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My email response back to family members (to line of thought below it that was sent to me) and the information I had sent to them originally –

No, ___ – that is wrong. Using the technology described in the article would not mean what you said. And, the profits from producing it wouldn’t go where you said, either.

Just as with anything, from those high-tech hydrofoil boats to nanoparticle finishes on sunglasses, the technology from Cella Energy in the UK could be “purchased” as rights to use it by leasing the rights, or licensing. That would give the right to produce fuel with what they discovered. The plant to produce it could be in the US with US workers, paying US taxes, distributing it through US owned businesses and distributors, and selling it around the world from the US companies where it is being produced. The business revenues and profits would be in the US. The people working in all those companies involved with it would be people in the US and the owners of the companies that license the fuel technology to produce it would be US owners / US business people. The corporate taxes and fuel taxes paid on it would go to the US.

Now, at what point, do you not realize that the best way to make a real dent in the deficit is by rebuilding our economy, rather than by cutting everything keeping it stable to shreds. That is partly how we got here in the first place. New businesses were not built or they were pushed out of business, they decided to go elsewhere or they couldn’t compete in the US marketplace if they were based here. A wealthy country can simply pay off that debt. In oil rich Kuwait, the citizens are all provided for by the revenues from the oil resources being harvested there. None of them have to work at anything, unless they just want to and the government provides absolutely everything. Many societies get more from their natural and national resources for their federal budgets than our nation does. We have been robbed. And, as much as that is the truth of it – what we do now as Americans matters even more.

We can pay a fee to license any technology, any new technology, any new discovery from anywhere in the world, from any university in the US or around the world, any existing patent and newly discovered whatever and use it by license to create new businesses that provide fuels in a different way, that provide light for our homes in other ways, that neutralize the chemical pollution of our cities, that provide a better concrete, that makes a better way to build sidewalks to allow water to seep through rather than to flood streets, and vast other things. Those businesses built on these things, pay a small fee to the licensing but otherwise, produce for America all the revenues and profits and employment and support of other businesses around them that they create.

And, don’t let that number fool you or your friends about the amount of money owed – it just means that we each need to create one good piece of software to sell around the world and it can be paid off. Or, vote to use Yucca Mountain as a massive server farm leasing space to servers from governments around the world instead of using it for radioactive waste to be stockpiled there. In India, there are physicists that have created a process to more completely use the radioactive materials with a process of fission combined with fusion which they are going to be licensing and Russia is using reprocessing radioactive materials as a revenue generating industry for their own economy. We could be doing that too. We could be doing a lot of things as Americans, including building new businesses that are based on the solutions to real problems we face as a nation.

Yes, both London and Wall Street financed and insured both sides of most wars, most military assets, many paramilitaries, most governments, many businesses and many more corporations. That is how they have been making their money. Apparently, they’ve already figured out how to do that well and make money going in both directions at the same time. In their estimation, it has nothing to do with conscience – it has to do with being “fair” by supporting all sides with financing at the same time, they are satisfying their corporate goals of being profitable. It has yielded and supported some pretty horrific things but they are playing by the rules they set – so either we get in the game by those rules and outdo them or simply stay indebted to them and other powers in the world, give them all our money and resources, or watch our money and resources be devalued to nearly nothing and still have to pay them for borrowing their money.

Personally, I think it would be better to rise up in our efforts rather than to muck about fussing with who is right about what a mess it is now. I noticed that a lot of those sites you visit are not inclined to have told you that when nations and people from around the world can buy something they need or want, only from America – then they spend money here which becomes ours to use for our nation’s needs, our states’ needs, our local communities’ needs, our education systems, our community businesses, our employment opportunities, our futures, our individual needs, and all those other things we think are important.

And, after seeing that the US gave Egypt $150 Billion Dollars since 1950 for military needs – as in “gave them $150 Billion Dollars” plus countless sweet contracts on equipment and several billion for education and other civil society things, even over the past few years – And, seeing that there are entire programs to give huge grant funds to people in the Middle East, set up by President Bush administration – for starting businesses, creating innovation, expanding businesses, etc. – And, other things of a similar nature – it occurs to me that if all expenditures being given to every other nation on the planet from the US taxpayers’ money were to completely stop – we wouldn’t have a deficit at all . . .

– diane

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From: family members
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Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2011 2:26:38 AM
Subject: Re: New fuel that can be used in existing cars – trucks – engines – at $1.50 a gallon – from Oxford

That is good news, but the moneys for the fuel still would go to England.
We need moneys being made here to keep the moneys here so we can pay the debt that the government has assigned to us as taxpayers. That is unless you can figure how everyone in the population can come up with $200,000 average per person to pay off this horrible tax debt they have set up.
Right now if the tax rate were raised to 100%, we still could not pay the interest on the present debt loan, and the African born, so called, president (completely illegal under our constitution), wants to increase the National Debt Limit.  It is kind of like killing a person by shooting them with $200,000 and wanting to shoot them with another $200,000.
I would say “what is wrong with these people”, but I think I know. He wants to set up a communist New World Order. There is a war going on “to destroy your freedom”.

PS: He calls it “World Order”. And the big bankers that are directing the actions here and around the world are centered in England.
Another story from there you might find interesting –  – Black American Editor Tells the Truth: Obama kept Assault on Social Security Alive
—– Original Message —–
From: me
To: family members
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2011 5:33 PM
Subject: New fuel that can be used in existing cars – trucks – engines – at $1.50 a gallon – from Oxford

UK-based Cella Energy has developed a synthetic fuel that could lead to US$1.50 per gallon gasoline. Apart from promising a future transportation fuel with a stable price regardless of oil prices, the fuel is hydrogen based and produces no carbon emissions when burned. The technology is based on complex hydrides, and has been developed over a four year top secret program at the prestigious Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford.

