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While protesters were enraged by Mr Mubarak’s announcement he would stay in power until September, pro-Mubarak protesters “accidentally” and suddenly turned up in greater numbers and closed in on the anti-government protesters. Unlike the anti-government protesters, many of the pro-Mubarak agents had firearms (and knives according to eyewitnesses, my note after seeing clips of it online and on CNN.). In Alexandria, they managed to provoke clashes, forcing the army to go in-between.

via afrol News – Mubarak regime strikes back.

The Mubarak regime is right now slaughtering the peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

My Note –

Now, there are several thousand pro-Mubarak protesters that are intent on violence that have come to Tahrir Square in Cairo to face off with the anti-Mubarak protesters that have been peacefully protesting for days.

That is the Egyptian’s new cabinet’s answer – to send Egyptians to slaughter Egyptians across the center of Cairo and other cities. That is going to be a very bad choice for Egypt and for their future. There has been no violence other than what was caused by Mubarak’s police forces and thugs to begin with that everyone watched around the world. And, now – the violence that Mubarak and his henchmen he has placed into cabinet positions are perpetrating right now.

If the Egyptian government had just let it alone a bit longer – there would have been the possibilities that the whole thing would have ended peacefully. How many lives will they take this time? How many children and young people will they kill in that square with Mubarak’s violent and often paid government supporters who are now attempting to beat the protesters into submission?

As world leaders look on – and do nothing . . .

Then, wonder why people will not voice their protests against governments in peaceful ways across the world. The nation of Egypt will not be served by this outcome to the peaceful protests that have been occurring. The Egyptians serving Mubarak are sending Egypt into chaos – they have been violent, destructive, bullying, sadistic – just as they are doing today to the protesters in Tahrir Square.

I’m sure that both Israel’s Netanyahu and Iran’s extremists are thrilled. It is what they both wanted Mubarak and his security men to do. Then, just as they know what will happen next – instead of peaceful protests, the people in their horror and discontent will become extreme and radical which will make them ripe for some extremist group to harness. It seems like someone could have stopped this, but Tony Blair on the tele last night – wasn’t interested. The US foreign policy wing wasn’t interested. The UN wasn’t interested. And, in all evidence – Mubarak wanted nothing more than for his cabinet members to act just as they have – to incite violence and have a bloodbath in Egypt to prove his point and power.

They are nothing but a bunch of wealthy killers that murder and torture rather than use conflict resolution of any other kind.

Now, what tourists and international businesses will want to come to Egypt?


From an hour ago – (on bloomberg)

Turkish Premier Calls for Mubarak to Announce Transition Plan
By Benjamin Harvey – Feb 2, 2011 11:25 AM GMT

Mubarak’s leadership has so far failed to give the confidence necessary for “the beginning of a democratic environment,” Erdogan said today during a visit to Kyrgyzstan, according to Turkey’s state-run Anatolia news agency. “It’s necessary to announce a road map and a schedule. If this schedule is announced, those masses will be satisfied,” he said.



– But no, Mr. Mubarak’s answer was to create bloodshed –

All he and his cabinet wanted was to be justified in continuing their brutal regime. They would incite genocide rather than to put democracy in place. And, that is exactly what they have done today and are continuing to do in the middle of Cairo as the world watches.

– cricketdiane


Last night, as the pro-Mubarak supporters screamed, whistled and threatened behind the CNN crew’s filming location near Tahrir Square, it made it obvious that the cabinet chosen by Mubarak had been making their efforts to incite, to use psychological warfare by keeping people who had been protesting on the Square during the day awake all night, and to charge against journalists and everyone else that had been involved in the protests or coverage of it.

So, Egypt’s people are believed to be enemies of the government of Egypt and therefore they have a right to beat them to death and torture them to death in the public square where they have been protesting peacefully? Is that what they are trying to show us all as they justify killing them before the world’s cameras right now? Is that it?

And, the government of Egypt is above the international laws and beyond the international community’s laws? Is that defiance by these brutal leaders what they really want the world to see? And, do they really think any of us would want them to have their hands on the kinds of military equipment the US and other nations have provided?

Mubarak and his cabinet are apparently psychotic. They’ve instigated these violent responses to the peaceful protests in Egypt. They are the ones that have sent armed and often, paid supporters for their own regime into these unarmed crowds to kill, to beat, to torture, to maim and to destroy the lives of Egypt’s people. They are doing it right now . . .

And, those psychotic leaders who have made a bloodbath of Cairo by sending armed pro-Mubarak paid henchmen into Tahrir Square to slaughter, beat and torture the peaceful Egyptian people – are the men that the international community wants to keep in power to run Egypt with all the military hardware it has? Are they kidding?

What kind of human rights policy and foreign policy is that from the US, the UK, the United Nations, the European Nations, the Security Council, the International Courts, the Asian Nations, the Russian Nation, the Arab Nations and all of the Nations of South and Central America?

It is genocide.