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They announced on CNN a couple minutes ago that the military leaders said they will back Mubarak’s staying in office until September so if the military was expected to make a choice, they have made it.

Last night, Jill Dougherty mentioned on AC360 last night (02-10-11), that there is one trigger for removing US financial aid to a foreign nation and that is where it concerns a democratic government in place that is overthrown to something else. I thought there were three conditions under which the US foreign military and other financial aid can be immediately stopped or require it to be stopped. I’m going to have to look it up, maybe those are not written such that it covers stopping support to brutal and malicious dictators.

Actually, there is a lot that is confusing about it. The international courts have brought leaders to prosecution for the very things that Mubarak and Suleiman (along with their regime) have done to torture and brutalize people. It is confusing that with as much intel that our government and state department receives both in-house and from a multitude of contractors, they would have at any moment whatsoever, supported Suleiman as a leader for Egypt’s transition knowing the brutality and horrors he and his use of his authority has already perpetrated. Why would they do that?

It is hard to understand what happens in Washington in its rarefied air. Do the people making decisions sit in meetings where they only see what some lobbying group with its tentacles throughout academia and Washington want them to see? Did they really not know the kind of things that Suleiman used his power to do to people? I don’t get it.

And, I thought that over many, many years – the International Red Cross had received and verified a multitude of complaints of torture and sadistic treatment by the Mubarak regime, Suleiman’s secret police and the plain clothes thugs they have had on payroll. Are those files not available to Washington’s decision-makers? Are they not available to the State Department?


Factbox: The changing U.S. reaction to Egypt’s crisis

My Note –

Includes the changing statements (soundbytes) from the US leaders. But, my question is – why didn’t they know for the last thirty years of five Presidential administrations, probably twenty-nine or thirty Congressional sessions, however many Presidential cabinets and special international teams of specialists to help them – why didn’t they know Mubarak and Suleiman in the same way that the Egyptian people were experiencing those abuses of power and brutality?

– cricketdiane


The other thing I don’t understand, is why they thought that was okay to send our money to those leaders to use as they saw fit? And, why did the Egyptian government leaders get away with owning 51% of any US or international company that came to do business there as people were being subjected to torture and being dragged off the streets without reason and being forever maimed or killed by these same leaders?

And, I don’t understand why most American citizens that I might know or meet – think that taking money from their pockets to give to these things have nothing to do with them. If that money had been in their pockets it would have supported many things – many good things, none of which would have included beating someone to death times thousands upon thousands of people for thirty years. Not one of us would have agreed to use our American name, our American government, our American principles, our US assets and resources, our US American tax money to do that.

But, for some reason – nearly every person I know thinks that is just something decided in Washington – they have no part in it. Well, then what is that stuff they are doing every Fourth of July and when they talk about America? What is that stuff?

Why did we go fight against brutal regimes, fight the “Cold War” and lose countless lives in pursuit of fighting for democracy, individual rights and freedom? “What” is all that “government by the people” stuff to those who wouldn’t think that since it is our money, our name, our nation that is being used – then it is robbing each of us personally and our nation’s resources collectively?

More clearly, our government leaders have for thirty years taken money that my grandparents made, my parents made, my children have made and that I have made, combined it with my neighbors’ money which our government took and my friends’ money they took, and that from my relations and in-laws’ money along with money from every business that any of us have had and from every business around us in our states and communities. Our government in the name of America took that money to send it halfway around the world and fund a government that was known to be cruelly and viciously beating people to a pulp, torturing them sadistically, denying their fundamental human rights, destroying families and their children’s lives, keeping their people horribly impoverished, cheating our business interests there on top of it and sitting on (what is now) trillions of dollars of military hardware that could be used in any way they might choose.

At the rate of $3.5 million dollars a day going to just the category of Egypt’s military, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars every day in military training and gifts of equipment, for everyday over the course of thirty years – every single day. And, during some parts of those thirty years – it has been even more each day, none of which served America’s interests, principles or future.

Countless programs are serving them (the Egyptian government leaders and other leaders like them around the world) that are paid for by us, by money we would have used to go to the store and buy groceries, buy a better education for our children, start a business, pay our house payment, if it had been in our own pockets. None of us would have used that money to pull a fellow citizen off the street against their will and against their rights and then use our money to torture them to death. And the kinds of vile and heinous suffering forced upon vast numbers of individual people by Egypt’s leaders are far more than tragic, they far exceed the crimes that we have sent criminals to death for doing.

At a time when the vast budget deficits are resulting in cuts to everything that we’ve already paid to have from schools to streets to water systems to utilities systems, our Congress still sends this money by the hundreds of billions of our tax dollars out of our nation every single year – with literally billions going out every day to support nations around the world. Saudi Arabia says they would support Egypt’s needs if we didn’t, well why weren’t they doing that in the first place since they have all the rest of our money anyway?


As I watch James Rubin right now on CNN, calling for dignity for Mubarak – I am absolutely disgusted. Let Mubarak and Suleiman experience what they did to other human beings – that is the dignity they deserve. Let them be treated to the electric shocks they have done to others, let them be put in the street and beat to death like they did to Khaled Said and others, let them be sexually abused like their guards and police did to the Egyptian people taken by them, let them be beaten for fifteen or sixteen hours while being tortured.

That is the dignity of human life that Mubarak and Suleiman have forced upon others to experience in their dying moments. Let them be treated to the same experience. And, take our money from them to do something better with it that serves the interests and principles that are America.


But, no – Mr. Rubin is interested in preserving the dignity of these evil men. He and others in Washington would today, knowing what they do – still honor Mubarak and Suleiman as if they were walking representations of god. They would give parties, feed them wonderful things, seat them in the finest chairs, make sure they have rooms at the finest hotel in the city costing us several hundred thousand dollars to do it all one time for them. It doesn’t matter to Washington legislators or other world leaders that these men and their fellow government henchmen could have done anything they wanted – which included treating people right, and they didn’t.

– cricketdiane


So, when a drug dealer or drug lord does the things that Mubarak and Suleiman did and are still doing to people this very day – it is wrong. But when rich brutal dictators do it that we are handing billions of taxpayers dollars for them to like us – then when they do these brutal and horrific things to people – they are our friend. No.

That is not right.

And, I’m all for negotiations of peace between national foes – but the US negotiators and leaders are not elected to leave our principles at the door and not apply them concerning those negotiations, including negotiations of any kind.