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And here, from the comments, is protester marwaa, who has had difficulties getting into Tahrir Square today.

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Today I am unable to go down to Tahrir to join my colleagues in this struggle because the NDP thugs who are supposedly “pro-Mubarak” supporters have blocked any entrances. I decided then, to communicate with my friends in Tahrir who are suffering and to keep their experiences posted. At the moment, the thugs have blocked any FOOD SUPPLIES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, and even BLOOD DONATIONS to people in Tahrir. It has reached the point where they would capture the supplies, empty, and urinate on them on the pavement right in front of the people who need it. Now, all the people in Tahrir have been blocked from medical and food supplies and are very much insisting not to leave at some points they are not even ALLOWED to leave. “We will stay till we starve if that’s what it takes.”

via Egypt protests – live updates | News | guardian.co.uk.

There are no words for the degree of horrors that continue to be perpetrated by the pro-Mubarak groups. I watched, as we all did – when they dropped molotov cocktails on crowds of people below from buildings and bridges.

And, it seems that today, they would do things like this too along with having shot into crowds this morning killing at least five. What kind of people would set an armed mob on an unarmed peaceful protest?

What kind of human beings would allow violent, horrific, and destructive groups such as these pro-Mubarak mobs to run loose through Cairo’s streets doing any damn thing they want? Hmmmmm…. …… …… Would those be the people paid by the millionaires in Egypt, the corporations and the government? Hmmmmm………. wonder, wonder, wonder.

Don’t those people in the pro-Mubarak camp understand that the people who sent them aren’t out there taking any risks with their own lives? Doesn’t that rather show something important about it?


– cricketdiane

Regardless of what factions the Mubarak regime believes have started this – it could be handled so much better than this.