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U.S. unlikely to reach goal of 1 million electrics on the road by 2015, report says.

The $32,780 Leaf and the $41,000 Volt cost far more than a comparably sized car with a gas engine, which typically sells for $20,000.

The federal government is already offering incentives as high as $7,500 for consumers to buy plug-in cars and putting up $2.4 billion for battery and electric-car manufacturing.

“When you start to aggregate the automakers’ announced intentions, it’s difficult to get to 1 million by 2015,” Graham said.




My Note –

Sounds like they don’t want this to work. And, we are subsidizing these vehicles being built, plants being built to build them, factories being tooled to produce them, research to have been done to create them and countless dollars for every single part of the operation – and then, they produce a few thousand cars which doesn’t reap the rewards of mass production to bring down the costs? What kind of jackasses would do that?

Sounds like the car companies simply don’t want electric vehicles to be purchased by mainstream car buyers in America. And, they’ve used our money to do it. Disgusting.

– cricketdiane