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Channel 4 News reported today that Mubarak’s “secret police” were threatening journalists to keep away from the streets of Cairo.Jonathan Rugman, Channel 4 News’s foreign correspondent, tweeted earlier today: “One journalist punched in face, another stabbed in leg by pro-Mubarak thugs in Cairo this morning. On their way to hospital now.”

via Egypt protests: BBC, CNN and al-Jazeera journalists attacked | Media | guardian.co.uk.

Reuters said one of its television crews was beaten up early today close to Tahrir Square while filming a piece about shops and banks being forced to shut during the clashes. David Degner, a Cairo-based photographer, said five of his journalist friends has been “beaten and had their equipment confiscated” as clashes between the two groups escalated.

Well, I guess that means they think everyone is their enemy now – all enemies of the “real” Egyptian government – well, damn.

That is just stupid.