Early indications are that the fuel can be used in existing internal combustion engined vehicles without engine modification.

According to Stephen Voller CEO at Cella Energy, the technology was developed using advanced materials science, taking high energy materials and encapsulating them using a nanostructuring technique called coaxial electrospraying.



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My Note –

So, what I want to say is this –

The one who was calling for a “New World Order” wasn’t our current President – it was President H.W. Bush (Sr.) – there are taped clips from a number of events and speeches where he used the term. However, he probably didn’t come up with it himself and no telling where it originated, but I’m sure someone knows. I think at one point there was a speech at the League of Nations which also contained it, but I think I read the transcript of that speech somewhere online, (a site with historical references and official documents from government sources and official sources from organizations that served the basis for current organizations.)

To see that the thing I sent to my family members, didn’t inspire them or yield even a thought about what could be done with it – is rather horrifying. It is as if any simple thing serves to simply add to the argument they’ve already bought made by those who have none of our best interests at heart. When I found so many of the right wing websites and even radio broadcasting, are owned by gold and silver traders, hosting revenue generating ads from a multitude of arms dealers and militia-oriented equipment and training along with using themes to intentionally incite fear, instigate violence, and make their sales based upon fear, hate and intolerance – I didn’t like it. There is no point to it but to sell those things by virtue of instilling fear and intolerance in their participants, listeners, readers and audience members.

Most of our loss of freedoms and quasi-legal denials of our guaranteed rights under the Constitution have happened over the last thirty years under the conservative run Republican administrations that have been in power across the Federal level and in almost every state. They gave sovereign immunity to states. They divided our nation into fifty sovereign nation states rather than us being one great nation indivisible. They did those things. And, they have fit us into the “New World Order” which was done in the manner they conceived of it that now makes us look like a nation in decline who owes fealty to literally every other nation on the earth. Our tax money has been spent to freely give around the world by hundreds of billions and even in the trillions of dollars, while any of us in America couldn’t even have the support of our own agencies to build a business, start a business, grow a business or market a business or support our own education systems and communities. That is what they have left to us.

They didn’t want efficient rapid transit, because their personal incomes and organizational incomes were deriving benefit from petroleum industries – so electric trolley systems were devolved, train systems were decimated, underground subway systems weren’t built (such as in Los Angeles early on), gas guzzling automobile and truck engines weren’t made competitive with the rest of the world, electric and alternative fueled vehicles were busted rather than being manufactured and promoted, and now our cities, towns and rural areas across America look like industrial cesspools in air quality, in the soil readings, in available water sources and in every other thing it has touched.

(Yes, that is quite a sentence – just don’t even get me started.)

The budget deficits we are paying for today, came from the failed economic policies of thirty years under the rule of conservative Republicans who failed to see what the real world around them was becoming at their hands. And, the interest payments we are required to pay today, were made on terms they created, with dollar values they devalued, after leaving our nation desolate from every natural resource being raped, pillaged and plundered by the outside corporate interests who gave us nearly nothing for them compared to the profits they received from them. Not even Saudi Arabia would allow that, but our nation’s leaders did – long before President Obama and his current team ever had the chance to be in the office.

When I wrote the America the Beautiful Show idea on paper in my home, and then posted it on my blog once I realized that I personally was not in a position to have the freedom to do it, and then last August as I posted the idea on a website of its own (an my daughter put a flash website together for it) – I had really genuinely believed that it was a good idea that others could pick up and do across the United States. I believed that people would want to do things to help rebuild our economic freedoms and help one another to do that. And, then I saw the right wing websites filling the internet, the airwaves, and my family’s older members own emails and posts they were, and are shipping all over the country to people they know. And, I realized how much money is in it – and how much they are willing to give to it, and how much all their friends are giving into it while they sit at home and say they don’t want to be bothered with the news, or the news in the world, or to “think” about anything.

But, they “think” about those things they hear on the right wing broadcasts and read on those right wing websites and emails sent from them enough to repeat those things without regard for thinking to see if it makes sense, or to find out if parts of it have twisted interpretations of facts or if it has out and out falsehoods in it. They just repeat them and send money to support what they believe are efforts to return our nation to “I don’t even know what” – but it isn’t good. I think they believe the conservatives and the conservative right wing politicians in general will return the nation to a time of their youth when all was right with the world. But, after having watched the situation in Egypt over the past few days, and finding out how much of our money has put sophisticated military hardware in the hands of a bunch of sadistic lunatics running Egypt’s government – I would have to say that it wasn’t safe, protected, stable and right in the world (nor in the US) even when they were young.

Looking at how much money we’ve spent to subsidize electric cars and the existing car industries being able to re-tool to produce them, having paid for most, if not all of the research on them and the battery technologies for them, and having noted the literally hundreds of billions upon billions given to the various industries over the years in grants, incentives, tax breaks, property, expansion grants, subsidies, research done for them, analysis done for them, distribution infrastructures built for them and paid for by us – I keep thinking that just about any American citizen could’ve been able to do the same thing had we been allowed in the action. Or am I to believe that if I had been given $3.2 billion dollars and all the research on it, a factory building and property for a dollar as many states have done and no taxes on the money made – that I couldn’t have produced a few thousand electric cars for a retail price of $42,000 each? Oh yes I could.

Anyone could do better than that with those kinds of resources given to them, (among massive other things that were made available to these businesses, corporations and industries from America’s taxpayers’ coffers.)