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Just now on CNNI they announced from Suleiman’s announcement that Mubarak has stepped down.

On a CNNI news story a few minutes ago, there was a mention that the Israeli Defence Minister was in the US yesterday and visited the UN. That is very interesting.

And, it is very interesting that Mubarak supposedly sits at Sharm el-Sheikh right now according to news stories online and being broadcast without any mention of the Four Seasons resort that is there. I found some really pretty pictures of it the other day accidentally when I was looking up the photos of President George Bush meeting with Mubarak back whenever that was – 2006 maybe.

Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.

The people of Egypt are dancing and celebrating that Mubarak has stepped down. How remarkable.

History unfolding right before us all around the world.

Earlier today, there was an official of Egypt’s government that went into the crowds in Tahrir Square. Now, I’m wondering if he recognized that the people there were from every walk of Egypt’s society and not as Mubarak said.

It is just so absolutely amazing.

President Hosni Mubarak has decided to stand down as president of Egypt, Vice President Omar Suleiman announces on state television. FULL STORY


“Egypt is free! Egypt is free!”

reads a large CNN banner with the breaking news.






The People of America wish you all the best in your efforts for freedom in the days ahead. The UN and the United States are with you. As one member, one citizen to another – Congratulations.

I know that the entire world is with you and we admire your efforts – absolutely impressive and stunning.’

– cricketdiane


And, what an amazing gift to the world, Egypt’s people have given to us all. They have reminded us of the great treasure that is freedom and that those who use their place of power to abuse, torture and destroy can and will be set aside by the strength of the human spirit to make things right. What a truly amazing gift.

I’m so glad that my children and my children’s children have had this opportunity to see this. I’m grateful to all the Egyptian people that I was able to see it as this unfolded. I was not alive during our Revolution and I’ve read about why it happened, why it was important and I understand why it is important to America even today. But, to get this opportunity to watch history made as the people of Egypt stood up and said “no more,” and through peaceful protests to remove a vicious dictator for the opportunities of freedom and democracy is beyond all measure, the greatest gift of my lifetime (well, second only to my children.)

Truly amazing.