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If the Mubarak assets are in the $70 billion dollar range, it would represent over 14% of the $496 billion dollar Egyptian total national economy (more or less).

He demanded that every business interest in the international community give him 51% ownership of any business set up in Egypt.

There is no telling how much of the graft and corruption within the Mubarak regime has yielded funds to its members at the expense of the population in Egypt over the last thirty years, but it is a question that needs answers. Those ill-gotten gains through oppression, brutality and impoverishment of the whole of Egypt’s people need to be sequestered and investigated.

It is perhaps the last things among those that will get done, however. And, it really needs to be among the first in order to make the biggest changes possible in the new opportunities for Egypt. Where laws have forced businesses to be 51% owned by the Mubarak regime, those laws and openings for corruption and graft need to be closed immediately and changed to something more appropriate.

– cricketdiane


Posted By Elizabeth Dickinson


At least some of this wealth is reported to be held in offshore accounts, notably in Switzerland. But here’s some bad news for Mubarak: On Feb. 1, the Swiss government passed an interesting piece of legislation that will make it much easier for countries to repatriate illictly-stolen wealth from past dictators.