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Cairo braces for possible new protests as Mubarak holds on – CNN.comVice President Omar Suleiman laid some of the unrest’s blame on the media.”I actually blame certain friendly nations who have television channels, they are not friendly at all, who have intensified the youth against the nation and the state,” Suleiman told Nile TV. “They are actually continuing. They have filled in the minds of the youth with wrongdoings, with allegations, and this is unacceptable.”

via Cairo braces for possible new protests as Mubarak holds on – CNN.com.

Journalists covering the crisis also became targets — beaten, bloodied, harassed and detained by men, most all in some way aligned with Mubarak.

Numerous news outlets — including the BBC, ABC News, Fox News, the Washington Post and CNN — reported members of their staffs had either been attacked or arrested. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch also reported that staffers were detained.

In several cases, news personnel were accused of being “foreign spies,” seized, whisked away, and often assaulted.

Graeme Wood, a correspondent for The Atlantic, told CNN he was dragged from a car at a checkpoint Thursday and accused of spying for Iran.

Cairo braces for possible new protests as Mubarak holds on – CNN.com

(from another article)

Sources have told TIME Magazine that Lara Logan, chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, has been detained along with her crew by Egyptian police outside Cairo’s Israeli embassy.

My Note –

Even after Mubarak and his thugs clear out the protesters from Cairo and every city in Egypt through whatever means – likely whatever violent means . . .

And after declaring war on journalists around the world, and instigating violence and bloodshed on the peaceful unarmed protesters that had been asking for democratic reform . . .

Egypt’s Mubarak government insists on unbridled violence as the way to handle everything and demands that the world look the other way while they murder, maim and torture.

You know how many businesses in Atlanta could’ve been built for the $150 Billion Dollars plus that the US has given to Mubarak’s regime over the last thirty years?

That is my money they gave him. Those were opportunities that my country gave away from our resources to him rather than to use them for our lives. And, now Mubarak and Suleiman would declare war on everyone calling for democratic changes to occur there?

What the hell do they think that will do? I, for one – want our money back and for the money that they have denied to everyone of our citizens and theirs to be taken away from their hands.

And, I am so thoroughly disgusted that our nation in the hands of conservative Republicans over the last thirty years has given power and our money, my family’s money, my neighbor’s money, and my money to these corrupt, vile and completely psychotic leaders.

There are 84 million Egyptians. Not one of them agreed for these leaders to hold Egypt for thirty years and to get away with the things they have been using their power to do to their own people.

The administration in charge of Egypt has taken, and taken and taken, including to have Egypt leveraged to the hilt even right now. And, they think it is none of our business – but they want us to come fly on their airlines, stay in their hotels, spend money in their restaurants and stores, build businesses in their country and send our companies to establish their? Are they nuts?

How dare they declare war on us and on our journalists and on the principles of our nation? How dare they flaunt their power and abuse it when they have used America’s name and backing? How dare they say that our President and the world’s leaders have nothing to do with it? Who the hell do they think they are?

There is no place on this planet that does not affect us all. And, Egypt is using our resources, our backing, our name, our nation, and our goodwill to do corrupt and brutal things to their own people and now to our journalists and citizens there? NO.

They dare to tell our President to stay out of it while snubbing everything said by the international community and our nation? NO. Not while standing with equipment paid for by us with our name on it and education offered by us, training paid for by us and while using our name for what they are doing. NO.

Suleiman invited the Muslim Brotherhood to speak with him – but they are not the representatives of the protesters that we have all watched during the last ten days as those families and young people demanded to have democratic elections and representation in their government for all of Egypt.


From an article on bloomberg – about Egypt’s debt –

Egyptian government officials sought to blame part of the turmoil on foreigners, having earlier pointed to domestic Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Meantime, State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said yesterday the U.S. has evidence that “elements close to” Egypt’s government or ruling party, and not foreigners, played a role in violent counter-demonstrations in Cairo.

http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-02-03/egypt-s-friday-prayers-threaten-violence-as-mubarak-won-t-go.htmlMubarak supporters stormed hotels in the capital searching for journalists, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya television channels reported yesterday. Many members of the foreign press have been staying in hotels near Tahrir Square, a focal point for nine consecutive days of protests aimed at forcing Mubarak to resign.

Reporters at Risk

Employees of Time Warner Inc.’s CNN and Canada’s state- owned Radio Canada are among those who reported being assaulted. Amnesty International said one of its members was detained in Cairo in a raid on the Hisham Mubarak Law Center.

“These attacks seem to have been acts of revenge against the international media for relaying” the message of the protesters, Jean-François Julliard, secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders, a rights group, said in a statement.

(it also says – )

Reopening the financial system won’t create problems because the country’s lenders are “very liquid,” Deputy Central Bank Governor Hisham Ramez said in a telephone interview from Cairo yesterday. He said government debt auctions will resume next week and the Finance Ministry will announce a schedule. Two planned sales were canceled this week.


Well, that is the important thing. There’s where all our money is sitting along with the military hardware and training that Mubarak and Suleiman and their ministers are using against their own people. I resent that – and American businesses and leaders have been supporting this and giving our money and resources to them for it to be used this way – in horrific brutality, assaults against people for years across Egypt and torture of them in jails and corrupt government systems – all this time. No wonder everybody hates us.

And, when I think of all the things that money could’ve done for America – here where I have lived for thirty years and in my city and in my state and in my life and for the lives of my family – I am absolutely sickened by the choices that have been made by America’s thirty years of leaders who have done these things in our name, using our resources to do it and by doing so, denying those resources to every one of us. And, for what?

The Egyptian people will never even know what happened. They will never have seen the hundreds of thousands of families and young people peacefully protesting in the Cairo square and other cities. They will never have seen the brutality brought upon them as the Egyptian government sent armed mobs to support themselves by brutal slaughter of those protesters. And, they will never know that those protesters never were a part of the Muslim Brotherhood or any other extremist group, but rather their own daughters and sons and neighbors who simply wanted the opportunity for an open democratic society, real elections, freedom to pursue their own economic well-being and to participate as honorable citizens of their nation. They will never even know.

– cricketdiane


But, I do know that our business leaders know about it. Our politicians of our parties know. Our nation’s people know. The international community does know. And, I do know. And, I will always remember the brightness and sparkle of the eyes and hopes and dreams of those families in Egypt that stood in those streets protesting en masse peacefully in all desire to either be free or die. As it turns out – at least they tasted and cherished freedom when Mubarak and Suleiman slammed them to their deaths.