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Added On February 4, 2011

CNN’s Ivan Watson reports from a packed Tahrir Square on a day of prayer and peaceful demonstrations.

My Note –

There are thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo today that are joining with those who have been protesting there through the days of violence before today. And on this day, it is peaceful despite literally hundreds of thousands involved in the protests.

Families, young people, professionals, business people, educators, and Egypt’s people of many faiths are joining in Tahrir Square today to stand up together for the efforts that have been made already to ask their government for democracy, representation and accountable government in their nation.

It is amazing.

As I’ve listened to some of the concerns voiced by different government leaders around the world and sometimes, by the news anchors – it has been my thought that I am watching what they said could not happen. There are hundreds of thousands of people in Tahrir Square and in other cities in Egypt, peacefully protesting even after days of being brutalized and treated violently.

And, all of those people each have their own reasons to be there, their own ideas, their own hopes for their lives and for their nation – side by side, standing together but without any singular group pushing them to be there – rather by a multitude of personal and individual choices for freedom and for democratic choices in their government. It was such a great fear that it would be hijacked and there are no guarantees – but I fully believe that the Egyptian people can bring forth from this situation, the kind of government that will enhance their lives, their democratic choices, their economic opportunities and their freedoms.

To see what is happening today, on this day in our international community – is amazing. And I still want the Egyptian people to know that the American people are with you and we are for you.

– cricketdiane