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Response to Jessie – about cubicle office space article comment I made –

Cricket Diane C Phillips
Flexible workspaces make sense – 5 foot by 5 foot cubicles do not – and massive spaces for executives who do little of the actual work of the companies does not make sense, either. Maybe they’ll get it fixed in the next twenty years . . . maybe .

Jessie F. Barnes what do you know about cubicle’s do you work in one?

My Note to her –

Jessie – are you thinking through what you are saying? Are you suggesting that I can only know about the few things I’ve personally experienced without any ability to learn by reading, researching, applying my understanding to information available to me and from what others have learned, researched and studied?

Why would you believe that only the things you’ve personally experienced count among the things that you know? Surely you study and research things to learn what others have discovered that you would never have had the opportunity to learn otherwise.

Your comment seems a bit abusive since it challenges my right to have an opinion about the subject as I’m not sitting in a cubicle, which you well know. In fact, you seem to be trying to deny my right to an opinion about it that is valid – and I might add, not a helpful use of your time or mine.

– cricketdiane


Now, honestly – I’m sitting here posting this beautiful video of the Mandelbrott set, and looking over another article about creating one on my personal computer from Scientific American, looking at an article from the LA Times about balancing the California Budget which has on the page an open public call for people’s help with it – to, I guess, get a feel for the public’s perceptions about it. And, I was just looking at a Financial Times article from the UK about the bankers having a shit fit over having to pay on their balances more than they had expected because of recent decisions made by the government there, and I made a response to someone who thought to disseminate information using my blog about the WHO ranking of health care systems – the comment suggested that the reports were not even made available when they were, along with denying the basis of the studies.

Then, I found the Sony Make Believe image contest, which I thought was really great and wanted to share it so people who would like to enter it, maybe me and maybe my children and friends could find it in time to do something with it, and what do I find – a comment from my mother’s friend on my facebook page (posted above).

On my other computer, I had just been working on the fact that the EU Observer had repeated a letter made suggesting that instead of 50 staff going with each member and agency of the EU when they go somewhere, maybe 30 could go and an article I had found that said William Hague is running around the Mid-East promoting his and “whosever’s” viewpoints he is backing with the name of the US all over it. I had really intended, having seen the note about the number of staff members running with some of these officials during times of these massive budget deficits and budget cuts everywhere, to make a post about that with the California state budget site on the LA Times as a way of saying, maybe there are some simple places to make reasonable changes – but now, after finding what the Facebook comment was posted on my note about cubicles, I’m doing this instead.

Well, there you go.

What a waste of goodwill, willingness, efforts, and interest in participating with a greater world in positive ways. I have to be reminded that something else is important, when I actually just want to continue with the other things that had interested me. Very distracting and an absolutely useless waste of time.


“Try your hand at eliminating the red ink in California’s budget.”


And, this one –


DIY Fractals: Exploring the Mandelbrot Set on a Personal Computer

A 1985 column in Scientific American showed how simple computer programs could be used to view fractal pioneer Benoit Mandelbrot’s eponymous set

(My Note – where I would’ve been going next, if I hadn’t been playing with the Facebook comment and the response on the WHO where someone decided to use my blog to rout readers to the website they are promoting.)

And this is the Financial Times article –


UK Bankers Lash Out at Levy Rise


and when I pop over to my other computer, I’ll put the other parts. For what its worth, why would I overreact and be distracted by Jessie’s comment and the guy’s comment on the WHO health systems’ ranking studies?

Well, it would help to know that a few days ago, I discovered how much of the materials that I’m generating are fueling sites around the world which are intended to make money – that goes into part of it. And, I have a background with this person, who commented on my Facebook page which comes not from her directly, but from my own mother who is her friend and know that the two of them constantly chat with one another online. And, it reminds me that there are no rewards for the things I’m doing. So, to be chastised online in front of all my friends and family members on facebook with her comment, makes it feel humiliating that I’m even trying.

That seems a bit cruel.

And, so I have hurt feelings, like not being appreciated very much. And, I don’t like it.

What could I know about sitting in a business environment with its 5 foot by 5 foot cubicles – nothing. I have only experienced other 5 foot by 5 foot places which were not very good at all, and my mother and her friend, Jessie know that. I don’t think that is very fair for her to humiliate me and discredit what I have to say about it on my facebook page in front of my friends, my peers, my children and the public. And, I don’t like the fact that she has personal information that was directly used in the comment against my efforts, to discredit what I have to say about things and to make a personal affront to me. What right does she have to do that?

