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Egypt’s military rulers are dissolving the parliament and suspending the constitution, meeting two key demands of pro-democracy protesters.

In their latest communique, the military leadership that took power when President Hosni Mubarak stepped down Friday, said they will run the country for six months, or until presidential and parliament elections can be held.


Egypt’s military rulers disolve parliament – World news – Mideast/N. Africa – msnbc.com


This article is comprehensive and about halfway through it describes the police that have been protesting with demands of immunity from prosecution and higher pay. They were apparently making about $136 a month for brutalizing people and claim they were told by superiors to make up the money they needed by getting it from the people.

And, the most marvelous section is below the article where there is a map showing the region which, if the button for show more information is clicked, there are sections with maps, a photo of each ruler and a brief explanation for each country in the area. Absolutely amazing.

And, very, very nifty.

– cricketdiane


In fact, if I wanted my children (or friends) to better understand what the big deal is about all this “Egypt” stuff – I would encourage them to read this one article especially on this page from msnbc. It explains the situation and a little of what is at stake and puts it in perspective with the entire region.

Yes, very nifty.



Egypt’s military rulers dissolve parliament
Leaders also suspend constitution; protesters holding firm in Tahrir Square

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