“There’s absolutely no justification under these or any other circumstances even, if they had shown any kind of resistance to the officers, to make Shawn take his pants and underwear down in the middle of a city street,” attorney Mark Bullman said.

via Chief Turner: ‘No Decision To Disband Red Dog Unit’ – News Story – WSB Atlanta.

Two of the three officers involved in the stop were also named in the infamous Atlanta Eagle bar raid that the city recently settled. Co-counsel on the traffic stop case, Dan Grossman, was the lead attorney in the Atlanta Eagle case.“I’ve heard many stories from citizens who were stripped in public by Red Dog,” Grossman said.

My Note –

There’s just been something really wrong with this place as long as I’ve lived here and from what I can tell, it was worse before I got here, in ’77.

– cricketdiane


When I was looking at those right wing sites the other day to post about them, there were a number of people outraged that we “might” have to carry our id with us – our “papers” so to speak, in America. And, I kept thinking – what are they talking about, we’ve had to do that in Georgia for as long as I can remember, even just to walk to the store. And, God help you if your married name is on your driver’s license but you never got your social security card changed or can’t prove where you live with a utility bill or something in your purse when asked . . . plus an official id card or drivers’ license.

I mean, isn’t it just like that everywhere in America?