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In light of the overwhelming body of available information there can hardly be doubt that there are grounds that were to trigger Switzerland’s obligation to submit cases for investigations into the crime of torture against anybody present on its soil who has authorized, participated or was complicit in the above practices.


This would have to include also former President G Bush who had the overall control as commander in chief and as all information suggests authorized, knew and acquiesced into the practices that constitute the crime of torture. Switzerland would also have to take measures against any offender present on its territory to secure his presence for such criminal investigations and proceedings.


In this regard, the OMCT considers that neither officials nor former Heads of States can enjoy immunity for the crime of torture under the UN Convention Against Torture, nor can superior orders or the memos drafted by government lawyers and that sought to immunize officials from prospective prosecution under US domestic law, shield them from responsibility under international law.

via Switzerland: Letter to the Swiss Confederation regarding the visit of Mr Bush / February 3, 2011 / Assistance to victims / OMCT.

Excerpt from the article / letter on the above linked page about the visit that ex-President George Bush was expecting to make on Feb. 12, 2011.

It is about damn time. He and his Republican conservative cronies had no right to use the United States the way they did and to use the resources put at their command to abuse people, to torture, to kill people during torture, and to do any other of a number of horrible things they did. It is unfortunate that they made those decisions but they were not done in our name as citizens and most of us, including me – do not agree with any of it having been done in America’s name. I’m glad they have taken a stand on it.

– cricketdiane