a minimum amount of $9,700 (2003), with additional funding based on a formula that uses the distance from Washington, DC to the farthest point in the Congressional district from Washington.

Senate:  The official expense allowance is based overall on population and distance, and includes travel.



But, without doing the math –

The Republicans will terminate the NTIA – Public Telecom Facilities Construction which was slated to get $20 million and is in progress. That is about one trip for a three-day junket for their staff to take.

– cricketdiane


And, apparently the Republicans don’t want us to be competitive with China or anyone else – as evidenced by the above and other things like this one –

The Republican “budget cuts” for the 2011 budget affecting this year –

Have a change from $5.2 million for International Trade Administration

To what Republicans want it to be –

$92.7 million dollars

for the International Trade Administration

So, also apparently – they did not intend to cut the deficit at all –

They just wanted to move the money around to where it suits them.

And, at the Justice Information Sharing Technology where they want to make sure and keep up with every American citizen regardless of Constitutionality –

The Republicans want $101.5 million spent there instead of $10 million.

Well, there you go.

That’s what you right wing, conservative, Republican voters wanted . . .

Or, in fact – did they just sell you a bill of goods and you bought right into it.


Now, that would be a problem.

– cricketdiane