Commissioners voted unanimously to deny the use of boots, which fit over the wheels of cars and prevent them from moving. Customers at an Acworth McDonald’s complained they were booted while inside the restaurant and required to pay a $500 release fee.

via Cherokee joins other counties in banning boots  | ajc.com.

My Note –

So, since Cherokee county and three other counties have voted to refuse to allow these parking boots – the companies involved with them are going to small towns across North Georgia and downtown Atlanta areas to use them and get contracts for using them. Now, I don’t care who they are – those companies and individuals doing that are just evil. Nobody is getting to elect them, nobody gets to vote on giving them authority, and nobody would consider that abuse of power to be anything right for people’s everyday lives.

Any business that tolerates or contracts for those parking boot placing companies to be used on their properties, needs to be boycotted by all customers that would normally have spent their money with them. It is ridiculous.

And, after seeing the “Parking Wars” shows from other cities, I would have to say that to constantly abuse people that way, insult them, disrespect them, cost them and add to the exorbitant fees required just to live and make a living is nothing but inciting violence.

It discourages people from doing things in good ways and productive ways while promoting violence and encouraging people to simply not give a damn to be honest, decent, good and productive citizens. This crap and crap like it has got to stop.

If it is the goal of cities, counties and states to simply take 75% of every financial resource, time and effort of every citizen – then just come out and do that. At least it would be honest.

– cricketdiane


Just as a note –

The business people who decided to have a business in placing parking boots on people’s cars could’ve made a business repairing our dams, providing better parking, restoring our bridges and other infrastructure, or developing better traffic pattern plans for the DOT to use or any of a number of other very helpful things our state and other states actually need. But, no.

For some reason, they chose to base their business model on some abusive, arbitrary, evil abuse of power while adding absolutely nothing of value to our communities, to our safety or to the productivity and opportunities of our daily lives. That is obscene.

And, the local leadership of city and county councils that support that way of doing things – are just as evil, abusive of their communities and wrong.

It has got to stop. Things like that make it harder for small businesses, people who are self-employed, individuals, families, contractors, subcontractors and business people to engage in productive activities while contributing nothing to the opportunities, safety and economic re-building of our nation. It is just wrong and costing us all.

The $500 being spent to get off that parking boot which never should’ve been placed on any car or truck or commercial vehicle – is money that didn’t go to any of the other places and businesses where it would’ve otherwise been spent and distributed. It is stealing.

It steals that money from every other business where it would’ve been spent. It steals the goodwill, the time, the effort, the sense of encouragement, and the hopefulness of every single person and business that is subjected to it.

And, it steals the opportunities from that time, effort and money which would have otherwise been being made – whether it is the day of work not gone to, the job not efficiently completed, the economic damage made to those families, individuals and businesses because they had to get their vehicle with that money rather than pay other bills and provide for themselves, or if it is in the damage that is done by stealing people’s hopefulness and willingness to be honest, decent, and productive in the community.

What value is there in our nation, for forcing people through things like this, to simply give up trying – especially at this point?

– cricketdiane