– cricketdiane


Here are the things I was working on also –


EU officials must slash expenses, Brussels warns

EU budgets commissioner Janusz Lewandowski in a letter sent last week to all 16 EU institutions and 30-plus agencies said offices should limit growth in internal expenses in 2012 to less than 1 percent, amounting to a cut in real terms.

“Some EU institutions organise conference events in Europe, usually 50 staff travel for them. Maybe they don’t need 50. Maybe 30 would be enough. If someone wants to do a large study covering 10 years, maybe eight would be enough,” the commissioner’s spokesman, Patrizio Fiorilli, told EUobserver on Tuesday (8 February).




This is the article about William Hague running around the Mid-East (and probably Israel, but I did not find out whether his trip included it, but he is obviously saying things intended for them), that I had decided to check out of many on this page from the EMM Explorer –


This is the article I selected from the list found on the page above –


Mid-East peace process ‘at risk’

bbc Wednesday, February 9, 2011 2:50:00 AM CET | info More about this article...

The Middle East peace process could become a “casualty” of the calls for change sweeping across the Arab world, the foreign secretary warns….

From the article –

Mr Hague is currently on a three-day tour of north Africa and the Middle East.

Mr Hague spoke after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “reinforce the might of the state of Israel” whatever the outcome of the unrest.

Responding directly to those words, the foreign secretary said: “This should not be a time for belligerent language.”

He added that without action now, “within a few years, peace may become impossible”.

(and also this -)

He also announced the creation of the Arab Partnership Initiative, which will provide £5m of funding to support reform projects across the wider region.



And this was the comment on my blog about the WHO and my response –


This is in response to that W.H.O. Study

people should also know that the W.H.O. has refused to release any study of ranking since, because their ranking system did not equally represent the report unbaiasedly. They also did not release mitigating factors on mortality rates, which skewed their results


his comment was about this post on my blog –

My Response –


Submitted on 2011/02/09 at 11:46 am | In reply to Phil.

I’ve seen the report – it has been released or I couldn’t have seen it. You could see it rather than taking anyone else’s word for it which would be a lot better than from where you are apparently promoting in the link on your comment.

Whether it is this or anything else, go find the original information – the World Health Organization offers it, the IMF has it available on their site (about a variety of these subjects), the EU online statistics bases and UN information resources online have it, along with many other things.

And, if you get really hungry to know how it compares with statistical studies of it – go get the studies made by China, Japan, France, the UK and then from US sources (original world and US sources, not a blog about it, not a website or articles explaining how to think about it – those are secondary for perspective and no one of them can offer a better perspective about it than your own mind can generate.)

When a lobbying firm or even, a pharmaceutical company backed analyst or corporate health industry public relations group get finished with the information, or a politically motivated and politically paid source disseminate the research results, it will reflect what they want you to think about it and often include, the kinds of intellectual tactics found in trying to win a debate, or in propaganda or in perception management strategies. They need to be known for what they are and to see the information where they started – first with your own mental faculties aptly applied to understand it FIRST.

Trust your own mind to get it right. There is common sense that we all have, which can see through many of the lies found in twisted re-interpretations being made for “perception management,” but it requires a willingness to go find the original information and see it for ourselves. Much of that is available online and easily found, so there is no excuse for taking someone else’s word for it, even mine and certainly not those backed by those groups with vested interests in how you look at it.

– cricketdiane


My thought is this –

Maybe, I’ll come back to wherever my lines of thought would have gone, maybe I won’t. But, it seems to me that the two people who decided to take a moment to distract, to insult and to discredit both me and the information I’ve taken the trouble to locate and post on this blog, were

a.) not joking,

b.) not trying to be fair,

c.) not interested in acknowledging anything other than what they already thought in the first place,


d.) inadvertently encouraged me to say some things that maybe needed to be said somewhere already.


e.) I hate them.

What a waste of time which I could’ve spent going forward today, rather than feeling insulted, used and humiliated in front of my friends and fellow humanity.

I think I’ll go take a bath. I just feel cold and dirty dealing with this junk.

– cricketdiane